The worst newspaper in Montana, if not the west

The Dillonite Daily, Montana's worst newspaper?Back in the day in Dillon, Montana, a group of misfits grown bored with scratching their initials into rocks and trees were sitting around behind the potato cellar and came up with an idea. This wasn’t just any idea, it was an idea that would serve as a detriment to the lives thousands of people for years to come. This bold club of 40-watters decided to start a local newspaper. Having been scornful and afraid of intelligent people all their lives, the citizens decided that they would publish stories so awful that no intelligent life form would ever want to read them.  (That is, unless they were forced to because it was the only paper in town and therefore the only way to get their window-cleaning coupons and determine what was playing at the local cinema.)

Anyway, this would be their revenge on society. So they began copying and pasting and printing stories about the happenings in the community, but with their own petty attempts to be funny at the expense of others, omissions, and typographical and grammatical errors. (Check the car wash “article” in the link below.) This led to much confusion about what was really going on in the community. It made the people who didn’t mind retaining a brain cell or two look bad, but there was nothing to be done.

Fast forward to the modern era. The paper is still printing, but it is even more worthless now. What kind of “daily” paper has a website so outdated that it only posts updates of the current edition once every three or four months?  What kind of paper looks this crappy?  What kind of newspaper prints a hodgepodge of the most racist elements from Pat Buchanan scribblings from over the years and tries to pass it off as a coherent article?  (Would love to link to this but it will probably be a few months before it appears on the web. Check back in November.  Here’s a low quality cell phone pic for now. And here are a couple of samples of the Buchanan crazy that the “article” includes in the amalgamation.)Does the Dillonite Daily think this is news, or do they just hate us?

I ask you Dillonite Daily, what did the citizens of Dillon do to deserve such drivel to be continued to be foisted upon them in the coffee shop? You’ve had your revenge.  It’s time to end this.

UPDATE: A reader kindly sent another link to the Daily Dillonite, this link does not have every edition, but it does have more recent awfulness for our perusal.


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  1. Yay! It’s high time our local advertiser-paper got statewide fame. Now other towns are going to want theirs.

  2. With all due respect, I think the Dillonite is better than this:

    True, it’s only a Web site, and for many weeks the editor and apparently sole employee, Don Cyphers, hasn’t produced any “original” “copy,” but when he does cinch up his belt and pull the weapon that is the English language out of his rusty scabbard, there is nothing quite like it anywhere. He out-Onions the Onion, without even trying. But even with Don being a no-show, the site is worth a visit. I recommend finding some of his supposed letters to the editor, none of which appear to have been written by anyone but Cyphers or the few people unfortunate enough to have been “employed” by him over the years. Believe me, it’s all priceless.

  3. Ed,

    Cypher’s paper is pretty bad, but I have to defend Cowgirl’s ranking of my local advertiser-newspaper as the worst in the west.

    I think you have to experience The Dillonite on a daily basis to appreciate how breathtakingly ignorant it is. Five mornings a week, the paper is hand-delivered to hundreds of public places (e.g., coffee shops, bars, the YMCA). Since Dillon’s other paper (The Tribune) is a weekly, most people rely on the Dillonite for day-to-day local news.

    And their daily dose of right-wing disinformation.

  4. You should have a contest and let people make nominations and vote. When I saw this headline, I thought sure it would be Helenas “Idiot Review” but both of these specimens are far worse.

  5. Turner, you know your day will never be complete without your daily dose of the Daily. For me, it can sometimes be a source of great entertainment. For instance, on Wednesday, July 28, 2010, I discovered a keeper. While waiting for a burrito at perhaps only good remaining restaurant, I found an article toward the back of that day’s issue with the title, “John Plutt Receives Community Service Plague.”

    Time to alert the CDC.

    Earlier in the same issue the following sentence may be found: “If we don’t drill new wells, the Gulf will dry up and become a boneyard.” Huh?

