This week’s worst political ad

This week’s worst political ads come to us in a set from Alabama, from one of the angriest teabaggers ever to spit out a sentence. Here’s the first one, which Republican Rick Barber put out last month, for the set up:

And here’s this week’s worst political ad. It’s the “extended web version” of an earlier recording, with added singing and some other weirdness. Happily, it appears that he’s wearing that awesome shirt again, though looks like it’s been through the wash a few times in the latest version. Watch for the subtle flashes of guns and bibles, and the moment around 1:14 when the camera almost accidentally falls on a black man, then quickly cuts away. Close call.

An update from a previous Worst Political Ad of the Week winner: Douchebag Ben Quayle has won the AZ primary and is now the AZ GOP candidate for house. Arizonans, we can sympathize with the shame you must feel.

Our current candidate keeps getting trashed and embarrassing America, with his history of getting blitzed in Kazakhstan and falling off horses — then there was the time last year when he let a Republican buddy drive a boat drunk up onto a rocky shore, and ran up an estimated $1.5 million tab for health care and work comp claims for the injuries to him and his staff. Then he sued firefighters after some scrub brush in his Ranch Estates LLC subdivision burned. (We have no confirmation on whether or not he was drunk at the time.)


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  1. You have to see the Demon Sheep Ad before you call others “bad”. This one takes the cake. You can even start half way in, when the demon sheep appears. I promise you will laugh out loud alone in your living rooms.

  2. The Demon Sheep with Glowing Red Eyes is pretty good, but I still vote for the Very Angry Guy hanging out with Tom, Abe, Sam and the other Founders.

  3. Wait, I have just checked Wikipedia and it appears that Abe wasn’t one of the Founders. He was the guy who crushed states’ rights and suspended habeas corpus, which is why he is idolized by the Tea Party. Or something.

  4. It’s always interesting to see left leaning people make light of such things as the Constitution.

    BTW, I was going to question “Abe” being one of the founders. Most people who understand our Constitution know that Abe was certainly not one of it’s upholders. Although he is the one who said “teach it in the schools and preach it from the pulpits”…go figure.

    Also, for those of you who really don’t know. Abe was not entirely against slavery. He is also quoted as having been willing to uphold slavery if that would keep the Union intact.

    And no, I don’t condone or believe in slavery. Not to an individual any more than to a government. Which is where you (progressives) are dragging us.

    Isn’t it cute how all the “names” given to groups are really oxymorons. What is progressive about being taken back to feudal states?

  5. I dont even know where to begin with this guy, but ok first if Abe Linclon were alive today he would be a Democrat cause like Ed said he suspended habbiou corpous and was against states rights, no Abe Linclon would not be leading a revolution to overthrow the federal government, in fact the Republican party was founded to save the Republic yes slavery was involved but the civil war was not faught over slavery it was over states rights and it started after South Carolina left the union, oh first shot was at Fort Summer (Ive butchered that one) Ok the founding fathers the reason they revoled was not over the tea tax per se but it was over no taxation without representation, If King George had given them a voice in parliment we might be British citizens today. We guess what we have representation in fact we have elections that are every two years, yes there have been times when I’ve wanted to scream because of some of our elected officals but they were elected and when they tick me off I remember that at the polls. Next I noticed in the second ad they had that guy that ran for Alabama Ag commissioner who brandished his rifle in the commicals he was there with his rifle again, now Im a hunter and a gun owner and Im against any and all gun control laws but when you start waving a gun around in political commercials that is irresponsible and it sends a message that violence is ok. Now this is why Im scared of the teabaggers cause I think they will try to do violence and then we will have a situation like what happened in Germany before Hitler took power remember people elected him because he promised peace and to end violence in the country, in short I think the teabaggers of today are the Nazi’s of tommrow, and they are no diffenet then Hitler himself.

  6. Also since this congressional candidate in Alabama is advicating a revolution and has firearms in his commercials shouldnt he be arrested for treason?????

    • Wow Farmboy you need to get a grip. I just watched both of the videos (finally)…Wow. Get a grip man. He did not call for a revolution. He (nor other people) were waving any guns around in a threatening manner. Opening shot, a flintlock pistol on the Constitution (or Bill of Rights, I can’t really tell). A few shots of STATUES of military people, yes they had guns, OMG! STONE GUNS!!! One guy with a shotgun held over his shoulder (I feel threatened already) a few shots of clips of actual combat video and outtakes from combat movies, again I feel so threatened by all this pseudo violence. And you’re a gun owner? Do you know which end the bullet comes out of? Get a grip man.

