Dumbest idea of the week

Jerry O'Neil is full of bad ideas, but this is one of the worst.This one comes to us from Jerry O’Neil, whom we know as the champion of the fake legal industry.  O’Neil now wants to bring his somewhat doubtful skills to the legislature to allow a fake medical industry to flourish in Montana.

O’Neil promises in his Tea Party questionnaire that if he is elected, any charlatan who pleases could slap a label on a bottle of meth and tout it as the next big “medical cure.”   Bleeding people with leeches?  Go for it.  If these mouth breathers want break out a Black & Decker and drill a hole in your children’s skulls to release the pressure to allow their little brains to breathe,  no problem.

Legislative candidate for House District 3 and former State Senator Jerry O’Neil:

If I am successful in my run for HD 3, it is my intention to introduce a “Made in Montana Medical Care” bill to allow the free market provision of health care services. Since it would contend that hospitals and clinics in Montana should be allowed to provide medications and services free from FDA oversight, it would also push against the ruling in Garcia.

What’s he talking about here with the Garcia bit?  Having a “master plan” in the works is how the muddled legal mind of Jerry O’Neil operates.  He seems to be arguing that any of us that survive our “medical treatments” can use our new Snake Oil Haven to get revenge on the federal government for overstepping their bounds on states’ rights.

I mean, it’s so obvious, uh…er…you’re going to have to read his strategery in his own words on the questionnaire.

Oddly, O’Neil, in the same questionnaire, admits that this will never work:

While I don’t have any confidence that politics will persuade the U.S. Supreme Court justices to elevate the Second Amendment’s prohibition of the Federal Government infringing on our right to keep and bear arms over the Commerce Clause, I am willing to deceive myself by hoping that when they realize how the push for an ever more socialized provision of medicinal procedures is exposing their big government friends to defeat,they might allow a little bit of freedom in the provision of health care. Our present choices are either to fight for freedom or submit to despotism.

Or, we could just vote for Jerry O’Neil’s opponent, Zac Perry.


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  1. Ok I understand the need to be licensed for medical practice but hey if some idiot wants to have a black and decker drill taken to his forhead how is that harming me?

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