Another GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Has Trouble Spelling Out His Intentions

It was announced recently that yet another Republican is throwing himself into the 2012 Republican gubernatorial primary.  This time the announcer is another former Billings area state legislator, Corey Stapleton.

Stapleton has something else in common with the first Republican to express his interest in the race. A poorly-spelled Web 2.o item was launched in conjunction with the announcement, this time in the form of Stapleton’s  Wikipedia page.

Corey Stapleton (born September 17, 1967) is a Republican and former  State Senator of 8 years. He is currently running for the Governor office [sic] in Montana.

The previous example of the above phenomenon was the Facebook page of former state legislator Ken Miller, which contained this mistake:

We need a governor in Montana that stands with the Arizona governor on illeagal immagration [sic] not the one we have now that supports President Obama.

On a side note, the AP also reported that

Stapleton is the first noteworthy name to enter what is expected to be a crowded race.

Don’t tell that to Miller. Ouch.


3 Comments on "Another GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Has Trouble Spelling Out His Intentions"

  1. Another empty suit from Billings wow Im so impressed excuss me while I run to my doctor to get more anti depressants, now seriously the republican empty suits from B town ok we have Denny Rehberg, who is just greedy, We have Taylor Brown who is arrogant, and we have Ken Miller who doesnt have a chance of making the primary, and this guy. My question is this the best the GOP can come up with. If anyone of these B town boys gets elected to replace the most effective governor this state has had in my life time Im going to wake up on a January day in 2013 and become a

  2. North Dakotan.

  3. You bring up an interesting point. What does it say about a party that can only muster low quality candidates, but expects to have so many jump into the ring? Disunity for sure, and infighting. What do you think?

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