More evidence of the power Tea-Baggers have over the MT GOP

It is becoming more and more evident that the Tea Party has taken over the Montana GOP.  This week, it is Ravalli County legislator Bob Lake (R-Hamilton) who pens a defense of the Tea Party in the Ravalli Republican:

The TEA (taxed enough already) Party movement and the various conservative groups that have formed over the past few years are but a reflection of the frustrations that many people are feeling toward the government.

He goes on to say that

The TEA party and other groups are predominately made up of the old “silent majority” that simply kept their heads down and went to work to try to make a better life for their children than the one they had.

Really, Bob? I think it’s something quite different.


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  1. The core of TeaParty folks seem to be those who are perenially left behind when the economy or culture or society makes a significant shift. Here in Las Vegas there is a minimal TeaParty presence. In rural Nevada, i.e the rest of the state, TP influence is much more pronounced….to the extent that the R’s US Senate primary was won by Sharon Angle. The TP gathering in Searchlight, home of US Senator Harry Reid, was pretty typical from my, admitedly anectdotal, observations. Half or so retirees, some from the public sector, another 30% middle-aged tending towards small business owners and entrepreneurs, 10% opportunistic types [think the Trochmann brothers] selling protection against Armageddon or some version of salvation and the last 10%, the scary ones, birthers, 2nd Amendment, a couple of fellows formerly identified with the Militia, the Order, you name it. Bob Lake’s observation is partly correct, there are a lot of folks out there who are struggling with the demise of jobs appropriate to the minimally educated and minimally skilled. Retirees are wondering who f###ed Social Security and their retirement accounts. I teach vocational subjects in a Las Vegas high school. Fully two-thirds of my students could not compute what two-thirds is. You can understand why folks in these situations are terrified and looking to lash out. That said, the most telling part of the Searchlight gig was the photo on our local newspaper website of the event parking lot….dozens of Marathon and similar motor coaches whose starting prices are in the $140,000 range.

  2. I remember the “silent majority”. It was a term coined by a corrupt Baltimore politico elevated to the Vice-Presidency by an equally corrupt and delusional president. It was an attempt to add legitimacy and substance to policies that had little real public support. It resides in the same annals of political babble as “domino theory” and “trickle-down economics”. The fact that a Tea Party apologist would use it indicates a mind and movement bereft of ideas.

  3. I also think that the fact that Lake felt the need to apologize for them all is an indication of either their power over Lake. I wonder what the back story is on this.

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