This could get interesting

Martin KidstonAn excellent debut by Martin Kidston, the new Democratic Party communications person, thanking Denny Rehberg for his recent declaration that Brian Schweitzer has done a good job as Governor. This is the type of work that the party should be producing on a regular basis, and we can look forward to Martin’s future creations.  And good job by Jim Elliott and Dave Benson for bringing the soldier/writer aboard.

Interesting how Rehberg hurriedly joined the Tea Party Caucus on the day after his comments about Schweitzer came out.

Thought: I wonder what the various right-wing nut-job voters such as tea-baggers, Libertarians, Constitutionalists, black helicopter-ers, or other skinhead-types, birthers, truthers, followers of the baby caucus et. al would think about a campaign mailing from Mike Fellows, the Libertarian party congressional candidate running right of Rehberg, imploring right-wingers not to sell out to a Schweitzer-worshipping Republican like the RINO Rehberg?


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  1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers! | July 23, 2010 7:30 AM at 7:30 AM |

    And for those of you who haven’t yet read Kidston’s book on Cromwell Dixon, the first person to fly over the Continental Divide, I suggest that you do so. It is a fascinating book and a great read. It’s one of those books that you can’t put down.

  2. Thanks Larry. I found a link to the book. It looks like a good adventure tale:

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