Failed abortion banners stretch to find silver lining, excuses

Annie BukacekAnnie Bukacek and Montana’s most extreme anti-choicers are trying to find the silver lining in their second signature-gathering-based failure (and umpteenth legislative referenda-based failure in 20-years) to get a total abortion ban on Montana’s ballot.

“These are all volunteer signatures, which is an amazing feat in and of itself.”

Given the tea party, mega churches, and the general propensity of Montanans to be willing to put questions to a vote of the people, I don’t think it took that many volunteers. Nor do I think that it is “an amazing feat” that you convinced some people to sign your petition voluntarily.  The fact that these right-wingers think so, however, certainly doesn’t say much about what they were trying to get on the ballot.

Perhaps some will say that I misconstrue the above quotation–that this individual is trying to say that the signatures were collected by volunteers; however, I don’t think that’s the case because the press release makes the point elsewhere, and, it is their press release.

Victory for Montanans (Jay wrote about it earlier and I touched on it briefly below), the integrity of the MT Constitution, and the right to privacy  can be found in the failure of CI-102 to qualify for the ballot in November, so the rest of us will also be celebrating.

This is not the first time Bukacek has faced failure, so it’s good to see she’s keeping a positive attitude about it all:

She has written a book about weight loss, and her diabetes quality assurance efforts launched a program that is being used nation-wide. Because of her quality assurance work, she was chosen by the American Board of Internal Medicine as one of six physician consultants regarding its Diabetes Practice Improvement Model. Asked to leave a physician group practice because she refused to stop praying with patients, she started her own clinic that is flourishing.

Well, it was flourishing until she came under investigation for Medicaid fraud.  Now, the clinic website, Hosanna Health Care, appears to be down too.

They group is not beyond looking for excuses either. In the same press release, Cal Zastrow, co-founder the national group that is pushing this nonsense on states, seems to be postulating that perhaps one reason for CI-102’s failure to qualify is that  one of the movement’s key players was too busy elsewhere to make it happen here in Montana:

“Jesus Christ is building a movement for personhood rights of babies across the country,” explained Cal Zastrow, co-founder of Personhood USA. “He will continue to build in Montana, and they will stand ready.”

Sounds like that guy is pretty busy, plus he’s got the Derek Skees legislative race up in the Flathead and Michael Steele to worry about.


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  1. Thanks for another nice backstory piece, Cowgirl. Articles like this and your piece on the Faux News fiasco in Helena are really welcome since none of the Montana media seem willing to print much other than fluff and puff. It’s time for more folks to start calling out these loons.

  2. I think it is always healthy to be at least somewhat suspicious when out-of-staters come in with ballot initiatives of any kind. Do you all remember that TABOR, or CI-67 it might have been from a few years back?

  3. Ok back in 2008 the personhood intitive had volunteers all over eastern Montana at the 08 primary polls, they were gathering at churches ect ect ect. Now fast forward to 2010 they only had 1 volunteer in Eastern Montana at least from what I saw this spring and that was for 1 day the Saturday of the Miles City Bucking horse sale. Now granted this was the first and only time I had ever been to the Bucking horse sale and I was only there during Saturday and it runs I think Thursday through Sunday but he was maybe getting 2 signatures an hour from what I saw so lets figure 10 hrs thats roughly 20 signatures now maybe I saw him at a slow time of the day so I’ll be nice to the man cause I have nothing aginst him personally lets be really nice and liberal lets say 10 signatures an hr time the 10hr that 100 signatures for the whole day. Now for my point and granted eastern Montana is sparsly populated but it is a very conservative area of the state and they got 1 person gathering and are maybe and the key word is maybe gathering 100 signatures a day, so what is their efforts going to look like in 2012? Thats my question and if they forget about the eastern side of the state which is the most conservative area of the state outside of say the Flathead where are they going to get signatures at in 2012? I dont think this thing sells in liberal areas of the state like Missoula or Bozeman, or moderate areas like Great Falls or Billings, so where other then the Flathead do the personhood people get signatures? My own conclusion and here is my advice to Dr. Annie stay home in 2012 save your money!!! You’ve tried twice and have failed misrably ok you couldnt even get the catholics on board with you this time, cause those bishops didnt want to get on the Titanic. Plus with less and less volunteers where are you going to get the man power much less the money to do another run in 2012? Now in contrast and granted I didnt agree with them totally but I 165 the initive to repeal the medical marijana law they got apporved for signature gathering the last Monday of gathering June 14 of 2010 and they got well over 10000 sigantures before the Friday June 18 deadline if they would have been up in running say June 1st 2010 they probley would have made the ballot this fall and they were all volunteer. So theres my point

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