You know it’s bad when you have to have your lawyer speak to the press.

I’m a little confused.   Could there possibly be a worse way for Rehberg to issue the statement below feigning concern for firefighters than to have it come from the lawyer whom Rehberg hired to sue those same individuals?

“Lawyer speak” is an expression used to describe something that is not truthful; but is deceptive. It means that a phrase, word, or even sentences collectively is employed to deceive, yet be hedged later due to ambigious words that later can be defended by “interpretation.”

The Clark Fork Chronicle has the statement that was issued Tuesday by Rehberg’s attorney Cliff Edwards on the lawsuit filed against the City of Billings and the Billings Fire Department:

“On Friday July 2, 2010, Rehberg Ranch, LLC filed a civil complaint against the City of Billings and the City of Billings Fire Department relating to events surrounding the July 4, 2008 fire that consumed 1,200 acres of property, including 600 acres of Rehberg Ranch property. Rehberg Ranch, LLC requested a report from the City of Billings regarding the fire and to date the city has not responded to that request. Last week, my law firm contacted the City offering to enter into settlement discussions and expressing our willingness to postpone litigation to facilitate these discussions. The City Administrator declined our offer. Consequently, because the City did not provide the requested information and refused to enter into any settlement discussions, Rehberg Ranch, LLC was forced to file the civil complaint in order to preserve the 2 year statute of limitation for property damage in Montana. This was not Rehberg Ranch’s desired course of action, but the City’s actions left us no choice.”

“Contrary to the unfounded allegations circulating in the political spectrum, the claim focuses on the administrative and management decisions and actions which led to the withdrawal of firefighters from an existing fire scene during high temperature and high wind conditions. The claim in no way undermines the excellent work of the first responders who so diligently worked to contain two earlier fires and subsequently contained and extinguished the re-ignited fire over the course of the next week. The claim also does not diminish the high regard Denny and Jan Rehberg have for City of Billings firefighters. In fact, the essence of the claim is that if the firefighters had been allowed to stay on the scene, the devastating events of July 4, 2008 would not have occurred, and the firefighters would not have been called to face such extreme conditions nor spend the next week extinguishing the significantly enlarged fire zone. The Rehberg’s are thankful for the hard work and dedication of the first responders and have nothing but the utmost respect for their efforts and dedication.”

“We will continue to make every effort with the City to resolve the claim with their insurance company.”


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  1. sadly, it shows how laughable he sees the McDonald campaign. It’s a show of absolute confidence by the DR campaign.

  2. This is Truly Bizarre. It’s hard to believe that he would do this in an election year. He is literally asking the Taxpayers to pay for a wildfire on a subdivision he developed in a wildfire urban interface area.

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