Suit Against Firemen Merely the Most Recent Chapter in Saga of Rehbergs’ Troubled Business Dealings

Yep. Congressman Rehberg, who has a net worth of $63 million, is now after the citizens of Billings for another million dollars. After reading the excellent write-up at Intelligent Discontent about what Pogie calls:
“the gall of one of the richest members of Congress suing firefighters who spent a week risking their lives, to defend his scrub brush.”
I was reminded that this is not the first time Rehberg’s troubled subdivision has found itself embroiled in controversy.
In 2004, Rehberg was sued by early buyers in the huge subdivision:
The plaintiffs claim they bought their lots and built custom homes believing that the 14 pages of subdivision covenants were the rules they had to live by. On May 2003, those rules were substituted with 92 pages of covenants, more than 20 pages of bylaws and another 60 pages of design rules.
In 2004 public lands advocates alerted state officials that state-owned public lands neighboring the high-end subdivision in Billings developed by U.S. Rep. Denny Rehberg, R-Mont., were  leased on the cheap by the Rehbergs and sealed from public access.
In a press release, Rehberg’s democratic challenger Dennis McDonald said that the firefighters deserve a huge “thank you”, not a Rehberg lawsuit.
Rehberg’s lawsuit is reminiscent of Conrad Burns’ outbursts calling firefighters lazy and inferring they were incompetent.Burns later apologized. I call on Rehberg to dismiss this lawsuit and to apologize to our firefighters.
This lawsuit will have a chilling effect on fire departments and volunteer firefighters. As a volunteer firefighter in Melville, I don’t want to have to worry about being sued when I’m asked to help fight a fire. The Billings Fire Department and the heroes who work there should not have to worry about the Rehbergs suing them while they are putting everything they have into doing what’s right.

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  1. Good grief. My family has always been involved in volulnteer fire departments and I can’t imagine the chill this will put on volunteers everywhere. Apparently Rehberg has no shame, or no fear.

  2. This is such a joke. These people think they can do whatever they want to whomever just because they are mega millionaires.

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