Kudos to Tester for urging Coast Guard to consider MT company, technology to help with oil spill clean-up

Kudos to Montana Senator Jon Tester for urging the U.S. Coast Guard to use home-grown Montana technology to help clean up some of the oil spilled in the BP disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.  In a press release, Tester said that a Montana company that uses floating islands made of recycled materials and microbes that eat pollutants could be part of the clean-up solution:

“Floating Islands is a Montana success story that ought to be a part of the equation as we look for new, innovative ways to address polluted water in the Gulf of Mexico and across the world,” Tester said. “Montana is home to a lot of great ideas and brilliant minds. They’re doing good work, creating good jobs and making the world a better place for our kids and grandkids.”

KULR-8 Billings has the story and video here. It’s great to see our Senator promoting Montana’s green businesses across the nation.