No teeth, no blog

I have gotten numerous e-mails lately asking me who I am. Rumors of all types flying around.

From what I can tell, a few Republicans are angry about the fact that I display videos of Rehberg saying stupid things, that I post excerpts of Wikipedia and Facebook entries by Republican candidates who are barely literate, and that I post news stories and other factual information (along with my own opinions about it all, of course) about Right Wing Nut Job lunatics running for various offices across the land.

I get the sense that Republicans seem to believe that I have some sort of special access to this information, when in fact it is all out on the web for anyone to find, and blog about.  My readers are also generous with their juicy tips, for which I am grateful.

Unfortunately, Republicans, when you are barely able to read, when you carry misspelled signs to hoodless, plain-clothes klan rallies, and when the closest thing to news consumption in your world is listening to Glenn Beck or watching a video on Breitbart, you and your partisans might not understand the rudiments of composing a legible blog nor the technology necessary to prove your conspiracies. I do feel for you guys.

There is something seriously wrong with people unwilling to hear criticism.  Actions to suppress criticism imply to me an insecurity or worse a recognition that the positions being criticized cannot truly be well defended.  And if Dennis Rehberg and his fan club, who really do not seem to be acting with the best interest of Montanans in mind, can with impunity act through others to attempt to destroy and silence his critics, there is yet another threat to our freedom of expression, which means a real threat to the free democracy our Constitution (listen up teabaggers!) was supposed to ensure us.


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  1. Yes. And yes again.

  2. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers! | July 28, 2010 10:41 PM at 10:41 PM |

    NOW you’re talkin’, Cgirl! Don’t take no shit off them weenies! You just keep postin’ and don’t worry bout nuthin’. Dopey don’t need to know who you are. We got your back.

    I remember a few years back the righties did a poll as to who they hated most in the blogosphere. Well, it was close, but I think I beat out Wulfgar by a nose if I remember right.

    Now, I gladly relinquish that title to you! You deserve it! YOU BAD!… in a good way. And you go, girl. Dopey don’t LIKE gettin’ his ass kicked by a girl! Geez, ain’t that too bad!

  3. Smart Republicans abound, as do dumb Democrats.And the opposite as well. There is no shortage of fodder for your cannon, and you have potential to draw a large readership. I have overcome my prejudice (prejudgment) of you and look forward to a long and rewarding blogging career for you. I am on three years now, supposedly the burnout point, and loving it. Same wish for you.

  4. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers! | July 28, 2010 11:18 PM at 11:18 PM |

    p.s. I have my suspicions as to who you are. There ain’t many with the narlies to do what you do. That narrows the field down considerable. If Dopey weren’t a moron, he could deduce it. But alas, he’s a moron.

  5. Just found your blogs, love it, it’s about time someone went up against those Republicans, keep it up Mont. Cowgirl.

  6. First off I love your blog because it does give me information that I cant get anywhere else the same with Left in the West. Second I dont really care about your real identity. Your a citizen that is speaking her mind. Have a Great Day

  7. if the demo s would put up an even remotely 2 watt bulb up for any election, they have an easy time. but what a choice???? the devil we know is better the the one we don’t.

  8. Among the most bizarre and offensive emails are those that claim I must really be a man….not sure what sexist point they’re trying to make actually, but I guess it doesn’t matter…

  9. Gumbo agrees that Republicans have no teeth, generally. Or rather, that people without teeth and who can’t spell, but go to rallies, are republicans.

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