    Montana Cowgirl, do you know what you’ve done by exposing our local, um, treasure? You might have become an inadvertent host of a brand-new, Dillonite Daily “Worst Of” column. There’s lots of territory to cover. Sit back and enjoy.

  6. Right in the West | July 30, 2010 10:59 AM at 10:59 AM |

    Eric – This is sooooo funny. Poor Mr. Plutt!

  7. local Dillon gal | July 30, 2010 11:24 AM at 11:24 AM |

    THANK YOU Montana Cowgirl!!! What would really be great is to expose the incompetent staff at the Dillionite of copyright infringement. To think they can just take stories from other publications and edit them how they wish to come up with their racist, right wing propaganda. I am sure the staff doesn’t even know what copyright infringement is though. I am counting the days until they are handed lawsuit papers and go up in flames.

  8. If my mind can only be changed by moving to Dillon and reading the Dillonite on a daily basis, I’ll have to pass.

    This is one of those arguments that can’t be settled, but I think we can all agree that there is nothing quite so good as a really bad newspaper.

  9. Dillon Local Hates The Dillonite | July 30, 2010 12:01 PM at 12:01 PM |

    WOW. I absolutely 100% agree with you! You said it all. I have officially boycotted that damn paper due to the one sided opinions that are constantly printed up. The editor of this little sheet of sh*t really loves to post the stuff that is none of the town of Dillon’s business. She has made blatant personal attacks on a few amazing family’s in this town.. My favorite of which was when she posted a story about a son of one the local politicians here in town(which she was running against at the time). The best part was that the incident didn’t even occur in Dillon.. She got wind of it and thought it would make this particular family look bad and printed it up in her little gossip column. It’s disgusting. People wonder why the gossip is so thick in this town.. because it’s printed on a rap sheet and set out in front of all the local businesses. I refuse to read it and i’m not the only one..

  10. I was going to comment on this blog.. but i’m afraid Dillon Local took the words right out of my mouth

  11. former Dillonite | July 30, 2010 12:17 PM at 12:17 PM |

    As a conservative, I’m offended that people keep referring to the Daily as “right-wing.”

  12. I had brief encounters with sheriff Dale Dye of Dillon. He made today’s rednecks leftwing. The main rumor at the time was that the John Birch’s main publication had moved from Texas to Hamilton Montana.The local Ford dealership sported a family portrait original painting from Norman Rockwell. I saw this personally. Need I say more about ignorance in Dillon?

  13. Lincoln 74, you appear confused. Hamilton is in Ravalli county, and that is the county in which Dale Dye was Sheriff. Dillon is in Beaverhead county, to the east of Ravalli. And I was one of the ones who helped vote Dale Dye out as county Sheriff, because, when my high school history teacher was murdered by one of Montana’s few serial killers (Wayne Nance), Dye refused federal help. The Shook’s murderer remained free until he attempted to kill again, when he was stopped by a man he attempted to kill and severely wounded. People suffered for Dye’s incompetence.

    But that’s another county, and another time.

  14. Maybe some of the local businesses can be persuaded to refuse to distribute the Dillonite.

  15. Thanks to Google, I learned that today’s (Aug. 3) right-wing screed in the Dillonite about how Harry Reid is trying to do something evil to our country through the Clean Air Act was taken word-for-word, and without credit, from something called the Ethiopean Review.

    The Ethiopean Review!! Way to go, Dillonite!

    It appears to be a very obscure website written by a nutjob in Washington DC.

  16. Well, here’s the address of the Ethiopean Review article: I don’t think today’s Dillonite is available for several weeks online. Trust me, they’re identical (as far as I read into them).

  17. You have to wonder in what universe this woman is sometimes residing in. She has no control over her own life, so she has to have control over something, hence the Dillonite. I can’t believe that “The General” allows her to plagiarize stories from the Standard, Tribune, and any other publications she can land her hands on in addition to a number of websites. I agree completely with local Dillon gal. I would love nothing better than to see that rag crash and burn!!