      Oh and while most of the actors were from the Revolutionary War era, when he was talking to Abe, it was about “slavery”…can you people understand “context”? I’m sure you can if you try. Would it make sense for him to talk about slavery to Washington or Jefferson? Umm, gee no it wouldn’t since they OWNED SLAVES and it was legal during their time period.

      Get a grip people.

  7. Chill Farmboy. Your spelling makes anyone wonder what the heck you’re spewing about. Calling them teabaggers is not polite is it? It is the Tea Party. That’s on you. If you knew more about what they stood for maybe they wouldn’t scare you. Any organization has weirdos, Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, etc.

    The Tea Party isn’t about Republican or Democrat or what ever. That is a myth the media has put in your head. The Tea Party is about fixing the broken system. That means the whole ball game, Republicans, Democrats, all of them.

    Treason? Hardly. Real treason is staring you in the face every day. It’s called why hasn’t Congress done their job and demanded to see Mr Obama’s Birth Certificate? Real treason is in your pocket. It’s called a FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE. Someone running for office and waving a gun around and EVEN calling for a revolution is not treason. It’s called the 1st Amendment.

    Check Your Montana Constitution. It says right in there that the people have the RIGHT to abolish their form of government if they so choose. How you going to do that? Simply tell everyone to go home? The parties over?

    The way the courts run today they would tell you that you don’t have the right to abolish your government. That States don’t have the right to secede (that’s what started the Civil War remember?)

    Just who formed the government? While it wasn’t us directly, it was “the people”. We are the people, we can abolish it, and start over, if we so choose.

  8. Hey first off I do know more about guns then probley all of you put together, second even though he may not have said revolution thats what he was implying dude. And Hell yes you dam teabaggers scare me you are no different then the Nazi’s in Germany and Hitler himself.

    • Maybe I shouldn’t say get a grip. How about get an education.

      And you know more about guns than all of us put together. So we should be scared of you, right?

      Seems to me you get scared pretty easy. Do you need a flashlight when you go to the outhouse at night?

    • Hey first off I do know more about guns then probley all of you put together,

      Just for the record there, Farmboy, I don’t think you want to challenge me on that one.

      Don’t let Hakon get you riled. Whether he’s a teabagger or not, the last thing he is is scary. Just do a Google search for “Hakon Montag”. You’ll get to spend hours of fun reading all the places on the Internet where he’s gotten his ass handed to him.

      • Oh yes please google me and see the “hours of reading” you’ll find all about little old me. A slight exaggeration there Wulfgar. The first couple links on the first page are about me. Then it starts to devolve into searches for Hakon or Montag which is not about me.

        The first place that comes up is a talk between me and Larkin Rose, who was a tax dodger selling an internet scam tax relief program. Yea, I got my ass handed to me…he went to jail. Who won? Hint: I was right, he was wrong, he ended up in jail for his scam.

        It’s always interesting how a little bit of a story can be interpreted pretty much any way you want to spin it.

        Yes I’m out there on the internet. You all are. Even my posts from just today to this site will come up with a google search. It’s that quick and that efficient that everyone knows all about anything you write every day. All they have to do is know who or what they are looking for.

        I’m not ashamed of anything that is out there on the internet that is written by me. I hope all of you can say the same.

        • Actually, Hakon, there is one question you can answer for me. What is your blazon? What does it mean? It includes a crown, which by well established rules of English heraldry, means you are royalty. Please do explain.

          • Well at last you’re being civil. It appears that you do have at least some knowledge of the world past your attitude.

