Tea Partier, GOP candidate displays lack of constitutional understanding

GOP Legislative candidate, Tea Party Secretary Kristi Allen-Gailushas REALLY doesn't want kids to be taught nutritionI’m sure you will be stunned to read this, but it seem that no one in the Big Sky Tea Party association actually knows what’s in the Constitution.

They took the opportunity to prove this fact Friday afternoon in Helena, when the Tea Party Secretary and Republican Legislative candidate Kristi Allen-Gailushas shared more about her uninformed and poorly-thought-out world view by filing a pro se lawsuit to stop the local school from teaching about health.   Pogie does a great job of pointing out some of the many ironies in their actions, to which I would like to add just one.

These folks claim that they are making their complaint on the basis of the Montana Constitution, but had they actually read said document, they would know that it prohibits state education regulators and the Montana Legislature from dictating local curriculum.  Even the Helena IR figured this one out.

Given the Tea Partiers’ lack of understanding about the Montana Constitution, state law, nutrition, and general common sense, the fact that they think they should have a roll in teaching children anything is beyond frightening.  Here’s a gem from the previous ramblings of this Republican candidate for the Montana Legislature. The whole “editorial” she wrote is so hilarious:

The section about nutrition is not the responsibility of the school to teach. This is something taught in the home. The proponents like to say our schoolchildren are obese. By whose standards? Every child is different. Kids are short, tall, skinny or bigger. Who sets the standards for obesity? Whose business is it if some kids are a little overweight? They also want to teach proper portion size in a meal. Who sets those standards? This is no one’s business to teach outside of the home. I am tired of health and nutrition being forced down our throats day in and day out. If I want to take myself and my family to eat pizza four times a week and have McDonald’s the other three days of the week, that is no one’s business but my own.

Ms. Kristi Allen-Gailushas is running for Helena’s House District 82 against Representative Mike Menahan.


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  1. to paraphrase Dean Wormer: ugly, stupid and armed is no way to go thru life.

  2. I’m sure you meant that it is her views that are ugly. They are also bizarre and no one wants them forced on the children of others.

  3. No. I’m not that PC, even as a liberal. I calls ’em likes I sees ’em.

  4. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers! | August 23, 2010 2:28 PM at 2:28 PM |

    Jumpin’ Jeebus! I thought that was satire! This person is SERIOUS! Hey, if you really want to know what the Tea Wankers are like, take a look at this person. Scary, scary stuff. She don’t WANT no school showin’ that commie nutrition crap! If’n her little darlins want to be crowned Porkchop Queen, by GOD they got the RIGHT do so! If they want to plug their arteries and get diabetes, it’s their FREEDOM to do so! And if they want their butts to take up THREE seats on the airplane, why that’s in the Constituion too! And anyways, nuthin’ wrong with fat people! They “come in all sizes”, right kristi? Fat people, EXTRA fat people. And giNORMous lardbutts! Look, if’n you’re gonna supersize a TeaWanker, supersize them on JESUS, FREEDOM, AND GUNS! But by god don’t teach them youngin’s no nutrition! Heck, that hasn’t been proven yet. Ever heard of nutrtiongate? Well, I have! It hasn’t been proven that there is a causal relationship between shovelin’ shovel fulls of crap food into your mouth and obesity! Hey, makes sense to me!

  5. Scared of Teahadists | August 23, 2010 2:41 PM at 2:41 PM |

    If you read the online comments on the Independent Record website for this story, you’ll find that this woman keeps raving about how we are supposed to believe that she didn’t do this with the full backing of the GOP for a publicity stunt because, “she wasn’t even wearing her candidate pin” when she filed the documents or whatever B.S.

    How stupid does this dumbo think we are?

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers! | August 23, 2010 6:45 PM at 6:45 PM |

      Dumb maybe, but scary? Oh HELL yes! You see, when a Teahadist who doesn’t belive in nutrition education issues a fatwa, they use REAL fat people! In fact, they put the fat in fatwa! They get the biggest, fattest, grossest Teahadist they can find to SIT on you! It’s kinda like stoning to death only worse! It’s suffocation by gluteus MAXimus! These people are sickos! They only use the guns for photo ops. Their REAL weapon of choice is their blubberbutts!…..at least that’s what I garner from kristi!