  18. So now that those of us who have been gnashing our teeth over the blather that has been printed in the Dillonite Daily all of these years have had our chance to hurl stones, why not back up our so-called enlightened views and start a newsletter of our own, with some intelligent responses to the ‘ignorance’ that is so rampant here in Dillon. Can’t be all that bad, otherwise, none of us would be here, right? Meeting ignorance with arrogance is not the answer.

  19. Great idea Hoffman, I also like Viola’s idea about getting some of the local businesses to stop carrying it. I get the sense that we’re not alone in our views on the Dillonite.

  20. Cowgirl & Viola…I hate to say it but the majority of people in Dillon love this rag. You would be hard pressed to find a business that would refuse to carry it. Even the people who claim to hate it, pick it and read it – it’s their version of a gruesome car wreck. If there is one thing Dillon loves to do is gossip…as long as its about the other guy.

  21. While I agree with much that has been said about the Dillonite Daily, I have to step in (in the interest of fairness) and add some perspective.

    1) The Dillonite Daily is not a newspaper and the “General” as well as the staff of Womack’s Printing Place have never tried to insuate otherwise. It is a newsletter and, as such, is not much different than a low tech blog. The writers of the articles in the Dillonite freely admit to being partisan and, if you talk to them, will even laugh with you about the typograpically and grammarical errors.

    2) The Dillonite Daily will take articles and writings from just about anyone in town that cares to submit one (assuming space is available). In fact, back when I was fighting “the good fight” against our questionable City Government, they published numerous articles and letters from me. I have even been offered a guest spot in thier newletter. A previous City Councilman (when he was trying to get elected Mayor) was posting a weekly article about what was going on with the City Government. Yes, there is a great deal of fluff, mis-information, and rapid right wing nuttery in that newletter, but you also have to understand that Dillon is a VERY right wing nuttery town and the newletter – in a lot of ways – reflects the majority of the people here.

    3) The Dillonite does serve one purpose that the local newspaper can’t server. Because the local paper is published once a week, items of a time sensitive nature (like the lightning like changes in the court dates and information about the recall attempt on the mayor or the various games being played over the County Commissioner’s attempt to open a “kill floor” in Dillon) can be diseminated faster and more effectively in the Dillonite. Further, because the “literary standards” of the Dillonite are lower, it is actually easier to post a “letter to the editor” to the citizens of Dillon in the Dillonite. Advertising is cheaper in the Daily and (sadly) it is likely that more people read the Dillonite per week than read the local “real” newspaper.

    Without a doubt, the Dillonite Daily enjoys a far larger readership than “Pragmatic Revolt” ever did and, in fact, my letters and articles in the Dillonite brought many of readers to my blog when it was running. Laugh at it (many do), scoff at it, even hate it if you want, but the “General” still marchs out every weekday morning to hand them out and all the public available copies are usually gone by noon except at Womacks. I would suggest that there appears to be a great deal of success displayed here. It would be an interesting undertaking to even compete, let alone overcome that success.

    One last word, for those here in Dillon that have ridiculed the Dillonite.. Have you ever offered to write for them? You might find that they would enjoy having a different viewpoint expressed.


  22. As far as Dale Dye is concerned, I too experienced a “one degree of seperation” though mine is no where near as serious as Wulgar’s. Dale Dye was the arresting officer in the only time I ever got into legal trouble as a teenager. I was one of the many (and I do mean many…) teens that was pulled over in one of Dale’s “alcohol searches” at the various party hole around Stevensville. Dale Dye was DEFINITELY not involved with Dillon in any way but he was the bane of every Stevensville teen that liked to party after a dance or football game …

