More firefighters for Rehberg to sue? Crews from Absarokee, Columbus, Red Lodge and Reed Point helped fight Rehberg Ranch Estates LLC fires

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A friend of mine who is an avid outdoors gal (so keeps close tabs on what’s going on in fire season) reminded me of what the firefighters were going through on the ground in Billings that summer as they battled fires in the Billings area.

The article details how fire crews worked in 90 degree heat to protect Rehberg’s trees and scrub brush, and then worked throughout the night.  It explains how off-duty firefighters were called in, how firefighters were injured on the job, and how crews and small towns from throughout Eastern Montana stepped up to help.

Crews came from as far away as Absarokee, Columbus, Red Lodge and Reed Point, as well as Shepherd, Lockwood and Blue Creek.

Has Rehberg not gotten around to suing these firefighters yet?  Is there some kind of “deep pocket” strategy going on here in the decision to sue Billings first? Or, is it possible Rehberg had no idea what was actually going on in the battle to save his own shrubs?

That freed up Billings firefighters to tackle other local grassfires and one structure fire Friday night. Mutual aid provided from area fire departments also helped crews knock down those fires, [the fire chief] said.

That’s right, outside of Rehberg’s fantasy world of self-importance, other fires were being fought besides those burning his bushes.  Rehberg is so arrogant that he probably doesn’t even care how revealing this lawsuit is about his character.  He thinks it doesn’t matter how he treats people, because he could buy this election out-of-pocket even if he wasn’t rolling in special interest cash.


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  1. it’s called prioritizing resources denny. it’s what fire crews do.

    now, back in the medieval days when the aristocrats just had serfs to order around you wouldn’t have had this problem.

  2. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers! | July 9, 2010 7:40 AM at 7:40 AM |

    I would countersue. Did Dopey provide adequate roads? Water? Fire breaks? Fire precautions? Reduce ground cover? Just WHAT did Dopey do other than bitch and sue?

    This suit makes NO sense. NO ONE can be that greedy and stupid, can they?

    After the tragic fires in Emerald Hills, was there even ONE lawsuit? I don’t recall one. So, what makes Dopey think that HE has a case?

    BTW, I don’t recall a whole lotta trees up in that area that Dopey owns execpt along the rim edge itself. That means that if Dopey’s customers still want a view, they have the entire Beartooth Mountains to look at. I don’t get it.

    I guess that the lofty Dopey is railing against God and Nature, and by God there’s gonna be Hell to pay it.

  3. yeah, he is that greedy and stupid. but it’s something more than that. it’s that he doesn’t even care if we think this about him. he knows he’ll win anyway.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers! | July 9, 2010 8:52 AM at 8:52 AM |

      But that’s a character flaw as big as the Big Sky! I hope that Montanans finally realize what the guy is really like. I mean, his action is unprecedented in Montana history. I would challenge Dopey to find one, just one, ONLY one other lawsuit in Montana history brought against firefighters trying to save someone’s property and risking life and limb in the process. This thing doesn’t compute. I want to see the damage control on this. WHAT is Dopey’s reasoning? Any guesses?

  4. Could it have something to do with a petty power struggle between the “homeowners association” or whatever you call his little subdivision covenants governing board thingy and some kind of chest thumping competition with the city government?

    i’m the last one to ask about homeowners associations (HOA) and special gated community regulations, but a comment on another blog post on Rehberg’s behavior sparked my curiosity about it.

    The commenter wrote about:

    HOA hiring “management companies” affiliated with CAI, the innocently-named “Community Associations Institute.”

    I just did a research project on this and it’s a doozy.

    CAI is the organization that promotes and enforces petty bullshit such as the anti-clothesline rules, the anti-solar rules, and so on. They are a straight-up Republican tool in the worst possible way, and their affiliates are nothing more than parasites that suck the blood out of homeowners via their HOA fees (which you can’t choose to not pay).

    CAI affiliates are management companies that make money from HOA dues and fees. The management companies view volunteer fire departments as competing centers of power in communities, and try to impose all manner of petty regulations on the firefighters in order to prevent them becoming a source of opposition.

  5. Cowgirl is right. Here’s how this works. Rehberg, on behalf of his Ranch Estates LLC, sues the city and firefighters. They come up with a settlement that gives the Rehberg Ranch Estates LLC special rights and exemptions that the rest of us that live here don’t get. This allows Rehberg to charge more for his properties, and sends more money to his pockets. This is how this man does business. He doesn’t care about how bad it looks because none of us have the power to defeat his money. We get the finger.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers! | July 9, 2010 4:39 PM at 4:39 PM |

      What a shitbag! Can I say shitbag on this blog? Look, this guy is WAY outta mainstream Montana. He should be done come election time.

      p.s. I remember the first gated community in Billings just kinda sout of Rocky Mt. College. When they were building that thing, we all kinda looked at each other like what the f*ck is THAT all about? After all, it was BILLINGS fercrhissakes. Why did they need a concrete fence around the damn thing?

      I see that Dopey realized the potential of gated communities in Montana. Guess it’s the cowboy way for Dopey! Dopey’s friends and clients are too good to rub shoulders with us peeons! What a shitbag!

  6. Were are the republican jackasses who usually malign cowgirl’s posts? quiet, suddenly.

  7. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers! | July 9, 2010 5:28 PM at 5:28 PM |

    p.s. If McDonald is watching all this, he should get to work on a devastating commercial now! I mean, Dopey is SO far outta maintstream Montana with his gated communities and firefighter lawsuits that it’s not funny. I would BLUDGEON Dopey with this. The gated-community, sue happy cowboy! Hell, it’s SO slimey that it makes me want to take a shower! I mean, we ALL have a stake in what we want Montana to become, and for MOST people, gated communities and lawsuits designed to destroy normal, civic minded, hardworking folks is NOT in our vision! Dump Dopey with his OWN vices and devices! It’s time.

  8. McDonald don’t got the funds for a commericail right now. But he should be down in billings talking about it, recruiting surrogates to talk, and getting that crew of savvy volunteers he’s got getting the legal files on this LLC

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers! | July 9, 2010 7:24 PM at 7:24 PM |

      Don’t take much money. Hell, I’ll WRITE it for him. Opening scene, McDonald with a serious, concerned look on his face, looks straight into the camera and says sincerely, “I’m Dennis McDonald, and I just gotta tell ya that even my MAFIA buddies don’t sue the friggin’ fire department! Even THEY have more class than that. But not Dopey Rehburp!” Fade slowly away with a pic of exhausted firefighters sitting under burnt trees with Dopey and his legal team complete with briefcases approaching fast. Like it? Me too.

  9. If the fire was on July 4, and I think it was, the high in Billings that day was 102. It was probably hotter in the high-desert Rehberg Estates.

  10. Thank you Ed. That sounds pretty miserable.

  11. The lawsuit is a result of the City refusing to turn over the fire report. A two year limit requires that the subdivision files or they will never get the information.
    Firefighters were on the scene when management called them away, the subdivision wants to know who and why.

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