Sanders County Republicans eat their own, followed by scripture reading

Sheriff candidate Tom Rummel with fake gun at head of family member..uh....waitWord on the street in Sanders County is that the Sanders County Republican Party Chairman, Michael Hashisaki, has gone rogue, angering many of his fellow local party members.

Sources say Hashisaki is encouraging not one but two Republican candidates who lost in the Republican primaries to file as write-in candidates against their own party’s nominee (Sheriff nominee Bill Rummel is pictured). Both have since confirmed they will run as write-ins.

That’s right Sander’s County Republicans, Mr. Hashisaki IS the Republican Chair and shouldn’t you just let him pick who wins all the elections?  He knows what’s best for you and that means you shouldn’t let your so-called “primary election” get in the way.

The first loser is perennial candidate Billy Hill.  This will be his 6th campaign for the Sheriff’s office.  The guy always seems to lose an election by slim margins. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that he’s still on Myspace.  The second candidate is Ron Olfert – an uber-conservative tea partier who was part of the movement even before it was co-opted by the Montana GOP. Ron is running for the County Commission. When Ron’s not watching videos on thought control with his fellow conspiracy theorists he spends his time doing things like passing a local citizen’s initiative to repeal a county wide planning board and doing whatever those rumored to have ties to the Montana Milita in Noxon like to do.

Both are running against the Republican nominee, a super-conservative and totally unqualified Tom Rummel. The Dems have no candidate but there is an independent candidate running that seems sane. These races are all going non-partisan next election so it doesn’t seem that strange that the man would avoid party affiliation this time around:
Rummel’s next opponent, Dryden, said he filed as an Independent because he believes sheriffs should be elected based on training, experience, integrity and leadership ability, and serve and protect residents “without partiality or political agenda.”
In case you are wondering what the point of these machinations might be, it isn’t immediately clear.  Some might explain Mr. Hashisaki away as a far-right Republican who has been sneaking sips of the tea because truly believes that he is helping the most extreme candidates.   But if that were the case,  why was he the pawn in this Rehberg hit on Mark French?


One has only to read the minutes of the Sanders County GOP’s latest meeting to get a sense of the trouble. But where some read infighting and disorganization others like Republican Representative Pat Ingraham, Hashisaki’s Number Two, see an opportunity for exhortation and scripture.  From the minutes, which I swear to God read:
we are in a spiritual battle and that while she did not have the words that could resolve all the issues each of us where facing, the word of God did and she shared Galatians 5:16-26.
If you read from those verses, you’ll find they pretty much sum it up:
The acts of the sinful nature are obvious: sexual immorality, impurity and debauchery;idolatry and witchcraft; hatred, discord, jealousy, fits of rage, selfish ambition, dissensions, factions and envy; drunkenness, orgies, and the like. I warn you, as I did before, that those who live like this will not inherit the kingdom of God.
UPDATE: DemDame helpfully pointed out that Ron Olfert is running for County Commission, not Sheriff.  Thanks much.  I have updated this post to reflect her correction.

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  1. Cowgirl, where do you find this entertaining material? The meeting minutes were a HOOT. Thanks.

  2. Viola, isn’t it funny what some people will put on the internet? These minutes really are worth a read.

  3. Ron Olfert is a write-in candidate for county commissioner who lost the Republican Primary to Glen Magera, not a write in candidate for sheriff.

    • Thanks DemDame -This information is much appreciated. Are you from the area? Would love to hear what you’re hearing folks talk about locally on these races.

  4. Your a prime example of why the 19th amendment was wrong for America. You are not from Sanders County so you don’t have a clue of what is really going on there.
    I suggest you find out the real truths before you shoot off your socialist mouth
    and print half truths.
    If you call yourself a journalist , your not! Your just someone who thinks they have a story and runs with it. Without finding the TRUTH and printing the TRUTH your just a gossiper . You belong in the gossiper pages of a liberal newspaper some where , like California or Oregon or Washington .
    Your not a REAL Montanan are you .

    • Attention Ron, Montana was put on the map by people who weren’t Montanans. The only true indigenous people are the American Indians. So your family Ron are not true montanans. They came from somewhere else and moved here… And you are the result.

      A real Montanan embraces the state because of what is special to him, and or her. So Cowgirl, is a real Montanan, and people like you, asking such questions are a joke.

  5. the acts of a sinful nature…
    are instinctive behavior for our “representatives”…
    hence the predictable condition of yo’ average joe…
    i think we need to pound on cowgirl for pointing it out…
    i didn’t realize, ron, that frothing at the mouth could be written.

  6. Uh, I’m glad I’m not from Sanders County. Holy crap buddy. You don’t want women voting out there in Sanders County I guess. I’m guessing the women don’t want much to do with you either.

    I was referring to the fact that Montanans (on the most part) are honest, responsible people who believe in telling the whole truth about their neighbors and are responsible for their OWN actions. And it’s plain to see cowgirl is not! She, like the socialists divide and conquer thru no or half truths. If you condone this kind of gossip crap , then you are of the same feathers. Not worth listing to.
    And Ebans Farms think that we don’t want women voting is wrong. WE want women to vote for people of morals and honor , and what they stand for ,not just because they have a great smile or are so cute. And from what I see from cowgirl , she has no honor at all. Only a big mouth !
    Our country was put together by men who put their LIVES, FORTUNES and SACRED HONOR
    on the line ,and if your not willing to do the same , you are NOT a real Montanan either.

    • ron:

      montanans have no special claim to the “virtues” you list…
      much of our national backwater rural folk can make the same claim.
      but, the claim is an illusion…
      the politico-gangsters here have the same history as in newark, nj or outhouse loozieannie.
      i hope we can assume that you are aware the “socialists” in our fair land…
      are identical to those that populated the soviet union and now rule china.
      that’s why the little man’s taxes end up in the hands of the top 3%…
      THAT is socialism in its pure state and destroys nations by destroying the middle class .
      the other important illusion is our “democratic” two party system…
      read “dime’s worth of difference” by alex cockburn…
      if it is honor you seek…
      you might find it when the population of the federal flim-flam deep-carpet halls is feeding the crows from atop light poles…
      so if you hope in one hand and crap in the other…
      you won’t be empty handed…

      the founding fathers structured this country entirely in THEIR interest…
      had it not been for many demonstrations and law suits…
      you would be their SERVANT today.

  8. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers! | August 6, 2011 11:24 AM at 11:24 AM |

    Honor??? Ronny, how old ARE you, dude? Methinks that maybe you’ve been readin’ too many marine corp ads! BTW, just WHAT “morals” are your faves? But HEY, glad to know that YOU know how “the country was put together” by men! That’s very interesting!

  9. Why is it that right-wingers like Ron always write such ungrammatical, incoherent, barely literate screeds?

    I’ll try to communicate with him at a linguistic level he might understand.

    Ron, Did you never get youself no edication? Wuz you homeskooled? Maybe a socialist guvmit skool could have taught you summit. Like U.S. hystery for example. I’m jez sayin.

  10. it’s the passion of being RIGHT.

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