Hey Rehberg, *Please* ENOUGH with the taxpayer funded gimmicks, okay?

Denny Rehberg

Does Dennis Rehberg even realize the bad ideas he's promoting?

Dear Dennis Rehberg,

Have you even looked at the incredibly lame “public input” site you and your fellow Republicans are promoting?  You must surely be aware that the site’s effectiveness, slant, and input have already been the subject of ridicule for months now, pretty much the whole time it’s been in existence, so why did you pimp it out again this weekend in Great Falls?

If,  Mr. Congressman, you think that this site does not deserve the derision it is getting around the nation, then why is it that you that aren’t mentioning any of the topics brought up and voted as of top import by “Americans Speaking Out” in any of your campaign events?

The top ideas as of today, July 18, 2010 include the legalization and taxing of marijuana:

Decriminalize/legalize marijuana and tax it like alcohol and cigarettes. We waste way too much law enforcement resources in arresting and prosecuting individuals for simple possession. Taxing legal marijuana sales could add millions of dollars in revenue

Oh, and more on the legalization of marijuana:

Help secure our Boarder by ending Marijuana Prohibition. Cartels make 60% of there profit from Pot and are the single biggest threat to our Boarder.

You can’t have it both ways.  Since you’re not discussing the top issues that Americans are “speaking out” about, you at least owe us Montanans an explanation of why you are wasting our tax dollars on this crap.  Now, it’s our turn to do the “listening.”


Montana Cowgirl