What Bowen Doesn’t Know – MT GOP Director Fails to Win Own Republican Primary

There are a few yet-to-be-remarked upon elements of the recent legislative primary elections in Montana, one of which is the failure of the Executive Director of the Montana Republican Party to win his own election.

Bowen Greenwood election results

[Source: Montana Secretary of State Linda McCulloch’s new election results Web site.]

In a 3 -way Republican state legislative primary for House District 78 in the Helena area, GOP ED Bowen Greenwood got only 266 votes or 31% of the 854 votes cast.  Not a good sign. The winner beat Greenwood by 16 percentage points.

The results could leave Republicans wondering how an individual that was unable to win his own primary election (with a measly 850 total votes at stake) can win Republican elections across the state?   Will those first-time Republican candidates who were able to win their primaries trust his advice to win in the general or will they decide they are better off going it alone?

If the GOP had the luxury of taking a closer look at themselves, perhaps they’d consider that this isn’t the first evidence that they may have made a mistake in leadership choice.   Greenwood extended the invitation to embattled national GOP chair Michael Steele to keynote the GOP’s recent platform convention in spite of his recent comments offensive to American Indians (and a string of other well publicized gaffes). Then there are the Republican Party’s ongoing problems of low finances and visibility, and the fact that Greenwood was at the center of at least one high-profile political scandal.

Of course, Greenwood isn’t the only top Republican who is standing in the way of  GOP’s reputation and chances for success, but none of them of them should be running it either.


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