Corey Stapleton: “Most Inspirational Wrestler” for Governor

The Most Inspirational Wrestler Corey "Negro Caucus Joke" Stapleton is Running for Governor. When our friend Corey Stapleton first announced that he was running for Governor, we can admit that we laughed.

Afterall, he went on about “childhood addictions” on his wikipedia page and had some trouble figuring out whether or not you could be a native Montanan if you weren’t born here.

But you know what?

It appears that Corey Stapleton has been working hard on that wikipedia page.  He has recently  added some great new information about his astounding accomplishments that bear our acknowledgement such as:

  • The “Most Inspirational Wrestler” award that he received in military school in Rhode Island. Who doesn’t love inspirational wrestling? It’s so….inspiring. Put that one on a brochure and the race is yours, Corey.
  • And did you also know that Corey is proud to claim to be the “first Generation-X-er” to be elected to the Montana State Senate?  Glass ceilings cracked all over the world on that day in the year 2000.  Generation-X-ers have been discriminated against for like, EVER, so this is great news for America and Jesus.

Small point,  so the “childhood addictions” section has been updated to say he was a juvenile delinquent with drug problems, but with accomplishments like these, I think we can all agree that this hardly matters.


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  1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers! | August 17, 2010 10:36 PM at 10:36 PM |

    Corkey Stapeltone luvs grappling and wrestling with them sweaty mens all groaning and writhing in them pulsating piles of undulating masculine flesh all tangled up in a ball of raging testostenrony just BULGIN’ all OVER the place outta them cute little singlets outlining the ripples and definition of them curvaceous manly muskels! Whew! Hey, he’s qualified.

  2. Now now now – don’t be so quick to judge. Youthful experimentation with substances is not unusual among the bright-eyed. I’d much rather have an inquisitive and hyperactive kid than a dreary-eyed “A” student who reads back what the teacher says in perfect order. You give me reason to like this guy.

    I probably don’t agree with his political stances, but troubled youth usually means a rebellious streak, and that should always be encouraged.

  3. This guy seems a little off. Who thinks we would want to know about his weird wrestling award. A person like this -with a demonstrated history of racist comments-is going to be an embarressment to Montana.

  4. At least he is interesting.

  5. Ok I use to wrestle back in AAU when I was in elementry and junior high, I even played football in junior high and one year in high school. Here is my question first how is rolling around with another sweety guy inspirational? Cause I did it and dont think I inspired anybody. Next question, what does being an inspirational wrestler have to do with being governor of the state of Montana? Yes there are lessons in life that you can learn from sports and from the coaches of sports but still I dont see how the two become one.

  6. When I see someone declared the most inspirational whatever, it seems to mean they LOST most of the time, but kept trying. Everybody gets a ribbon!

    Thin gruel, Corey

  7. Farmboy – as of this moment, you are anything but interesting.

    • If you’re not interested, go away. No one is here to amuse you, nor should they be.

      • Hey Rod – watching a ball game here. It’s in Phoenix – do you know that Arizona does not have daylight savings time? So if it is 7PM in Denver, even though Phoenix is in the Pacific time zone, it is 7PM there too.

        We made an offer on a house, and got a counter this evening. Itold the wife that the people on the other end must believe that we are prepared to walk away. Otherwise, they will try to bleed us for everything. So we are going to weak-counter their counter with a note that says “This far, no farther!”

        Like the Star Trek reference?

        How you been? How’s the book business? I often wonder how Kindle technology is going to affect your livelihood. For myself, I like the feel of a book, but given the price of text books, low production runs and all of that, the technology may overtake you. Be careful there.

        Anyway, good to hear from you. Take care then.


      • My country right or wrong, eh, wulfie–you ol’ inspirational blogger, you–if one does not agree one should leave, eh..?

    • Hey Mark T if you dont think Im interesting BIT ME Ive got a first amendment right just like you Jack Ass

  8. The rest of us are interested in what Farmboy has to say.

  9. The point is, these are pretty thin “accomplishments” for any candidate to be promoting. If this is the best he’s got (and we know it is from reading his page) then we can do better.

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