Tim Ravndal doesn't understand why we don't want tea-bagger "news."After just one issue, it has come to light that the Montana Viewpoint, the  Montana Tea Party’s attempt at printing its own “unfiltered” news, is already having trouble making budget.

Tim Ravndal, (pictured) is a leading Helena tea-bagger and “Director of Grassroots Coalitions” (a.k.a. tea-bagging) for Sinrud’s shady  Western Traditions Partnership. Tim doesn’t understand why we don’t want to get our news from tea-baggers, via his Facebook page (screenshot). [HINT: maybe it is because tea-baggers can’t write]:

Montana Viewpoint is the new feedom[sic] lovers publication for Montanans. We need to get some help in the next couple days to secure some advertising to pay for printing. If you know anyone that wants to support freedom and advertise with the same dollar, have them contact us today.


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  1. whatever happened to the age old principle of never mixing business with politics or religion?

    and even if one were crazy enough to ignore this principle, what business owner in his right mind would advertise in something that alienates 80% of its readers?

  2. In the last issue, the main “advertiser” was some kind of junk store/flea-market on the Helena walking mall. I happened to walk by the store a couple of days ago and outside I found racks of this “publication” and a big homemade sign that said “SKATEBOARDING IS NOT ALLOWED AND KEEP YOUR DOG ON A LEASH!!”

  3. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers! | August 9, 2010 9:52 PM at 9:52 PM |

    Deliverance. Gotta be! I WONDERED what that banjo boy would look like as an adult. Does Tim still play?

  4. You might want to check if Tim R. is still involved with WTP. Believe he left months ago. Might also check where Tim lives – could be a tad south of Helena in Townsend. But who cares about minor facts when teabagging is involved.

  5. If he’s not from Helena, I wonder why he spends so much time tea-bagging here in town.

    • I am not from deliverance, but hope to be on the streets of Helena and other cities across America delivering the truth for many years to come.

      For those of you that may be interested in the truth, the post that our Cowgirl is referencing here was a notice to fb friends that there is a new publication in town. Also that notice was informing these same FRIENDS, that I was just starting on that day, advertising with the publication.

      I am from Townsend, and I don’t look for the camera. As you see, I don’t take a real good picture anyway. :-) What I do look for is fellow citizens that are interested in the truth. More importantly, I look for those that do not agreee with the truth or dont know the truth to bring them to the table and have that discussion.

      It is sad that all those here including our esteemed Cowgirl don’t take the time to base thier opinion on the truth. I would love to sponsor a meeting here with the no-name opinion providers so we could discuss the truth.

      In closing, if you would like to place an Ad in Montana Viewpoint, give me a shout and I will be happy to help you. The publicaion is free and is open to even those that hide in the shadows of hate and deceit.

      • Welcome new commenters. Thanks for your visit. Perhaps you can confirm Mr. Ravndal whether or not you still work at WTP, and if, not, why did you leave? They seem to be facing some legal troubles…so that would be my guess on why you decided to bail.

      • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers! | August 10, 2010 8:00 PM at 8:00 PM |

        OK, Timmy, you’re not from Deliverance. But would you mind, for the record, stating just WHAT your highest grade level achieved is? You see, Tim, before I engage in argument, I like to know if the opposition is even remotely qualified. Me? Oh sure. I don’t mind telli’ you. I done been to college. In fact, I spent four years in a coma, and they gave me a diploma! I suspect that you never recovered from your coma, Tim. Your writing indicates that you really don’t have the expertise to fully understand the issues involved. BTW, this “western traditions” thingy. That’s goofy. What is YOUR western tradition, Tim? Be specific, and try to use spell check first so I don’t LMAO! I hate when that happens. (note: I actually spent WAY more than four years in college. I din’t leave until I ran out of beer money!…and had kids)

      • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers! | August 10, 2010 9:19 PM at 9:19 PM |

        p.s. Indugle me, for a moment, Timmy, should you choose to return. You see, Timmy, I get REAL irritated when I see folks represent themselves with monikers that indicate that they are somehow indicative of an privy to “western traditions”! Well, Timmy, since you’re the intellectual spokesperson for that group, just WHAT does that mean? For you see, Timmy, I think that MY western bony feeds are probably at LEAST as good as yours! And I find your opinions to be so much bullshit.

