Poaching trial of Dennis Rehberg state director set for Aug 11, 12

Hot on the heels of Rehberg’s lawsuit against firefighters, the poaching trial of Rehberg State Director Randy Vogel is on the court docket in Virginia City, MT, August 11-12.  The trial is especially important in this case because, as Roll Call reported following a House ethics committee inquiry into the matter in April:

The House ethics committee voted Wednesday not to investigate an aide to Rep. Denny Rehberg (R-Mont.) who is accused of illegally killing an elk, deferring to a pending state trial on the matter.

Indeed, according to Roll Call, the ethics committee found that Rehberg has not removed Vogel from the position of state director, rather, Vogel:

is on leave without pay pending the outcome of the trial, the ethics committee report states.

Rehberg’s website does not list anyone in the position of state director, nor has his office has made announcement of a replacement. Though Vogel’s attorney claim that he insisted Vogel take the leave “to focus on the trial,” according to Vogel’s Linkedin account he is currently selling insurance.

I do believe this incident, in a cumulative effect, will drag Rehberg down in a significant way, coming as it does not just on on the heels of the firefighter lawsuit scandal but also in the context of the Flathead boat wreck incident.  It’s a big enough story so that it will continue to roll out and embarass the Congressman, and Vogel, as we now see,  is going to try to protect his own ass, not Rehberg’s.

Vogel requested a full jury trial, the kind the media loves.  That’s not the action of someone who is trying to quietly sweep his misdeeds under the rug to protect his boss.  Vogel, a former state legislator himself, may believe he has his own political future to protect.    In the aftermath of the boating wreck, the Rehberg spin machine was pretty effective, proving again that Republicans seem to be generally better at that stuff than Dems.  But again, as time passes the facts of the accident, not the post-accident spin, is what will be indelible.


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  1. this will be a circus. an impeccably credentialed game warden will have his credibility attacked. tune in.

  2. this man has already started attacking game wardens for setting up some kind of conspiracy against him, so he will no doubt continue to do so. he will also call out the names of anyone we’ve ever heard of who works in government and use the fact that we’ve heard of them as “proof” that this is a conspiracy.

  3. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers! | July 26, 2010 11:09 PM at 11:09 PM |

    He left an elk to rot. NO one in Montana is gonna sympathize with that! Oh sure, poach one now and then. But to LEAVE it. Well, that’s a mortal sin. I can forgive the poaching. Hell, I’ve done that lots. But to LEAVE an animal is an unforgivealbe sin. And I think that Montanans will agree. Leaving an elk, drunken boat wreck, and finally, actually SUING the freakin’ fire department! Dopey Rehburp is slime. And it seems that folks are finally catchig on.

  4. In America there is a pusumtion of innocence and it is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Now with that said Vogel I’d like to hear his side of the story. Also as a sportsman if he is guilty of wasting a perfectly good elk I would like to see him never get a hunting license ever again. Hunting is a privilage it is not a right and this type of wanton waste constitutes a full blown ban from hunting in my opinion and I say that regardless of political affiliation. Second Im seeing a patern here first this poaching thing with the chief of staff and them claiming a conspiriousy with FWP and the lawsuit aginst the Billings Fire Department. Now just let me attack the conspirousy ok conspiousies usually dont work in government agencies why cause there are too many people with too many different political viewpoints and too many individual agendas. Plus most game wardens that I know are apoltical people, they shy away from politics like hookers shy away from a church, thats why I question Randy Vogel and Denny Rehberg.

  5. Folks, if Vogel didn’t fight it and just paid the fine, he would have been done politically, and probably would not have been able to continue working for DR because DR would be taking incoming constantly on this topic. Hunters would become pissed. You can’t hire a poacher as a state director. So, Randy is doing what he probably has to do. But it’s not rocket science. He got busted, and is simply doing what he has to.

  6. I think poaching is more than wasting, it’s also stealing the opportunity for someone else to have legitimately hunted it. I would agree that accusing game wardens of conspiracy is not believable, but these guys think we won’t notice.

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