  23. Under 40 in Dillon | August 6, 2010 12:37 PM at 12:37 PM |

    I agree with Moorcat’s comments. It is very well known in Dillon that The Dillonite Daily is NOT a newspaper and it is NOT subject to the standards of an actual news publication. Plainly said, the Dillonite can say whatever the hell they feel like putting in that day. The editorial staff is basically a 2 man band, an 90 year old retired 2 star General, who has lived in Beaverhead and Madison County his entire life, and an extremely intellegent former county commissioner.
    Some articles are entertaining, some are informational. In the case of the Pat Buchanan article, the reason it was included was to point out how INSANE Pat Buchanan is. Articles published in the Dillonite are not necessarily an endorsement, sometimes those things need to be printed to inform the public of the craziness that goes on in this country.
    The Dillonite does not pay anyone to publish online, the local internet provider and some very nice volunteers do this out of kindness. So if it isn’t updated regularly that is just the way it goes!
    The Dillonite is a great way to get up to date information. Obituaries, anniversaries, birthdays, etc. Everyday people stand in line to get their papers, there is no shortage of readers or advertisers!
    In closing, I will include a quote heard recently from the General himself. “If you don’t like it, don’t read it. You didn’t pay for it!.

  24. It does not matter that items can be published in a more timely manner in the Dillonite if what is written is not accurate, and in some cases not true.
    The next thing that will most likely be printed in the Dillonite is the rumor that the City of Dillon has paid off Mike McGinley in reference to the kill floor. This rumor is being spread by a woman who is friends with the individual who puts out the Dillonite, and claims to have gotten it from a “very reliable” source. When I heard it, I personally went to city hall and checked it out.
    If you can visualize that comic with all the little people rolling around on the floor laughing, saying “you want it when?”, then you can visualize the hilarity with which this rumor was met today.
    This is the kind of garbage that gets printed in the Dillonite, although now that I have revealed it for the lie that it is, it probably won’t be.
    The “General”, who seems to have a problem with education in this town, also neglected to print ALL of the information regarding AYP rankings and the elementary school district.
    He only printed the part that said District 10 was not approved. What he neglected to mention was that each and every school in the district was approved, and that the reason the district was not is because there are not enough disabled/disadvantaged students in the district as a whole to meet OPI’s requirements.
    When you see such negativity like that in the Dillonite, you can be sure there is more to the story, and more than likely anything positive about the school district has been left out. This is doing a disservice not only to the district, but to the students. People should call the superintendent and ask for the “real” story when they see items about the school district in the Dillonite.
    The more the “General” works against the district, the less advantages the students will have if he is successful in his bids to damage it’s reputation.
    I also have to agree with Preston DuVall about what bad taste the Dillonite displayed in printing the story that ultimately ended up about a boy scout leader who was a peodphile, preying on members of his own troop on camping trips. You have to wonder what kind of twisted individual would find something like that funny!
    And there ARE businesses in town that do not display the Dillonite for their customers perusal.

    • SoBe, you have been very misinformed about “The General”, education is the most important thing to him. Your opinion is good to hear, but you do not know this man and should ask LOCAL people about “The General” and his stance on education I do know the man very well he is my grandfather so I can tell you education is very important to him.

  25. Guess the old Dillonite must be causing someone some heart burn or they would not be talking so much about it. Education well I think maybe the General knows just a little bit about education in Beaverhead County. Lets see I think he was a member of the first graduating class from Western. He was a teacher, principal then superintendent for the Dillon school district. Instrumental in getting the Parkview complex built in the 1960’s. Oh and by the way he was a leading Democrat in the community, back when the Democrats were actually progressive and getting things done. Things like heaven forbid building power lines, building Clark Canyon Dam, and lets see I think he helped get Dillon it’s first cable TV. How about someone asking the principal to send his own piece to the Dillonite. I am sure they would have no problem printing it.
    To close, instead of shooting at the messenger, change the message!

