Skees is no one’s puppet…unless God is pulling the strings

Derek Skees says he is God’s puppet, problem is, he’s supposed to be listening to the voters of his district, not just the voices in his head.   In the comments to a recent article in the Flathead Beacon, Derek Skees writes.

I cannot speak for any of the other candidates mentioned, but as for myself, I am running my campaign with the help of my awesome wife and the goal of pleasing my creator. That is it.

It’s not our creator but his creator.  You know the one that personally called Skees to run.

I am having a tough time raising funds. I feel called by God to help this Great State return to affluency, and reign in the littany of Government abuses.I am giving all of my Time, Talent and Treasure to this cause and ask for any measure of yours you can give.

I sure hope there is room for others in his pleasings…

I am controlled by no one. I am no one’s puppet, unless God is pulling the strings.

Skees should be working toward the goal of pleasing the constituents. As a legislator, (if he is elected) that is supposed to be his job.


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  1. Ok I approch this entry with two prespectives first as a Christian and as a Democrat and a Montanana. Now first the founding fathers did want a separation between church and state and they wanted that for a very very very good reason. Because for centeries they had lived under governments that controled every way of life including religion. And I say this to my Christian friends that want to impose Jesus on everybody, if you wana live in a theocracy move to Iran we are not a theocracy and I dont want to live in one, also my job as a Christian is to expose Jesus not impose Jesus at the barrel of a gun or by regulation. Also if you study the teachings of Jesus you will find two things first there is nowhere and I mean nowhere in the bible will you find a chapter and verse that says Jesus was a Republican in fact you wont find anything on the political believes of Jesus Christ in the bible, but if you really study the scriptures you will find Jesus was very liberal at least from my prespective and I have read the whole bible from beginning to end but Im not a bible scholor or have a phd behind my name. But look at the teachings of Jesus he healed the sick, he made the blind see, he feed the hungry, he ran the money changers out of the temple and many many more things and the early church took care of the poor and the widows and children. So I truly believe that Mr. Skees and his ilk of teabaggers are wrong, and do not represent the Christian faith but instead represent crazy.

  2. Cowgirl, a fine example of unbiased commentary, and without too much overt criticism of his beliefs. You criticized his lack of mention of who he plans on representing.

    Farmboy, Jesus also said “Sell your cloaks and buy thee a sword”. So you cannot pick and choose the scriptures and get an honest representation of them. You end up with a cherry picked version which leaves itself open to commentary.

    Jesus may not have been a republican, he certainly was not a democrat either since neither party existed at the time.

    The Bible not only has conservative teachings it does have liberal teachings as well. The problem becomes then, finding the happy medium.

    The two party paradigm will always be the bane of that solution.

    The liberals who state that conservatives can go to hell, are just as bad as the conservatives who state that liberals “will” go to hell. Neither is correct.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers! | August 30, 2010 6:50 PM at 6:50 PM |

      Wow, was THAT ever goofy! So, Hacky, Jesus advocated violence! Pretty, pretty wierd, dude. BTW, please provide a reference for that quote and the context, pastor hack.

      • Luke, 22:36, in which Jesus is chiding his disciples for acting like a bunch of hero-wannabees, at their last feast in Gethsemane. If you read all of it, it isn’t advocating violence at all. Hakon is quote picking, but I think you knew that, didn’t you.

        • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers! | August 30, 2010 9:46 PM at 9:46 PM |

          Yeah, I know. But this hacky dude is really annoying. He junks up a forum. I like Coobs better. At least Eric has an original thought now and then coupled with a plausible argument. But hacky, he’s ALL talking points . I fail to see what he attempts to accomplish here. The average IQ and education level of the reader here is WAY above poor hacky. But yet the dude persists! That’s kinda strange. Does he REALLY think he will sway someone here with bullshit? I don’t get it. And needless to say he’s a coward. He won’t put his real name and background on his posts. Look, if you’re gonna be a REAL nazi, you need courage. That’s why his movement will fail. He’s nutless.

        • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers! | August 30, 2010 9:50 PM at 9:50 PM |

          p.s. And I’m quite sure that you of all people know that the ACTUAL authentic words spoken by Jesus in the Bible are very, very few. The rest is all ebellishment. This is what the historians say anyway. Jesus said very little that is indentifiable as authentic in the New Testament. And I like him for that. He was a quiet sort that led by example. Too bad that hacky and his cristyeean wacko brethren wouldn’t do the same!

  3. Well, I guess I’ll vote Democratic this coming election as usual. But that’s only because the alternatives to Democrats are so dangerous to our country.

    I dislike going to Democratic spaghetti feeds where we’re supposed to say how much we admire the sell-outs who represent us. I’ll vote for them, though, because they’ll get at least part of the way out of the path of a more progressive agenda being pursued by the likes of Al Franken and that guy from Florida.

    Maybe our sell-outs will let us keep Medicare, social security, and patches here and there of green nature. The Republicans are dead-set against all these things. So, yes, they can go straight to hell.

  4. I hear that the some in the Tea Party nationally are moving to get rid of social security-like Sharon Angle in Nevada.I also hope our representatives wouldn’t let that happen. Of course, you never know…

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers! | August 30, 2010 6:52 PM at 6:52 PM |

      Once again, nearly ALL the Teawankers here in GF are suckin’ LARGE off Unca Sugarteat! These are the VERY folks that alan simpson can’t stand, yet they make wonderful useful idiots.

    • Whitefish Resident | October 1, 2010 5:09 PM at 5:09 PM |

      No one needs to move toward getting rid of social security, it is getting rid of itself. The baby boomers who enjoyed so much excess will drain the system and those of us in the next generation will suffer a system where there are not enough paying in to support the pay out. The system is broke. We cannot survive on goverment social programs and entitlement programs and hope to have a generation of people to always pay to support the previous generation.

  5. Whitefish Resident | October 1, 2010 5:18 PM at 5:18 PM |

    this argument is really a sad one when you read the article link to this statement. I have to give solid credit you your talent in spin!!!

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