People who won’t go away

guy who won't go awayLike John Edwards (who is getting a movie made about him) and Bowen Greenwood (the MT GOP ED who lost his own primary) Montana Right to Life “Executive Director” Gregg Trude has a losing record and needs to just go away.

OK so Trude isn’t getting his own movie but he did lose his own primary and has a record of losing.  In addition, the Montana Right to Life organization to has has proven it is virtually non-existent, irrelevant, and, I would argue unnecessary.

For example, during the primary election Trude/Right to Life (I think that he IS “the organization” and that it is run out of his basement) endorsed only Republicans.  The only legislative candidates that Trude endorsed for State Senate that actually won (excluding the instances in which they endorsed both candidates in the primary) were Vincent, Sonju, and Lake (all incumbents who would have won regardless.) And some guy named Comstock.

Mike Comstock also had no real opponent, his primary challenger declined even to be interviewed by the local paper about the race. He only sent a resume of which the only thing worth mentioning is that he was the former owner of the Imperial Inn, arguably one of Bozeman’s seediest hotels, if not the seediest.

If Trude had done nothing, if his “organization” hadn’t existed, the outcome would have been exactly the same.  It’s time for Trude to quit pretending to be important and to go home, if for no other reason so that the legislature can spend less time on his paranoid wedge bills that are never going to pass anyway and more time on figuring out what, realistically in this economy government can and should be taking on and what doesn’t make sense any more (like that meth project.)


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  1. Your article makes me realize how clueless you really are, absolutely none of your facts are correct! is that a surprise NOT. get a life instead of writing a blog to a bunch of clueless liberal pro-abort women.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers! | September 19, 2010 2:33 PM at 2:33 PM |

      Please explain in detail where she erred? Looks like a fairly straightforward article. OK, so you’re not in the basement. Which room are you in?

  2. Or better yet, Gregg, come up with a real idea to reduce the number of abortions. America has more than almost any country in Europe, and yet we also have some of the strongest right to lifers. I suggest you drive around handing out condoms, for a start. One condom can save more unborn lives than a dozen endorsements of candidates who will win anyway, or won’t win at all.

  3. Welcome Gregg Trude to the Montana Cowgirl blog. The thing is buddy, the rest of the world is focused on finding common ground by reducing the number of unintended pregnancies in the first place, thereby reducing the need for abortions. You do that through access to birth control and medically accurate sex education. You and your ilk only care about using wedge issues to distract voters from the GOP’s backward views on policies that could actually help middle class Montanans such as the economy, education, and jobs.

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