Montana Tea Party starts printing its own news….no, seriously

Montana Tea Party starts printing own news, "The Montana Viewpoint" I walked into a local business this morning and found that the Montana Tea Party has started printing it’s own news.  Here’s a cell phone pic.  The “news” consists of articles cut and pasted directly from “The Onion” (is that legal?), ads for flea markets, statements from “the nra” and un-sourced tea bagger mythology. The so-called “Montana Viewpoint” can be found online here.

One of the most interesting things are the business sponsors they found, which will come in handy for those not wishing to patronize businesses who fund the extreme-right movement.  Another is their plan to “cover” the Helena health curriculum update, as if we had any doubts that the opposition to keeping kids safe and healthy came from tea-baggers.


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  1. Here in Dillon we have a daily advertiser, The Dillonite, which is essentially a teabagger paper. Every day we’re find out who died, what’s on the menus of local restaurants, who’s got stuff to sell, and cut-outs from extreme right-wing websites. One article last week explained how dangerous negroes are. They’re never sourced, of course.

    The slant of the Dillonite is uncorrectable because the owner doesn’t permit alternative viewpoints.

    Virtually every store in Dillon advertises in the Dillonite. A boycott of them isn’t possible.

  2. Wow. That’s absolutely amazing that in 2010 a Montana paper published blatantly racist content. Do you remember the date of the racist article? I checked online at it appears that they haven’t posted an edition since May 21st. We can watch for it.

  3. Slightly to the side of the point, but I can answer your question: Is that legal?

    Probably. They only excerpted that article (albeit most of it) and they did attribute to The Onion.

    However, keep an eye on the issue of plagiarism with this bunch. It’s been my experience with the radical right that eventually, they all do it.

  4. Interesting, so probably legal, but still incredibly lame.

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