Sanders County Republicans sure know how to handle a crisis

In case you haven’t been following the doings of the Sanders County Republican Central Committee, folks there have been in a flurry after it came to light on this blog that, the minutes revealed party infighting, scripture reading and, according to their minutes, the committee appeared to have decided to illegally contribute to a non-partisan office race at that meeting, the non-partisan campaign of Nels Swandal for Supreme Court.

The Sanders County Republicans hurriedly posted a response on their website, with a fascinating clarification of their motions.

Now, it appears that the Sanders County Republican Central Committee has found a new solution to their pesky minutes, which have exposed their acts and discussions for us all to read.   That solution? The Chairman issued an edict on what the minutes will, and will not include from now on.

From  the minutes of their most recent meeting, as found on The Focal Point of All Things Republican in Sanders County website:

The Chairman announced the following guidelines for central committee meetings….The minutes will reflect only motions, seconds, that discussion ensued or did not ensue on the motion, and the results of the vote – pass/fail.


3 Comments on "Sanders County Republicans sure know how to handle a crisis"

  1. Ok so these Sanders County Republicans still dont know how to follow rules and have never read Roberts Rules of Order ok thats cool. So theyre still for a judge that lets off poachers was involved in the Denny Rehberg boating incident as a judge hired Denny’s old staffer and is rumored to be a drunk. Now do you see why teabaggers scare me, they live by their own rules and nobody elses cause they got a Jesus on their side so pi– on the law pi– on good conduct and who gives a sh– about people that don agree with them because we are always right

  2. Farmboy do you seriously believe that everyone in the so called “Tea Party” is a vile as you say? Have you ever been to one of their meetings or do you just do talking points handed down from the media?

    The Tea Party is not about being republican. The Tea Party is not about proclaiming democrats are bad. The Tea Party is about fixing a broken system. A system that is broken across party lines. A system that is broken on all fronts. A system that can be fixed once “you” figure out who the enemy is. It isn’t your neighbor.

    The sad part is the extent the republican party has gone to in order to try to co-opt the Tea Party into something that the republicans say they invented.

    They didn’t invent it, they don’t own it. They are simply trying to ride the tide.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers! | August 30, 2010 6:47 PM at 6:47 PM |

      Borrrrrrrrrrrrring! Mr. Walking talking talking point returns! Hack, do you REALLY think that anyone on this site is impressed with nonsense? Sheesh. Come ON, Hacky! Try something original, just ONCE to prove that you’re not an idiot. Can you do it, little fella?

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