  6. This is the face of Montana Republicans today. Wake up Montana. This is who will be making your laws. Where is the outrage?

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers! | August 23, 2010 10:10 PM at 10:10 PM |

      I’M outraged! We’re supposed to be sending a message to bin Laden and his Muslim pals that we’re gonna kick their asses, and the BEST that we can come up with are mushy, sagging boobs? You damn STRAIGHT I’m outraged! I’d prefer to see Sarah in a bikini with a Car 15! No, scratch the bikini, just some bandoleers for modesty coverin’ the important parts! Now THAT’S what I’d like to see instead of this, the new, improved face of the Pubbie party. Sure, this photo scares me, but it just probly makes bin Laden laff his ASS off!

  7. Ok, that makes two of us. What the heck people…

  8. WOW, WOW, WOW!!
    The most abissmal aspect of this article is the irreparable damage Ms. Allen-Gailushas is imparting on her children who by watching her make a mockery of herself will undoubtedly end up unhealthy/overweight thereby perpetuating the health care crisis we are now facing in America.

    Most likely all of this woman’s troubles as well as attention seeking antics stem from her body image/self esteem issues which she is happily passing along to her children.

    In my opinion what she wrote in her editorial about constantly feeding her children junk food constitutes child abuse….and I am not even close to exaggerating…Please CPS if you are reading this take these children to a home where there are some adults who have functioning brains and a desire to see their children thrive by making healthy choices!!

    Let this be a motivator to those of us who actually have a brain that is firing on all synapses….VOTE–EDUCATE OTHERS ON THE IMPORTANCE OF VOTING AND SUPPORT THOSE CANDIDATES WHO ACTUALLY MAKE SENSE!!

  9. For most of us this whole thing has been an ongoing process that a lot of stress has been placed upon by both sides of the issue. So i first want to thank Ms. Kristi Allen-Gailushas for making me laugh so hard. I’ve been in much need of a good laugh.

    Now to be a bit more serious about this issue. The truth of the matter is, is that the TEA Party is suppose to be fighting for the constitution, and standing up for the basic principals of what the United States was Created under. So i have a few questions,

    1. Did i miss something in the 1st Amendment that says Christians Only? (re: above picture of Jihad Jane) Oh and I would like to know how about Thomas Jefferson, they like to quote him a lot, and boy o boy do I mean A LOT! Here is one of my favorite quotes by Thomas Jefferson…

    Believing with you that religion is a matter which lies solely between Man & his God, that he owes account to none other for his faith or his worship, that the legitimate powers of government reach actions only, & not opinions, I contemplate with sovereign reverence that act of the whole American people which declared that their legislature should “make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof,” thus building a wall of separation between Church & State.

    Granted this statement is not in the constitution, but he did say it when he was the 3rd President of our Nation. I also have no issue with anyone practicing there religion how they so choose to.

    2. So people have the right to carry hand guns into national parks now, so why do you have to parade it around like that? I mean really, are you trying to scare people? Are you worried a big bad grizzly bear is gunna get you? (I support the right to keep and bear arms *get it Bear Arms/Big bad bear*) In fact I’m a gun owner and proud member of the NRA.

    3. When someone is running for office of any sort, isn’t it a good idea to have some concept of what the law states, or what is in the Constitution, or do you just base it off what you think you remember from public school, or just what you think it says because Tim Ravndal told you? and what the Laws are?

    4. What about Making hate statements? Is that something our leaders should be making? (again re; above photo) I have a couple of phones from the August 10 School Board meeting from posters Kristi’s friend Tim had posted… “Teach the 3 r’s not the gay arrogant pride agenda!” I’m not quite sure what the gay arrogant pride agenda is, but i don’t think learning how to eat properly is part of that, nor is teaching kids that it is not ok to make fun of people.

