Anti-health crusader smokes crack, discloses conspiracy theory on the radio

Anti-health crusader Kristi Allen-Gailushas has put her staggering intellect and world-view on the radio. She has figured out the secret health curriculum conspiracy, and she isn’t afraid to share it with you.

But if Ms. Allen-Gailushas really thinks that any sane individual believes that the goal of the health curriculum is, as she says, to…
to push the homosexual agenda into the schools and to eventually they will their goal is to get rid of the regular subjects like math and economics.
…then she is, metaphorically, smoking crack.

Montana Public Radio’s Emilie Ritter has the whole story here. It is worth a listen to the first story in this audio archive of Montana Evening Edition, which starts at 45 seconds in.
For those of you who can’t listen to audio right now, I have transcribed all of Ms. Allen-Gailushas comments below:
I believe that needs to be taught in the home, it doesn’t need to be taught in the schools.

I have a problem with the nutrition as well, as that is taught in the home. The environmental health, that basically is just indoctrination on global warming or climate change or whatever they are calling it now.

I sent a letter to Messinger asking to have a seat at the table during the revision process so that parents could have can observe what is going on and possibly also have input in it.

There is an agenda behind this whole sex ed and the whole child education. It is to push the homosexual agenda into the schools and to eventually they will their goal is to get rid of the regular subjects like math and economics.

The majority of parents do teach their children these subjects at home, um and if there is kids that don’t get this um education, I’m not sure how they come about with these kids with that the numbers that these kids aren’t taught or whatever, but maybe they just need to have a separate class at night for these minority of children that supposedly don’t get taught.

Grammar is the speaker’s own.


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  1. This lady is an effing loonatic. Dear lord, as if watching her try to speak in the video earlier wasn’t bad enough (and that guys teeth almost made me vomit, maybe we should add oral hygiene to the curriculum). I hopes she keeps on talking…she is the proponents best asset, much like Palin was to Obamas success. I love her rants about the nutrition education. “who sets these standards anyway?” LOLzzz

  2. Ok where are the people from Warm Springs anybody anybody. Ok these teabaggers are scarry I was talking to an associate of mine today and he’s afraid our next dictator is going to come out of this teabagger movement cause we cant negotiate with them, they have a bible in one hand and a gun in the other and a mind that says theyre always right, plus they think they have Jesus on their side. You cant negotiate with these people, what Im afraid of is if in November if enough Montana voters are tricked in enough districts accross this state we will have a teabagger legislature that we have to deal with. At that point granted I think Governor Schweitzer has been the most effective governor in Montana during my lifetime but he wont be able to negotiate with these clowns, so then what?????? I mean how do we negotiate or compromise with a person like this, they belong in Warm Springs for the love of pete. But on the same token at the same time the voters of Bozeman have rejected a teabagger like Scott Sales when he ran for county commissioner in June and I think if Roger the Koopnut ever put his name on the ballot again he would lose in a heartbeat, Im also somewhat encouraged by the fact that John McCain beat a teaparty backed candidate by 2-1 in Arizona yesterday, but still all it takes is one or two of these clowns in the legislature or on a county commission, or a city council or a school board to make life a living hell for everybody, so in closing what Im saying is local elections and local races are just as important as the big ones even though they are less sexy positions for example a city council is mainly pot holes and dog do do so not sexy at all, and second dont forget to vote this November, not only that take your friends as long as they are not crazy to the polls too, and family as well as long as they are not teabaggers.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers! | August 25, 2010 7:05 PM at 7:05 PM |

      I’m still waiting for her to expound on the topic of “economics” that the schools are supposed to be teaching! I can tell you what she’d say, but I couldn’t do it NEARLY as goofy as kristi herself. And, kristi, last time I checked, there WEREN’T many schools teaching “economics”. So what the hell are you talking about? What ms. nutrition is REALLY saying is that the Teabaggers want to texasize our curriculums! You know, revise history, and teach how capitalism is bad and free markets are the highest good. I think kristi would be a wonderful choice to run for supt. of schools on the Pubbie ticket! She’s that dumb!

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