***UPDATE: Yet Another Failure for Statewide Abortion Ban

Today, Secretary of State Linda McCulloch is expected to announce the official signature totals for proposed ballot initiatives and certify those that qualify.

To qualify for the ballot, a ballot issue seeking to amend the Montana Constitution needs at least 48,674 signatures, including 10 percent of the voters in 40 of the 100 state House districts.

And so, today, another failure is expected for Constitutional Initiative 102, an amendment to the constitution to ban all abortion. Here were the totals as of Friday:

This proposal, sponsored by the Montana ProLife Coalition, would amend the state constitution to define “person” to include every human being from the beginning of that person’s biological development, effectively outlawing abortion. State signature tally: 29,938. Number of House districts qualified in: 12.

Though an analysis reveals that the initiative’s movement was plagued by problems, such as when their leader was caught in a Medicaid fraud probe, that the signature gathering was found out to be pushed largely by out-of state interests, and that the proposal was so extreme that even Montana’s in-state nut-jobs urged their peeps not to sign or refused to get involved, the reason it didn’t qualify is because Montanans simply don’t want this garbage in our Constitution.

***Update: The Lee story is out.

Dr. Annie Bukacek of Kalispell, I-102’s sponsor, vowed that the group will to try again in 2012 and that will start its signature gathering in June 2011.

“We have barely begun the fight for the rights and liberties of unborn babies, and we will keep working on it until their personhood is established in our Montana constitution,” she said.

“Barely begun?” Um, Ms Bukacek, you’ve been working on this for three years already, it’s not happening…

However, Allyson Hagen, executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice Montana, interpreted its failure differently, saying: “The continued failure of this amendment should be a signal to elected officials in Montana that, when they vote to eliminate women’s privacy rights, they are voting against the values the vast majority of Montanans hold.”


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  1. Quick question, is anyone suprised that CI-102 failed anyone, I mean get real this thing did not have a chance in hell of passing, first the author was up on medicade fraud charges, second it was so exterme that even the catholics didnt go with them, third I only saw 1 person in the whole state gathering signatures for this and that was at the Miles City Bucking horse sale. But here is how I see things I say yes on 161 cause we need to get the outfitters under control out in the hills. Yes on 164 because the payday loan people are worse then the Vegas loan sharks. And I have several questions on 105 the real estate transpher tax so no comment on that yet.

  2. Good point about 102. I haven’t talked to anyone that expected it to qualify. What’s the backbround on 161, I’m not familiar with it?

    • 161 aims to get rid of the outfitter sponsered tags that were put in place back at the 1995 state legislature. Back then they gurrenteed a block of licenses to outfitters and since then they have clossed lands to public hunting. Basically its a way for the rich to get a tag without going through the lottory like everyone else.

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