VIDEO: Mr. Rehberg just wants his money Lebowski

Um, yeah this headline comes from the fact that a national news reporter really says this. Montana’s only Congressman Dennis Rehberg, R-Twitter is a national joke.

Those who know and love the movie know that the original quote was “Where’s the f*cking money Lebowski”, but whatever.


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  1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers! | July 7, 2010 7:21 AM at 7:21 AM |

    I’ve reconsidered. I think that I’ve been quite unfair in my assessment of Dopey Rehburp’s lawsuit, for like most, I considered this suit to be a classic case of Heroes vs. Zeroes, the brave firefighters vs. the Rehburps. But now, I think that there’s something more going on here. I think that the Rehburps have captured the American spirit! They are what makes America great. They are true poineers struggling mightily to carve out an livelihood in the unforgiving American west!
    You see, what the Rehburps have done is disply the ingenuity, imagination, and entrepenuership that built this country!

    How, you ask? Well, the Rehburps took a bunch of scrawny old pine trees probably dying of bark beetle anyway, along with some sage brush and dry grass, and TURNED that junk into a profit! I mean, just THINK about that for a moment. Who ELSE would have thought of that other than a sleazy cheeseball?!

    But I do have a concern. I mean, when the Rehburps get into to court with their lawsuit, the judge may find that they’re ONLY entitled to the value of a bunch of worthless trees! And really, what IS the monetary worth of a bunch of beetle infested scrub pine?

    Never-the-less, the Rehburps rather than being villified for being slimesuckers, should be EXALTED for showing that the toughness and courage that won the west still exists! Neighbor helping neighbor, then neighbor SUING neighbor, and finally, neighbor WINNING neighbor’s money in lawsuit! It’s the code of the west that a cowboy like Dopey lives up to! Give that man a Marlboro, NOT your maledictions!

  2. Rehberg’s typical business practices are just meeting mainstream America – and he’s surprised that people are outraged. It just goes to show you what a low opinion he and his monarchal family dynasty think of his opponent and the voters. He could care less.

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