VIDEO: Jeff Laszloffy basks in the limelight

Montana’s own Focus on the Family affiliate called “the Montana Family Foundation,” which is run out of Laurel, Montana by Jeff Laszloffy, a former GOP state legislator, has always loved the limelight.

Now, he appears downright giddy with his 15 minutes of fame. You haven’t heard much from this small group lately since the tea-baggers took over the the extremist right, and that can’t have made this publicity hound happy. Read the analysis and see the video at News Hounds.


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  1. If history is any guide, we will later find out that this guy has “rented a boy,” or done meth with a male prostitute.

  2. This guy doesn’t live anywhere near Helena. His kids don’t go to school here, yet he wants to carpet-bag in and tell us what to do.

    • He doesn’t have to live here. He has a direct line to God. God lives everywhere. God watches Faux News. God speaks through Jeff Laszloffy. Believe it or suffer the everlasting fires of Hell.

  3. Ouch! Too much name calling on this site! Seems to be a nasty liberal habit……”You haven’t heard much from this small group lately since the tea-baggers took over the the extremist right”…..Do you know what “tea-baggers” means????? If you do, then shame on you.

  4. Reminds me of the name calling most of us got over after grade school……

  5. Hi Lynette, Aren’t the tea-baggers those guys who stand out on the road with the Obama/Hitler signs?

  6. Cowgirl…..Google the word “tea-baggers”……it’s a disgusting (and very grade-schoolish)phrase…..seems to be a favorite one, though!!!!

  7. I thought I would be able to get into some lively discussions with some fellow Montana women on this site, but fear I would only be opening myself up for some VERY nasty hate mail, ridicule, and UGLY name-calling if my opinions are a little different….so best to keep my opinions to a few sites that are a little more open-minded……

  8. Lynette, you are welcome at any time : )

    It appears this word has been reclaimed by the movement!

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