More differences between Derek Skees and Will Hammerquist

Jay Stevens hilariously highlights some of the differences between the candidates for one of Montana’s key legislative races: Derek Skees (RINO-tarian, Kalispell) and the Democratic candidate in the race, Will Hammerquist.

The differences are striking.   Here’s another one, outlined by Steve Thompson in a letter to the editor in the Whitefish Pilot the week of June 24.   Will Hammerquist has been a key player in helping to save the North Fork of the Flathead from becoming Montana’s own version of the BP oil spill.  Since the Pilot doesn’t archive LTE’s (at least that I could find) I’ve pasted the letter here below.

Oil and gas development in North Fork a ‘tricky’ question

By Steve Thompson

While oil spews into the Gulf of Mexico, it is important to remember that BP recently had the Flathead River and Glacier National Park in its crosshairs, proposing to drill hundreds of coalbed methane wells in the Canadian headwaters of the North Fork. This project would have generated millions of gallons of toxic water as a by-product of coalfield extraction.

The company responsible for the worst oil spill, the worst pipeline disaster and the worst refinery explosion in U.S. history assured us that it would protect the Flathead. Many Montanans weren’t comforted by such promises.

In December 2008, a group of concerned citizens from our region traveled to Calgary to meet with the CEO of BP Energy. Leading this effort on behalf of Whitefish was Will Hammerquist, who told the BP chief that coalfield development in the headwaters of Glacier National Park is a recipe for disaster.

As a direct result of that meeting and strong citizen opposition in the Flathead and Fernie, B.C., BP has publicly dropped its plan to drill in the Flathead. Legislation is being advanced in both countries to ensure that the North Fork remains free of oil and gas drilling forever.

Today, Will Hammerquist (my former colleague at the Glacier office of National Parks Conservation Association) is a candidate to represent Whitefish in the state legislature. The other candidate, in stark contrast, is Derek Skees, who told the Pilot that he favors more fossil fuel development around Glacier.

Coal development in the Canadian Flathead “is a tricky question,” he hedged, but Skees told the Pilot he definitely wants to lift the ban on oil and gas drilling on Montana’s Rocky Mountain Front.

Whether to develop coalfields in the North Fork is not a tricky question. We need to elect people who realize that scenic beauty, clean water and public lands are the real treasures of the Flathead. Will Hammerquist is that candidate in House District 4. Please remember this when you vote this fall.

Steve Thompson lives in Whitefish.

While Hammerquist was engaged in this public service, what has Skees been up to? Watch the video below to see for yourself. He’s been promoting his “classes” on Glenn Beck’s favorite propaganda book “The 5000 Year Leap”. Here, he says all legislators should use its principles (which include a religious government) to decide how to vote.


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  1. Derek Skeeks is a typical teabagger ok those people are crazy. Dont get me wrong I have alot of friends that are Republicans and most of my family is Republican. But there is a huge huge difference between the main street republicans like my grandpa God bless his soul, and the teabaggers that think the earth is 5000 yrs old, think social security is bad except when they qualify and basically think that any government program is bad unless they profit from it. Ive got a friend who said to me that the new deffinition of conservative is I will only spend working peoples money and leave rich mans money alone.

  2. What worries me about Derek Skees is that he does a good job of pretending to be a mainstream Republican when it suits him. He’s playing both sides well. You are right that there is a huge difference between folks like your grandpa and these teabaggers, but Skees is trying to pretend to be both. It is really scary that he could end up in the Montana legislature.

  3. We really need to see a good many more letters that espouse the good things that Will Hammerquist has done to promote the preservation of the Flathead River Basin and the areas surrounding Glacier National Park.
    The election of Mr, Skees is a very scary prospect.

  4. The thing is, I bet Mr. Hammerquist is a better candidate for SO MANY more reasons. This is one issue, and I’d love to hear more. What do you know?

  5. It’s obvious that the previous postings aren’t from people who know Derek Skees very well. Nor are they familiar with the book “The 5000 Year Leap” Derek, is a genuine, God fearing, hard working, fiscal conservative that doesn’t try to play both side like many politicians. Actually he’s a straight shooter who wants to see Americans go back to the founding principles of our Constitution and to take responsibility to protect our freedoms. Although I have nothing to say about Mr Hammerquist, Montanans would be served very well by the hard working, common sense integrity of Derek Skees.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers! | August 21, 2010 6:06 AM at 6:06 AM |

      Um, why should I fear God, Davey? And hey, dude, who ISN’T hardworking?! Why do you think Skeester is so hardworking? Have him come to work with ME for one day and we’ll see! You see, I think he’d be what we call in the business a one o’clock wonder, a guy who pukes before lunch and then never comes back after lunch! What is WITH you wackjobs that make you think you work so hard? I don’t get it, Davey.

      What you have posted is nonsense. A “straight shooter”?? Huh?? “Common sense”? Oh that’s nice. He’ll come in from the rain. And then, you read a book? Well good for you. Guess what. There’s LOTS of books out there, dude! I don’t think one goofy book you recommend has much to offer.

      But do tell, WHY are religeeious fundamental wackjobs such hard workers? I don’t get it. For you see, nearly EVERYONE I know works very hard, has common sense, and reads LOTS of books. You gotta do better than farting out cliches, Davey.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers! | August 21, 2010 8:02 AM at 8:02 AM |

      p.s. Your buddy, Cleon Skousen, who wrote that book, was an extreme rightwing Bircher kook!, not to sugar coat it too much. And really, what does a Mormon wackjob like him have to offer anyone? Is Skeester a kook too? Does HE believe that Eisenhower was a commie? Abolition of the federal income tax? That all federal lands should be sold off? What does little godfearer believe?

      And really, Davey, unless you’ve had some sort of profound religious experience, your conception of god is simply so much balderdash and is in NO way any more valid than anyone ELSE’S! And another thing, I’ve found that people who classify themselves as godfearers to be weakminded. You see, Davey, MOST people don’t WANT some bozo trying to stuff his “god” down their throats! That’s bad form.

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