    5. Can you read what i just said? If you can, will you PLEASE show me where in the school’s curriculum it says that pre-schoolers will be told how to have butt sex? I have read it over and over and over and over and still cannot find that part.

    and last question (for now) Seriously, where are you from? Are you trying to tell me that nobody in your school had sex while in school, outside of marriage, and that nobody got pregnant? Did anyone ever talk about sex? Did you just magically figure it out when your husband put a ring on your finger and said i do?

    Remember, Thomas Jefferson in the above quote “that the legitimate powers of government reach actions only, & not opinions”

    I honestly doubt i’ll get an answer back, but i’ll accept one if it happens

    Mr. Mike Montana, a 7th Generation Montanan, Son of the American Revolution, Direct Decedent of the first White People to settle in the “new world” also known as the Pilgrims, Born and Raised in Helena Montana, Oh yeah and don’t let me forget to mention, I’m also a “Homosexual” and a “Gun Owner”

    P.S. Sorry Native Americans If i could give it all back to you I would!

  10. Maybe before you claim that she (or the Tea Party) do not understand the Constitution of Montana you should first wrap your head around what the actual complaint is. It is not about the OPI or the legislature. It is about public disclosure and participation.

    • Have you read the complaint? I have, and I understand what the complaint is, and obviously you have not and you don’t know the laws either. (unless your Tim Ravndal or Kristi A-G who seem to know everything better then anyone) Kind of like Tim Ravndals comments “Been looking at laws and constitutonal readings all day seeking a solid approach to holding the Helena School District accountable to the people. I am confident that we are on our way to getting the job done. Anyone have any ideas, lets get them out and talk about it. Have you hugged a patriot today?”

      You can read all you want, but you need to read the ENTIRE THING not just the small parts, You can’t pick and choose the laws of the land like you do your Bible, you need to use ALL OF IT not just the parts you like best.

  11. No Mr Mike I have not read the actual complaint. My statement was based upon what was “quoted” in the IR as to her standings of what she filed the complaint as. The IR “said she said” (there’s a solid foundation I know) that the complaint was based upon Article II section 8 and 9…both those deal with public disclosure and access and have nothing to do with OPI or the legislature. The school board is a state entity/sub-division and can be held accountable to the laws of the state. When they are asked to release the “notes” which lead to the development of the course criteria…and they refuse to do so…they are in violation of public disclosure.

    So I don’t pick and choose any sections of law to uphold (or ignore)…nor do I use the Bible.

    You could POST the complaint or give a link to it so we can all read it.

    Section 8. Right of participation. The public has the right to expect governmental agencies to afford such reasonable opportunity for citizen participation in the operation of the agencies prior to the final decision as may be provided by law.

    Section 9. Right to know. No person shall be deprived of the right to examine documents or to observe the deliberations of all public bodies or agencies of state government and its subdivisions, except in cases in which the demand of individual privacy clearly exceeds the merits of public disclosure.

    If her complaint was filed “correctly” (I know another stretch of the imagination) it is based upon sound legal standing.

    But as we all know (at least those of us who have actually been to court on occasion) All she has to do is make “one frivolous assertion”.

    • I do believe that the Document has been put out for public input and comment? Isn’t that why they are letting people make statements about whats going on? Has it been approved yet? NO, Come on seriously, citizen participation is whats going on right now, and no one is being deprived the right to view the document?! IT’S ALL ONLINE AT THE HELENA SCHOOL BOARDS WEBSITE! DUH! If you want to view the complaint made by K A-G then go to the court and look at it yourself, Just like anyone else would have to

  12. Hakon there is no indication that the school board has been asked to release any documents and has refused to do so. The statements about the OPI came from the fact that the teabagger claimed to the IR and apparently claims in her complaint that the OPI should have interfered in the process somehow. The complaint is frivolous in its entirety because no ‘final decision’ has even been made. The document is still being revised based on the public participation and comments where the teabaggers got all of the opportunity they needed to get their misguided points across.

    • Jack – the school board has been asked, at the one public meeting and in numerous emails and letters. Mr Messinger has been asked, ditto. Didn’t you read all of the comments from people who attended the meeting? Or you just ignored the ones who were asking questions. Maybe you should actually read her complaint. I did. It isn’t frivolous in it’s entirety simply because it’s not asking for relief from any decision that hasn’t been made yet. It’s asking for release of information. Amongst other things.