            As per the rules of heraldry I designed my own blazon, as is my right. I am descended from the Kings of Norway, and many other nations as well, since you should be aware that royalty did get around back in the day, and still does today. My line goes back as far as the books go in the Registry held in England. Back to Algaut of Sweden and King Radbard of Russia. I then took it back even further when I found the link to the Skalds Tales and the line given in it’s writings. Back to Njord of Noatun, or Drottnar Njord King of Vanaland (The Vandals). The Dragons support the Standard and give ultimate strength. The motto speaks for itself, Sola Nobilitas Virtus, Virtue is the only Nobility. The Crown above the shield is for Saint Olaf, the Patron Saint of Norway (a Great Uncle), the shield itself consists of three sections in a chevron. The Crown as you properly pointed out is because I am a descendant of royalty. The shield being held in the left hand leaves the Eagle pointed toward my heart. The Eagle is for America. The 13 stars arranged in the Chevron 12 of which are silver and one is gold are for Christ and the twelve Disciples leading the battle between good and evil. The Double cross with a budded cross or Apostles Cross and a Latin or Church Cross to represent again The Apostles, Saint Olaf, The Church of Norway, and Sigurd II ( a Great Grandfather)who fought in the Crusades.

            So there. Now you all know a whole lot more about me that you need to know.

            • Let me get this straight you are related to the King of Norway and to Mike Mansfield ok who are you not related to Paris Hilton Charlie Manson I think your making some big claims it sounds like a fish story to me. LOL

              • wow. that was some post hakon. just wow.

              • Most people, maybe even you, if you could trace your family line back far enough are related to someone royal. The current Royal family of Norway aren’t any more Royal than Uniroyal Tires. They are descended from a Captain in Napoleon’s Army. Our hand drawn family tree goes back to 1320 and Hakon V Magnusson – King of Norway. In the mid 1800’s our family immigrated to the US settling in Minnesota and North Dakota. My grandmother’s cousin married into the Mansfield family in Great Falls. (I said I was sideways related) The reason the line left the throne is due to male inheritance. There were no sons left after Olaf IV Hakonsson. He died, his mother (married into the family) took over as Queen, she died, it went to her brother (no longer blood line related) It eventually wound up in the hands of who has it now, and they are traced back to a Captain in Napoleon’s Army. Check the Royal Genealogical Database in England. (They have a web site)

                From there I took the line back as far as their database goes, 560 AD. From there I found a link in the Skalds Tales with one of the names that came up and traced it back to sometime around the time of Christ. (No dates available so you have to guesstimate based on lifespan approximation) My guess is actually 250 BC.

                Go fish.

            • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers! | August 26, 2010 9:19 PM at 9:19 PM |

              What a poseur! Or is that a hoser?! I’m sorry. I forgot that you’re royalty! Too funny, your highnass!

  9. More commentary on the video clips. To Cowgirl, just like Farmboy (are you related?) you need to get a grip, and learn to count.

    At least nine shots of a black man. Actually there were two different black men. As if that makes any real difference. Only a closet racist would pretend that it does make a difference. All those “stone guns” (OMG) and yes a few real guns held by real people. One guy with a shotgun over his shoulder, one guy (maybe the same guy) with a shotgun leaning on his leg while seated (I feel so threatened) and a few “movie clips” which all may have been actual war time footage…we all know how you all feel about war. And not one single BIBLE. OMG! No Bibles…what were they thinking? But the singer did mention God…you know as “In God We Trust”…look at the coins in your pocket. Not a Christian Nation huh? Must be some other God then. And every session of Congress is opened with a prayer…go figure.

    Which brings to mind…why aren’t you all simply outraged at the continued wars in Afghanistan and Iraq? Oh yea, we only have “advisers” (that would be soldiers in civilian clothing for the uneducated) in Iraq now. And all those soldiers in Afghanistan helping to grow and guard all those poppies to make that OPIUM. It’s better that the CIA makes the money off of it instead of the Taliban…right?

    You were so outraged while it was being done under a Republican President…now? (crickets)

  10. Hey I dont have a problem with prayer in fact I have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and let me tell you Christ the God I worship is no teabagger, my God heals the sick, helps the blind see and runs the money changers out of the temple, God is not a teabagger

    • So then Jesus can handle all the health care reform in this country right? Whew am I relieved. Now they don’t have to raise my taxes to pay for your health care.

      Now if you only knew who your real enemy is. It’s not the Tea Party. You did however just allude to them in your rant.

      This strife between men (and yes women) has been going on since before the time of Christ. Before the time of the Pharaoh’s. It’s not a battle between left and right, or conservative and liberal.

      Get educated.

  11. BTW Hakon Montag I got my education at screw you pal

  12. There are all kinds of people that disagree here, and we’re not insulting each other. It’s just you.

  13. Good night I got horses to tend to

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