This is smart

The Montana Women Pipeline Project just announced its endorsed candidates for this November’s legislative races.

The Pipeline describes itself as sort of a local Montana version of Emily’s List (which supports pro-choice women Democratic candidates) This group works to elect progressive Democratic women in Montana.  It looks like a list of new progressive women–there are no incumbents on the list, which may be a strategic decision since its easier for incumbents to win.  Word on the street is that this is one of the groups that helped Lindsay Love beat an anti-woman candidate in Great Falls in the Democratic Primary, by helping to raise funds for Love’s race.  Smart.

Here’s who they’ll be backing in the general:

Denise Du Pont, HD 58 Laurel
Julia Page, SD 21 Gardiner
Donna Zook, HD 20 Great Falls
Pam Erickson, SD 44 Hamilton
Pam Ellis, HD 47 Billings
Mary McNally, HD 49 Billings
Sheila Hogan, HD 77 Clancy

When you look at who’s behind the group, you can see why it’s so effective. Cynthia Wolken staffs the Pipeline.  State Senator Christine Kaufmann is involved, as well as State Superintendent Denise Juneau, Public Service Commissioner Gail Gutsche, Rep. Sue Dickenson [D-Great Falls], and legendary community activists Judy Smith and Terry Kendrick of Missoula.


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  1. And Cheryl Wolfe in HD 11 (Polson).

  2. Thanks Steve! I did not realize that she had been endorsed. Who is she running against?

  3. That first post should have been a question. Most likely not endorsed. Cheryl is a Green candidate with no Democrat in the race. Don’t know the Republican. This is a very capable woman running in a very tough district.

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