  13. Wow. I didnt expect it to be that ridiculous. We certainly have some high caliber people running for legislature this year.

  14. Now if you all would learn to read…that’s a school thing isn’t it? I just quickly glanced through the complaint and found what I was looking for.

    Mr. Mike…what I stated above happens to be one of the things Kristi stated in her complaint…we want to see the minutes of the meetings (“notes” above) that were part of the development of this program. The school board has been asked, Mr Messinger has been asked. “They” have refused to show the minutes to the meetings. Mr. Messinger when asked point blank WHO developed this program stated “everyone”. This was proven to be a lie since the Sheriff and Police Chief wrote letters to Messinger stating that Law Enforcement officials ONLY dealt with items in the DARE program not in the “sex education part”.

    Now you folks can deny the truth all you want. It won’t change it.

    Since it was stated by the school board that the program “will get passed”…it’s one of those “done deals”. That’s hardly allowing for public input. Maybe public input should be simply defined as “you can complain but who cares?”

    Now I’m sure, if the case was turned around, you liberals surely wouldn’t want conservatives to be able to simply say “who cares” about your concerns. But that sure seems to be the status quo from liberal left these days. Also, it has been long the standard of liberal forces to “sue” any time they feel that their rights and voices aren’t being paid attention too.

    Hurts doesn’t it…

    • Um…. Seriously…. NO S&*% the the police only deal with the Dare Program… Sex isn’t taught by cops, Nor should the police be teaching that in school they should be serving and protecting the people from gun wielding crazy people like KAG (pictured above). Hello…. Is any one out there that understand what “Common Sense” is?

  15. Mr Mike…the only reason I brought up the police (and sheriff) and the only reason Kristi put LAW ENFORCEMENT in her complaint is because…now wait for it…Mr Messinger when asked POINT BLANK…who worked on this program…said…EVERYONE.

    Which is what prompted the sheriff and the police chief to write Messinger a letter and remind him that LAW ENFORCEMENT didn’t have anything to do with this mess.

    You know it, I know it…apparently Messinger doesn’t know it. So until the requested documents get released to the public…NO ONE WILL KNOW WHO (specifically) WORKED ON IT.

    “Everyone”…isn’t an answer. That’s why EVERYONE is listed in the complaint.

    Jack Ruby (Mr Legal Mind) what is wrong with Kristi’s complaint. Please be specific.

  16. Do you mean aside from the fact that its a mishmash of jumbled legal theories that isnt layed out in any coherent fashion and that generally makes no sense? Like on page 10 where she cites the provsion of the MT Constitution that forbids the state to fund religious schools…and then somehow cites to that as authority for claiming the school has illegally refused to disclose to her the funding for the curriculum? I would not use this as a guide when you file your pro se complaint against Barack Obama that he isnt a natural born citizen.

    She is claiming that the school has documents which it refuses to turn over..which if it were true I agree they should be forced to disclose everything. Just because she is claiming that doesnt make it true though. I notice in her letters she attached to complaint she didnt make any request for any documents. If she had in fact made a request and been denied access to a document that actually exists (not just her teabagged mind) then I agree the district is in the wrong. Thats it though. She has been provided notice of the meetings and has had her opportunity comment. She seems to believe that anytime a govt bureacrat goes to the can there should be a teabagger sitting over there watching to make sure they flush.

    • As I said before Jack they have been asked. Only those with their heads firmly in the sand would believe otherwise. So then since they have been asked…as you say above…she is right and the school board is wrong.


      As for Barry or Barack or whatever he wants to be called…anyone who knows anything about getting a government job that requires a security clearance KNOWS that the birth certificate presented online is not sufficient for getting anything. It doesn’t have enough information on it. It doesn’t even qualify to get him a passport. I wonder if he’s still using the same one he had in high school?

      Ever had a security clearance Jack? We can go over all of this again so you can show all your buddies here how smart you are.

