Mystery Meat

A reader contacted me not long ago to rehash an old argument that will likely be rekindled this fall.  A vegetarian, this reader was offended that Roy Brown, when confronted in 2008 with a rumor that he was vegetarian, angrily denounced and denied it. You see, this reader was offended that Roy was offended, that Roy would become so irate at the mere suggestion that he, Roy, a Republican, could stoop to such a foul level of humanity as to eat no meat. This made the reader feel bad, feel almost persecuted, by Vegephobia, as if a hate crime had been perpetrated.

Incidentally, for those of you that haven’t heard, Montana Tofu-gate was even profiled in the New Yorker, in a good tongue and cheek piece about Brown, Schweitzer, Republicans and the beef vote.   Although I doubt Roy is a reader of the New Yorker—now that would be a scandal.

At any rate, the thing his reader wanted to emphasize was the two-faced nastiness of Roy in responding to the vegetarian allegation.  After denouncing the blasphemy, he then admitted that he “didn’t eat meat products” for a year. That’s at a minimum, because, remember, Pat Etchart, a Billings pillar of the community, swore on her Bible that she a) has an iron memory for things people tell her, and b) that Roy and his wife both told her directly that they are vegetarian.

So in other words, Roy made fun of something, then admitted he was one, a la Larry Craig and Ted Haggart.

In addition, I don’t know whether Roy is still a vegetarian, but I do know that the question is far more complicated than whether he is or isn’t.  We’ve been looking at this whole thing in far too simplistic a way.  There are as many as six things he could be. Let’s examine some of them.

Roy could be a true vegetarian, meaning no animals, but eggs and milk are ok.  Since he is anti-death penalty, this would be logical.  He could be a vegan, meaning no animal products at all (For that matter, Roy could also be a freegan, meaning he survives by living on reused items that people throw away, living out of dumpsters and the like. But he has a nice house, so probably not.)  He could be a pescetarian, meaning fish but no other animal products (and we know Roy fishes, even if he holds them upside down when he poses for his campaign-lit photo). He could be a fruitarian, meaning only fruit, nothing else. He could be a raw foodist, meaning nothing cooked (very little sushi in Billings so this would be tough.) Or finally, he could be a paleotarian, meaning only a caveman’s diet.  This actually includes meat so it doesn’t fit.  And while Roy does vote like a caveman, I can’t really see him foraging or hunting.

At any rate, regardless of which one of these he is (or was), he shouldn’t act as if there is something wrong with it. He should embrace it and be proud of it.  Heck, had he been more open about it, he might have stolen some votes from Schweitzer in Missoula when he ran for Governor.


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  1. I don’t see what the problem is-are there no Republicans that are secure enought to admit to not eating meat? Is meat really a litmus test for voters?

  2. Ok I believe that you can eat whatever you want, now me personally Im a hunter, a fisherman, and the son and grandson and great grandson of sheep ranchers, cattle ranchers and pig farmers, so hell yes I eat meat. I also have friends that for religious reasons or health reasons dont eat meat especially pork, and you know what Im ok with that. Just dont tell me what to eat and we will be fine.
    Now I dont care that Roy Brown is or is not a vegitarian whatever floats his boat. I disagree with him on policy, and that is what I judge on when Im voting. Now If I lived in Senate District 25 I believe and my choice was him or Kendall Van Dyk I would go for Van Dyk. My reason for that is that even though I dont always agree with Kendall still he’s a ranch raised man and a hunter and a fisherman and Ive liked some of his legislation, like I loved his work on the Montana Stream Access Law. Plus he has an A plus rating from the NRA plus I liked his work on autism and Brandon’s law and I feel that he is one of the bright and shining stars of this state and will be going places in the years to come, I could honestly see Kendall in the governors chair or as a representative in congress or as a US Senator. And I believe he would and will do this state proud.

  3. Oh Montana Cowgirl… Look at you… So desperate for something to talk about. Your reader should be offended that Brian Schweitzer tried to exploit that rumor.

    As Roy said at the time, they were caring for a dying family member. So SHAME ON YOU COWGIRL.

    I hope someone out there would do things for you in your dying days, however, if you willing to exploit the death of someone for your gain. I doubt anyone will cry at your funeral.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers! | August 31, 2010 8:51 PM at 8:51 PM |

      Huh? What the hell are you talking about? Oily Roy’s an oil industry wannabee loser! His record pretty much speaks for itself. The dude couldn’t HOLD a real job if he tried! He’s industry welfare case the whole way. What HAS Oily Roy ever done except suck off industry?

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