Welcome to Montana’s New Political Gossip Blog


This site will now be the place that you can find the Montana political gossip, satire, and behind-the-news analysis that I’ve been writing about over at Left in the West for the past couple of years.

This new political gossip blog is something that is currently missing from the Montana blogosphere.  We’ll discuss breaking news, rumors, and inside scoops along with serious matters of politics and policy. While liberal in outlook, the site will be critical of Republicans, Democrats, and independents and will be accountable only to you, the readers and commenters.

I’m thankful to Matt and Jay for allowing me to join them as a front page post at Left in the West over the years, and for making an effort to foster more female bloggers.  I’ve had great fun writing here and I’m thankful for your tips, comments, and even for the opportunity to discuss our disagreements!  I look forward to  continuing our conversations at Montana’s new political gossip blog: www.mtcowgirl.com and to continuing to receive your news tips at mntnacowgirl@gmail.com


8 Comments on "Welcome to Montana’s New Political Gossip Blog"

  1. Welcome to the blogosphere. What you call “gossip” is probably as valid as what passes for news.

  2. Thank you Turner and welcome! I really appreciate the visit and the feedback!

  3. Also, will add a link to the Beaverhead Dems web site.

  4. Yay! Love it!

  5. Any chance you’re going to join the adult world and put any information about yourself here? It’s pretty cowardly to hide behind pseudonyms when you’re throwing political mud.

  6. Hi Tim, Unfortunately, there are powerful people in the world who don’t want to be held accountable for their actions. They’ll do whatever it takes to silence those who criticize them. This makes it a little harder for them to do so.

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