Foreign lobbying efforts yield new influence over MT Republican legislator

I don’t get it.  You have to be a Montana resident to collect signatures for a ballot initiative, but you don’t even have to be an American citizen to get a Republican in the Montana Legislature to introduce a bill for you?

Alex Schadenberg, executive director of the so-called “Euthanasia Prevention Coalition,” of Canada, has enlisted Montana State Senator Greg Hinkle (R-Thompson Falls) to introduce what legislators call “a bill in search of a problem” that Montana doesn’t even have.

A quick look at the Canadian’s site reveals his intentions to impose his policy goals in other states and other countries as well.

Dear Mr. Shadenberg,

We have a saying here in Montana that goes something like this: Good fences make good neighbors.  If you don’t like the laws in your country, feel free to lobby to change them.  But here in Montana we don’t take too kindly to foreigners who attempt to impose their wishes on the citizens of other free nations.   Even if some of our local Republican legislators don’t seem to understand, when it comes to Montana laws, it is the opinion of Montana citizens that they should regard.

Dear Sen. Hinkle,

Canada is not in your district.


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  1. I should have included more about the genius behind this idea. Senator Greg Hinkle:

    Looks like he tried to bring some so-called “Right-to-Work” legislation (otherwise known as union decimation).

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