      The requirement exists in the Constitution for a natural born citizen. The requirement exists in Title 3 USC for proof of eligibility. The reference to natural born citizen comes from Emerick Vattels’ opus Law of Nations. Law of Nations just so happens to be directly referenced in the Constitution.

      What is wrong with him actually showing his long form birth certificate? What are you all so afraid of? That maybe you have been lied to?

      What difference does it make? It’s just a Constitution…that “living document” right?

      • If the teabagger requested documents in a fashion that an official could intelligently respond to AND the documents actually exist and were not turned over then I do agree the district was in the wrong.

        You clearly agree now that the only leg the teabagger have to stand on is the dubious claim that 1) a coherent request for documents was made and 2) documents exist which were responsive to the request and 3) the district knowingly withheld them.

        If we were to assume thats the case that doesnt mean the curriculum cant still be passed. It just means they need to give the teabaggers the documents to review and a chance to comment before the final curriculum is adopted. I still havent seen anything to indicate some kind of semi-coherent request was made OR that these documents even exist. We have an incoherent lawsuit that sort of says that they were requested but gives no particulars and now an even less coherent letter to the queen city news from an even nuttier teabagger. So what?

        What does this subject have to do with your wild conspiracy theories about the President?

        • Conspiracies don’t exist remember Jack? Further, it’s not a conspiracy, since everyone knows all about it. It’s in the open so how can it be a conspiracy? It’s simply un-Constitutional. No conspiracy there. Just law breaking. Plain and simple.

          • Woah on back there, birther. What’s un-Constitutional? The fact that the President’s American birth has been certified to the satisfaction of all three branches of government, or the fantasy that it has to be certified by you and that crazy dentist lady? Here’s a helpful hint, kitten. You’re making direct accusations you can’t support except by claiming the lack of evidence itself as proof. That’s a conspiracy theory, and a really fricking stupid one at that.

            • Obviously someone who hasn’t read the Constitution, or Title 3 USC. Come back when you’re done.

              As for the certification of all three branches? You obviously don’t know the process. The DNC sent certification papers to the States. Funny thing is there are two sets of certs (I happen to have both copies) One is done under the correct Constitutional method, the other isn’t. Guess which one got sent to the States for their perusal? The Notary who “certified” the copies let them go out to the public domain some time back just for those who wanted to see the proof of the complicity of the DNC in this scam that no one believes is happening because “my government wouldn’t lie to me…would they?”

              Congress and the Senate and the Judiciary are not even in the loop, so you’re passing bad gas here for those who know better. Further we all know that the Supreme Court…that would be the Judiciary…won’t touch this banana with a ten foot pole. They keep using that old “you haven’t asked the right question routine”.

              Do you know what the right question is? Do you care?

              Sorry you gotta do better than you have.

              • Hahahahheh. We got a real live birther here, folks. This can’t help but be fun.

                The DNC sent certification papers to the States. Funny thing is there are two sets of certs (I happen to have both copies)

                By all means post them. Preferably here, and not at that geocities-looking trash you call a website supposedly attracting people to your ‘design’ skills.

                the other isn’t. Guess which one got sent to the States for their perusal?

                And why not? Do thrill us with your legal acumen. (Orly, is that you?) And what is this “sent to the states” garbage? The DNC isn’t required to send anything to ‘the states’. It is required that they offer certification at the national committee level. They did. If ‘the states’ had issue, they should have demanded it before the election, don’t you think? I can’t wait to see your bad-ass birther response to that. ~laughter~

                Congress and the Senate and the Judiciary are not even in the loop, so you’re passing bad gas here for those who know better.

                Actually, for those who aren’t morons, they are. First, the Senate is one half of the houses of Congress. Second, Congress can call for judicial review of eligibility. They haven’t. I’m certain that your conspiracy theory holds them all in cahoots. Third, the judicial challenges against Obama’s eligibility have been roundly and thoroughly smacked down. It isn’t and never has been within the review of the Supreme Court because it hasn’t even enough teeth to make it out of District court. Certainly, they are all against the Constitution, even though several challenges have come from judges appointed by Republicans. Come on, the laughs are fading so prove me right and claim that Reagan appointed judges would be in on the conspiracy to keep that darkie in the White House.

