Why Ron Paul remains popular in MT: Conservatives are frustrated

A new Montana GOP online poll shows Ron Paul is the top choice for 2012 president among those who bothered to participate, at least those who are active enough in the GOP to visit the party’s website.
Do these people know about the Ron Paul sex tape?

Ron Paul has always been a hot ticket among Republicans in Montana.

And that was before his appearance in a popular movie in what is known as the Ron Paul Sex Tape scene, which if you can believe it’s possible, made this favorite of Montana Republicans an even bigger world-wide joke.

All jokes aside, one theory goes that Montana conservative seem particularly attracted to Ron Paul because they are particularly put off by the Montana Republican Party and it’s leadership.

Ron Paul, after all, has been credited with providing a vent for anti-establishment frustration among conservatives and inspiring the first modern-day Tea Party :

The Paul campaign even inspired the first modern-day tea party that anyone can remember: a December 2007 antitax protest re-enacting the original Boston Tea Party on its 234th anniversary.

It isn’t hard to come up with theories on why Montana conservatives are frustrated with their party establishment. For example, their top official, Dennis Rehberg, was FOR earmarks before he was against them. In FY 2010 according to FEC Watch,

Denny Rehberg sponsored or co-sponsored 89 earmarks totalling $103,514,200 in fiscal year 2010 ranking 5th out of 435 representatives.

Then, Rehberg voted against the stimulus then toured the state taking credit for the job projects it funded, and when asked point blank to explain this seeming duplicity this is what they got:


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  1. The reason Ron Paul is so popular look at who you got in that poll Mitt Romney who lost to McCain, Mike Huckabbe who lost to McCain and is now a fox news puppet, Sarah Palin the quiter who couldnt make a full term as governor of Alaska. Newt Ginrich who has been a washed up has been since before Clinton left office. WoW what wonderful refreshing choices. Maybe they could dig up Nixon and get him to run or is Bob Dole still breathing??? I mean good night you have another Bush and they were so successful during their 12yrs combined and the current governor of Texas who last I heard of him he wanted Texas out of the union, and you have the governor of Louisiana who couldnt manage a lemonade stand much less a state facing the largest environmental disaster in the history of earth. They need new blood some fresh faces

  2. Also interesting that no Montana Republicans made the list.

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