        Allow me to explain. Great granddad Bear (Anglized from Medved, which means bear in Croat) was a miner and local sheriff in Crestted Butte, Colorado in the 1880’s. He mined coal. Both my granddads mined, and my dad mined until he got hurt. In fact, ALL my ancestors mined coal. My wife’s too. And others ranched, including those who put up the first hay in Montana, or so some say. So, Timmy, I’d say that I’m imbued with “western traditions”. And I find nearly all of what your little group espouses to be so much bullshit.

        So, Tim, do two things if you would. Explain why you have some sort of insight into western tradtions that the REST of us don’t have. And then, explain YOUR bony feeds, dude. For you see, Tim, I find you to be a phony.

  6. I joined WTP some time ago just to be on their mailing list. I believe there is some Colorado money behind them. Memory is sketchy. But it’s just AstroTurf, standard political fare.

    Look … the whole of the Teabagger phenomenon is a Republican Party creation that enjoys wide media support – that is, if they are put on camera, they are supported, as pictures tell stories. Every time two of them pray together, not only is Jesus among them, but also cameras. Since the impetus for their existence is support from above, the question must be “Why?” What do they accomplish?

    I don’t know, of course, and can only guess. But here is what I have seen: One, they have driven some reasonable people from office in the Republican Party. That’s too bad. Two, they make it appear as though Obama is some kind of leftist creature, a “socialist.” That part is odd, as Obama is basically carrying forth with the Bush agenda on most things.

    But perceptions are reality, so the appearance of Obama as a leftist actually gives him political cover to carry forward with the Bush agenda.

    This is kind of my bailiwick, trying to understand what is behind the pictures and all. Someone needs to do it. Now, please, someone, ridicule me!

  7. Talk about political rags… this one is right up there with the rest, including all the ones you vehemently criticize. Sensationalism, name calling, sarcasm. Right down in the muck and mire. So glad you’ve added to the mess.

  8. Say dont the tea baggers still have fox news and Rushticls Limpbag. I mean hell I cant turn on talk radio with out it playing a right wing nut 95 precent of the time unless you know what stations to listen to. Now I for one I like the cbc out of Regina Canada and I like 550 kfyr out of Bismark North Dakota in the mornings with former North Dakota State Senator Joel Heitkamp he’s good from 8:30 to 10:00 but after that its Rush baby all day long but on the same note there is a liberal on 850 koa out of Denver on Friday mornings that I cant stand but in general most of the hosts on that station I cant stand anymore.

  9. Here si some information on Western Traditions Partnership – the Colorado guy I was trying to remember was Scott Shires. He’s a poltiical operative and is tied to various financial interests.

  10. Tim, any comment? I mean, if I were you, I would have definitely left too. Plus, you probably realized how their lobbying on legislation was pretty ineffectual, perhaps a not so prominent part of the business huh, given what happened with the monument bill. (nothing)

  11. My offer to sponsor a real meeting with honest people willing to talk about the facts is still open.

    Not interested in spending any more time playing here in the sandbox where the truth does not matter and some have no respect.

  12. So, the truth has been hanging with you all this time, huh Tim?
    People here won’t debate you because nobody believes that you’d recognize the truth if it kicked you in the nuts.

    Glenn Beck doesn’t persuade thinking people, only the intellectually challenged; that is, he preaches to the choir. So while Beck may have persuaded you, no one here will be persuaded BY you. These people post here precisely because they DON’T believe everything that’s handed to them by the media. You deserve FAUX news, and vice versa.

  13. Tim,

    I was born and raised a Montanan, and I believe the old adage still applies: “You want respect, you gotta earn respect.”

    I work with horses for a living, and, if you don’t gain the horse’s respect, they will run right over you.

    This is the internet, the bastion of free speech in the world. Some speech you might not like, but we all get to say what we feel. I feel that you are an antiquated form of human being who fails to realize that we are all created equal, and you cannot justify your suggestion of hanging with anything that Jesus preached.

  14. Before you start bitching about your first amendment rights, congratulations, you just exercised them, and guess what, it doesn’t protect you from a societal reaction, just a legal one.

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