Meet Pam Ellis, the woman who must defeat Tea Party oddball James Knox

Pam Ellis, who is running for the House District 47 seat in the Billings heights against one of the weirdest candidates in Montana, has a sharp new website, just launched. What I like so much about it, besides the look and ease of navigation, is the helpful voter information and tools, as well as the informational resources on issues.  It’s more than just, here’s what I believe, but also, here’s what you might find helpful.  Says Pam:

Born and raised in Billings, I understand Montana values and know the importance of hard work. My father died when I was nine; my mom raised me while working full time as a secretary for the Burlington Northern. I put myself through college with the aid of scholarships, loans, and work. After graduation, I worked as an elementary teacher and administrator for more than 25 years. My husband Bob, a Carbon County native, and I celebrated our 40th anniversary in June. After teaching in Indonesia, we returned to Billings in 2002 to take care of our aging parents. We now live in the Billings Heights.


24 Comments on "Meet Pam Ellis, the woman who must defeat Tea Party oddball James Knox"

  1. hink she’d be great if she was not so much like bland toast

  2. So you prefer the crazy to the sane huh? Not me. I’ll take calm and rational any day. We have enough cranks in elected office already.

  3. If I lived in her district the choice would be very very very clear for me and I dont know a thing about this woman and have never met her before in my life and wouldnt know her if she fell in my soup. But compared to crazier then a fox knox not much choice

  4. Exactly, I like her website though, though I haven’t heard of her before. I think that she is a new candidate.

  5. James has the energy, and a big primary win under his belt – he’s going to win, and win big.

    Take a look at how many voters turned out for him in the primary.

    • James may have ‘energy’ but seems to be lacking in simple qualities that voters should desire. After reading his online multiple personality disorder display its obvious that among these missing qualities are apparently intelligence and ethics. James is that you pretending to be Eric Coobs?

  6. Meet Pam Ellis the woman the has used teachers, school district 2 resources, students and Saturday Live for her campaign. Her tatics last weekend at Saturday Live have earned her a formal complaint and yielded hard evidence of her soliciting teachers using SD2 email, using Skyview students and their booths at Saturday Live to distribute campaign advertisements. With her background you would think she would know better.

  7. Hmmm. Is your source for this accusation yet ANOTHER fake James Knox website? Let’s place bets.

  8. Hoho! It is! What a shocker. Knox gets this “information” from the same site he created, then linked to on his campaign and facebook site as if we’ll think it is news. Knox, we know you too well at this point to take you and your fake sites, fake personas, et al seriously.

    • Byron you must be one of Pam flunkies James does his campaign 1000% honist and open. He has come to my door many times to explain policies Pam not even ever.

      • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers! | October 4, 2010 6:47 PM at 6:47 PM |

        Julie, is English your first language, dude? I hope to god it isn’t, otherwise, you’re pretnear ILLITERATE! Not good, amigo. No bueno. Malo. Comprendes?

  9. Jesus man you need to seek help.

  10. James Knox and Eric Coobs;

    The Colonel Klink and Sergeant Shultz of Montana politics.

    (Except that Klink and Shultz actually served their country…)

  11. Actually it is from an actual experience that my daughter had at S.L. and is from a formal complaint we are filing with the state folks tomorrow. You won’t have to take my word for it as you will certainly confirm the source once its on file. I am not affiliated with Knox, nor am I a big fan of either party. The site is, is by no means related to ANY party or candidate and was started by myself.

  12. If, in fact, Pam is using School resources and activities to Campaign, it is reprehensable. It doesn’t make Knox sound any more sane, but it certainly casts a pall over her campaign. Regardless if you think the other candidate is a nutjob, you don’t break the rules and laws to further your own campaign.

  13. Really my only point. I didn’t set out to get involved other than just voting this year but her actions were out of line, and it our opinion, worth reporting. I’d be doing the same thing regardless of the party based on what happened.

  14. Why not post your complaint online now, if you are going to file it tomorrow anyway, then folks can determine the merit themselves.

    • Don The Rabblerouser | October 4, 2010 10:06 PM at 10:06 PM |

      hmmm….. post the complaint so the people who are supporting Pam Ellis enough to write a snarky little blog about it (and do her sniping) can decide it’s merit? Gosh, what an offer.

      • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers! | October 4, 2010 10:22 PM at 10:22 PM |

        Don the babblespouter, you got nuthin’, dude, twixt the ears nor twixt the legs! You got no balls nor brains, dude. Cgirl asked you a simple question and you run. So, I have another. What DO you use for balls and brains, dude??? Are you the knox, the fat blob’o’shit moron? I’m thinkin’ yes.

  15. Guess what “Don” the minute you file your complaint, if you actually go through with it, it becomes public information for anyone to see. So what are you afraid of?

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