  26. A little town blog sheet.the worst,funny how bad press from an old cow lady is making the paper more sought after and hard to get.right wing left wing. The general and his staff do pretty dang well in a town that is mostly good old boy committee’s the dillonite is not afraid to point out shortcomings around here my step son is 23 and has autism he has collage and work experiences 2 years he has been here doctor just gave him meds for depression me and my little cow girl do what we can but the state agencies are a joke my son the file number a job collage and friends that all he wants some thing to keep his mind busy local business discriminate not suppose to our collage wont help said he has to do it like ever one else. show in around, help if he gets stuck does not need much so move to Dillon a better way of life unless you are my retard step son,hardest thing for him he know,s he,s different a town of hippocrates i bet the general and his paper would give him some thing to do you cow girls knock a paper who straight shoots one sided maybe..what side are you cow girls on!here in Dillon crap America were on the side of the USA . why would good cow girls hit a little country paper a i know! the change in life hormone’s hug a tree logger outta work close the land farms cowboys lose a way of life no alot of cow girls and they are not like you thank you for giving our little paper a boost my son needs a good lawyer ACLU some one needs to let Dillon and the state he has rights also after all who do ya gotta be the Governor to get your autistic son the help he desirvies

  27. Yep, the General was a Democrat. I wonder why he changed parties. Could it have had something to do with the Democrats passing civil rights legislation?

  28. Hmmm I seen it but i dun’t beleev it I’ve nuver tryed wrytin a sintance withot usin any puncatations it’s hardur thin it luks Mebbe we cud sturt a nu diulekt here in cowtown usa

  29. I’m a reasonably intelligent person, and I’m still trying to figure out what that message was all about!
    How do you progress from talking about an autistic child step-child to the tree huggers, cowboys and the ACLU?
    I think moisture cream has started a new dialect. It just doesn’t make any sense!

  30. How sad to think that the majority of Dillonite’s are so ignorant…this is not true. Many people are disgusted with that rag sheet. As for the woman behind the articles…maybe if she would lay off the meth, alcohol, pot, and cocaine she might remember how to spell….probably not though since she’s been too busy damaging her miniscule brain all these years.

  31. @ Alice~ do you realize that this paper is THE GENERALS point of veiw on the world. the “women behind the articles” just types them. so maybe you should do some research and get your facts straight before you start running someones name thru the dirt! who cares if there is some spelling errors. this paper is nothing more than an old war vets sarcastic and quite humorous way of the world.
    CHILL OUT PEOPLE what else do we have to entertain us in this boring town?!

  32. Young man signs up with the MT Guard, outlives all his peers, and one day that once young man gets to be a general. Even gets to publish a fishwrap that, despite its troglodytic politics, can be funnier’n hell. The Dillonite is a reflection of the community. The community is leaderless. So-called government is not only not dysfunctional, it is simply a non-functional kaffe klatch of inbred gomers. Those having an education that went beyond nine fabulous years in grade 12 never get involved in local politics because . . . THEY . . . KNOW . . . BETTER.

  33. @MTCowgirl We understand you’re not the brightest news source online , but I’d hope you’re bright enough to understand that your base isn’t smart enough to start an opposition paper to the Dillonite…GOOD LUCK. You see, we have an advantage since we understand the free market and the power of competition. Don’t threaten something you’re not capable of establishing. It makes you look bad. We’ll keep winning.

  34. Dear want to be Cowgirl, obviously you have too much time on your hands if you have to spend time bashing the Dillonite. Whatever happened to freedom of speach! I don’t see anyone forcing you to read this paper and seems that after reading your comments you are still reading it along with many others. It is very disturbing to see someone who just likes to complain about things when they could put their engery to more productive use. Maybe you could start with things that could make your life happier, more positive, maybe you could try volunteering for a very useful cause and stop creating so much negativity in the community. The bottom line is you don’t have to read this paper so don’t worry about!!! GET A LIFE

  35. Rae,

    Your words: “Whatever happened to freedom of speach![Sic]”

    Whatever happened to spelling and the question mark?

    There may be hope for you. Check

  36. I once dated a guy in the 1960s from Lima, Mt. Sure wish Id married him. He was the best. Definitely the love of my life. Bummer I lost contact w/him years ago. Such is life. One can never forget a Montana man!!!!!

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