                Sorry you gotta do better than you have.

                No, asshole. I sincerely don’t. Remember what I told you below, knowing that your ego wouldn’t comprehend it. I owe your stupid ass nothing, not ever. You are birther trash, with nothing but a grand conspiracy theory to back you up. I am a man in a Republic with a President. One of us obviously hates this country right now. Funny how it isn’t me.

                • What was that about NAME CALLING and INSULTING Ms Cowgirl?

                • Dude, I’ve been writing this online before you entered high school. Insult is opinionated observation. That’s all it is or has ever been. If it has no teeth, the viewer will judge it as such. The frightened will wail against it, attempting to avoid the judgment of viewers who might actually agree with the insult, an opinionated observation.

                  And here we have you. You attempt to manipulate MT Cowgirl with your sense of morality such that others not be exposed to opinion that they might agree with. For one who’s been online as long as I have, that would appear to be troll behavior. But I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt. You’re only concerned that specious rules and hollow protocols are followed. No ‘name calling’, and no insults, even when they are completely deserved. That’s self=protection, kitten. There is no moral or ethical foundation for your stance. You simply desire that the webmistress serves your foolishness. That’s up to her, dude. She can ban me or chide me or insult me. She can do what she wants because it’s her website, and you get no fricking say whatsoever about how she administrates it. That is simple fact, fact you won’t acknowledge or understand, but fact nonetheless. You are less than a worm under a boot heal here. Get used to it. This isn’t your website, kitten. You have no moral footing here.

                  For the record, neither do I. But I think Cowgirl will accept that I am telling the truth, and allow this comment to stand. That’s up to her. I accept that.

                  • (The insults have been removed from this post.)

                    The internet didn’t even exist when I was in High School. Bill gates hadn’t even graduated from high school when I was in high school. He was however two years ahead of me. So your assertion that you were writing online before I was in high school is simply another of your lies. I had an email address before the web had pictures (how’s that?) Fast was 1200 baud (how’s that) The first computer I wrote a program for took up the entire basement of the State of Washington Highway Department. And it was in “numbered basic”.

                    So, I’ve been around too.

                    Your assertion that you know the process for certification of an electoral candidate for President is also way off base. The legislative branch of government has nothing to do with it. The executive branch of government has nothing to do with it. The judicial branch of each state handles it.

                    Here’s how it works twink. The national committee for each party sends their certified application for candidacy to each Attorney General of each of the several states. (Barry thinks there are 57 of them) The Attorney General of each state then places the candidates name in the running of the primary for each state. The actual certification of being eligible to run is signed and notarized at the National Committee level. If there is no National Committee then the candidate (an independent) has to submit his own paperwork the the Attorneys General of each of the several states.

                    So twink, next time you want to pretend to be all that, take a few lessons from Prince Poppycock.

                    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers! | August 27, 2010 8:18 AM at 8:18 AM |

                      BORRRING! More talking points, King Oaf. Say sumthin’ original. Hey, try brevity for a change, dude.

                    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers! | August 27, 2010 8:43 AM at 8:43 AM |

                      ST. OF WASH. HIWAY DEPT?? Why King Oaf, you were one of them hated GUBMINT empolyees who HATE the gubmint! You’re a PERFECT example of a teabagger! Suckle much? You GOT one of them 310 teats that ol’ Alan simpson was talking about! Ever had a REAL job, dude? Stop hiding your past. Come clean. Why don’t you try HONESTY? Got none?

                    • Hakon let me get this all straight your a teabagger, a birther, related to the king of Norway and the queen of England, you worked for the State of Washington Highway department and you went to high school with Bill Gates. Im sorry I wont have much time for you today King Hakon but I have to get in my jet airplane and fly to Rome and have lunch with my Uncle Pope Benidict the 16th then tommrow I have a date with both Rachel Ray and Cindy Crawford, So have a nice weekend

                  • You know you make me laugh. You criticize my page as being a “geo-cities” canned page…which btw it isn’t. And you yourself have a canned page from typepad.

