Rehberg starting to reap benefits of tea-bagger alliance

Dennis Rehberg does not like getting asked tough questions.Though Rehberg has been criticized for his recent merger with the Tea-Party-conspiracy-theory-prayer-email-forwarders, evidence has recently come to light that his embattled campaign is seeing some benefits to the alliance.  The disruption and thuggery that are the Tea-bag crusade weapons of choice are now serving to protect Congressman Rehberg from answering questions that will unravel the entire thread of his bullshit “cut costs” campaign platform.  From the Helena IR’s report on his most recent campaign event (listening session):

the crowd also turned on those who asked Rehberg questions unpopular with conservatives, including a Helena man who asked about the need for the Iraqi war, and a Lincoln woman who asked for help for those starting small businesses that involve medical marijuana. The crowd booed and hissed at them, with Rehberg

*key word coming*

eventually–asking the crowd to quiet down.

This mob did not come just to be listened to, but to deny others the right to be heard. What could be more appropriate for a Rehberg listening session than having Rehberg’s supporters drowning out the voices of their neighbors by booing them down Jerry Springer Show style.

The same people who were scared stiff that uninsured deadbeats might get access to the same government health care that they have because they are Taxed Enough Already are now nearly apoplectic that someone dare to question the need for the costly Iraq war.  Guess how these wars are paid for Mensa men?

Too bad Rehberg didn’t answer the question.   If he had, the IR surely would have  allowed able reporter Eve Byron to include his answer in her story.  (Oh, the cost of war to Montana taxpayers since Rehberg has been in office is over $1.7 Billion)


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  1. I had similar thoughts when I saw the story this AM. Kinda wondered why the IR reporter didn’t follow up by interviewing the shouters and those shouted at.

  2. Curmudgeon, Great idea. That would have been quite interesting. I generally find Ms. Byron to be a total professional, so I have to think that there were editorial issues involved.

  3. : ) We have discussed the IR editorial staff before…

  4. Did you check out today’s story by Jennifer McKee on how Bowen Greenwood lost weight, stopped smoking and found god? What a crock. My understanding is that Jennifer has found employment elsewhere and that this is her last contribution to the IR. It was intended as a FU to the IR.

  5. I believe that. I read the story and I was thinking the whole time “why does this qualify as news.”

    My favorite line of the story:

    And he’s modest about it.
    “I want to do my job in a way that makes God look good,” he said. “I don’t go around thumping my chest like I’m Mr. Political Strategist and everybody should do what I say.”

    No one should do what this fool says, as he couldn’t win his own primary, and he lost the campaign of a sitting incumbent.

    Making God look good? Shut up tool. We can only assume that these quotes were intended to ridicule this man as an f-off to the IR for forcing her to profile an imbecile.

  6. One more tip. Have you been reading the comments to the IR about their story on DARE camp? There are a few folks out there that have finally figgered out that DARE is a $200,000 yearly scam on the county taxpayer. Check out these links and

    Inquiring minds want to know.

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