Spreadsheet of Every H-1B Approved Application for a Montana Job

Here is a spreadsheet with every H-1B approved application for a Montana job.

Montana 5 30 13

It is taken from the Department of Labor’s LCA (Labor Condition Attestation) database and shows every approved H-1b application for a job in Montana.  You can confirm these numbers by looking at the Department of Labor’s LCA database, found here: http://www.foreignlaborcert.doleta.gov/performancedata.cfm

A few notes on the data:

There are two locations listed in each application: one for the location of the parent company and one for the location of the job.  The data is sorted based on where the job was located.  Don’t be confused by the other location.

Note that each individual LAC application (a single row in the data) can be for up to 240 different H-1b visas.  So to get an accurate count of how many H-1bs are involved, you need to look at the “Total Workers” line, column “T.”

There is a wage rate listed for each application.  This is supposed to be the prevailing wage for each position, and represents the minimum each company must pay their H-1B workers.  The amounts are generally about 25% less than equivalent American jobs.