                    • For Farmboy – following threads is always easier to do when…

                      I am related the (old) King of Norway, not to the Queen of England. (any of the current ones family line anyway) there was an Earl from England though. One of my ancestors is credited with having destroyed the 1st London Bridge while sacking London. The locals got so upset at the continued attacks that they PAID him 600 lbs Sterling to GO AWAY! Neat. One of my relatives married an Irish Girl too. That’s all the database says about her (Irish Girl). There wasn’t a lot of intermarriage between Scandinavia and England/Ireland. Most of the intermarriage was between Sweden and Denmark.

                      I never said I “worked” at the State of Washington Highway Dept. What I said was the first program I ever wrote for (or on) a computer was on their computer in numbered basic. I was still in high school at the time.

                      I never said I went to school with Bill Gates. I said he was two years ahead of me. He lived in Seattle, I didn’t. But I was in Washington.

                      I don’t go to Tea Party events.

                      As for the birther thing…facts are facts.

                      One more to clear the air…I was born here in Helena at St Johns Hospital.

                    • You need to learn to read, Hakon. I didn’t say your site was a geo-cities site. I said it was “geocities looking trash”, an observation I stand by.

        • BTW Jack I forgot to thank you for agreeing with me that her paperwork is just fine. That was the question that I asked you, remember? So now all you followers of the legal mind known as Jack Ruby can learn something, in that your criticisms of her paperwork were unfounded. Her paperwork is fine. Her claims are fine.

          Whether or not the District (or whomever) has any “notes” or minutes to any meetings is yet to be found out. Of course they could say they never existed. Which I for one find hard to believe. Two and a half years of meetings and discussions and “no working notes”? What bureaucracy did you come from? They could say the notes were destroyed after compiling the program. Feasible, but not likely.

          And yes I do understand that this will or may not stop the passage of the program. But that isn’t really the point right now. The point is lies and deceit. The point is who will survive the next election for school board? Surely Mr. Messinger will not.

          And thanks again Jack for agreeing with me.

          • Sure. If you also believe that her lawsuit is frivolous, a waste of time and of the quality that a person with a junior high education could exceed.

            • Ah yes, it’s a lawsuit put forth by a Republican to question a political agenda of a Democratic Liberal Progressive group…so it must then be frivolous.

              • No its actually frivolous because it has no basis, it wont survice a motion to dismiss and the sole purpose of filing it is to obstruct the school district. I see you have already been ‘moderated’, too funny. You did manage to derail several threads into discussions of your birther conspiracy theories with narcissistic posts sprinkled in about what kind of dog you own, who your distant relatives are and what great jobs you’ve held. So Im sure in your mind somewhere that counts as a ‘win’ right?

                • Did you expect anything less Jack? I didn’t. This is a den of vipers and I’m just a silly country boy. It’s always easy to play the game with two sets of rules.

                • It’s interesting to “see” that I’ve already been moderated. Only someone with ties to the moderator would know that. Also my comment about my jobs hasn’t even been posted yet. You’re exposing your hand Jack.

                  • Hakon you are on to me again and with your special knowledge have once again exposed a grand conspiracy. I should just admit everything.

                    Not only am I in cahoots with the moderator but I also work for Gov Swchweitzer and was sent to kill Oswald at the direction of E Howard Hunt to keep the truth from coming out.

          • For the above thread from Larry (since the reply button doesn’t show up)

            Dude, you’re seriously lacking. St. Employee? Not hardly, try again. Hiding my past? Not hardly, try again.

            Ever had a real job? I’ve had jobs and done things to be proud of. You?

            You can do better than what you’ve shown us.

            • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers! | August 27, 2010 12:31 PM at 12:31 PM |

              Oh King Oaf jr., be HONEST just once! You have YET to answer even ONE of the reasonable questions I posed to you. Try just one. HOW MUCH gubmint money you getting? I know you are. I can tell. Why won’t you just admit it? ALL the teabaggers are sucking large. Hey, it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

                • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers! | August 27, 2010 3:15 PM at 3:15 PM |

                  Hard to believe, pal. OK, so WHAT kind of work do you do/did that allows you to post non-stop? No social security. No gubmint retirement. No military retirement. No disability. Just WHAT kind of non-govermental income do you have? Methinks that you’re being less than truthful, hackin’. Try to be honest now. Maybe a real name might help, huh? Then we can decide. Have you now, or have you ever taken that hated gubmint money? And will you REFUSE it in the future? Come on, mr. T. Try honesty!

              • I hope we can all stop name calling, even Larry.

        • I can’t resist…Say Jack…was the letter to the Queen City News “less coherent” because it had too many words for you to follow?

  17. So seriously. She doesn’t want anyone teaching her kids nutrition..she also doesn’t want healthcare reform either but here’s a little tidbit. If her kids DO eat McDonalds and Pizza 4 days a week and develop childhood diabetes or later on health problems who has to make up the extra through their insurance premiums..that’s right TAXPAYERS and since she’s a tea partier we all know how much they fight AGAINST taxes so, I suggest she get off that thought. She wants her kids to live in the dark (or get molested by weird uncle Joe) then fine but I think others will like having their kids be taught that their bodies weren’t just put here by Jesus to have babies.

  18. I was at the meeting on July 13th and a long list of who was involved in the curriculum was listed….hello!!! Surely Jihad Jane was at that meeting…was she not listening..oh thats right she was McDonalds…or was it Pizza night?? Look at her…or listen to her…THANK GOD SHE WASN’T GRANTED A SEAT AT THE TABLE…she is an I D I O T!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. After doing some research, here are some things you might enjoy:
    1. Jihad Jane is on her 3rd husband. Family values?
    2. Her oldest child doesn’t even live with her. She basically kicked her out of the house and the daughter now lives with her dad and the two of them don’t even talk.
    3. Jihad Jane was pregnant with her third child, while she was still married to a man that lived in England. The third child is the child of the third husband, not the second husband she was married to.
    4. Jihad Jane hasn’t had a job in at least ten years.

    • Love it. How do we broadcast it?

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers! | August 25, 2010 9:11 PM at 9:11 PM |

      Well then, SHE’S PERFECT! A perfect Teabagger! SO, and that’s a bid so, just HOW did she survive for the last ten years w/o a job? Gubmint assistance, maybe? Well golly gee. Free market must mean to Jihad Jane free gubmint money! What a friggin’ JOKE! Look, I for one am DAMNED tired of our local rag newspapers giving these morons print every time they pass gas! The GF Fibune absolutley LOVES these morons! And let’s be clear. They ARE morons and racists! How bout it, mr. john doran? Do YOU send a reporter to cover every fart these idiots mutter? Push back and push back hard! Do NOT let this moron and the others intimidate our local school boards.

  20. One of the last jobs, if not THE last job Jihad Jane had, was with the State of Montana. She was receiving a paycheck from the taxpayers………………………

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers! | August 25, 2010 9:57 PM at 9:57 PM |

      FREAKIN’ GUBMINT TEATSUCKER! As I said, they ALL are! I don’t understand the damn disconnect! Don’t they understand that THEIR gubmint money is gubmint money? As Alan Simpson said, the gubmint is a cow with 310 million tits! Unfortunately, as runt of the litter, I’ve never been fortunate enough to find mine! But all the Teabaggers have. They just don’t want them UNWORTHY folks like me hoggin’ their teats!

  21. I have now read the complaint and find it laughable – not only on it’s legal merits, but in it’s simple construction. She should have at least had the document prepared by a para-legal with spell/grammer check. This suit will not survive it’s first challenge for summary dismissal.

  22. My guess–she did some googling for online legal documents, and, with ‘how hard can this be’ reasoning sat down with other tea partiers and came up with some ‘documents’ of her own (while snorting ritalin.)

  23. I’m still waiting for someone to answer my questions? Can anyone help with that?

  24. Whatever happened to this woman and her lawsuits against schools? I don’t recall ever reading about it in the Helena IR…but I could have missed it. Anyone know?

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