The Montana GOP Hypocrite of the Week Award Goes to…

Jason Priest, Montana GOP Hypocrite of the WeekRepublican mouthbreather and candidate for state senate Jason Priest for claiming on his campaign website that:

“Montanans of every political viewpoint wish for less divisive politics. While I have principled views on the proper scope of government, I‘ll contribute to a respectful discussion of our challenges. “

…then contradicting himself on his own Facebook page by posting that

when Republicans lie down with Democrats, Americans get fleas.

and this screenshot of his most offensive post, displaying exactly how this fool’s base mind works, we bestow upon state senate candidate Jason Priest the Montana Cowgirl Blog’s GOP Hypocrite of the Week Award. Many happy returns.

You guys must really be proud of this one.

This is not the conduct of someone that would be a Montana State Senator. Aaron Kampfe needs our support to defeat this individual.


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  1. Sure hope this is reaching the good folks of Stillwater and Carbon Counties.

  2. Hilarious comment, great find. The guy is not original, and is surely homophobic, and was probably drunk.

    Never sat the blogs do not add to our political discourse. There was a time when things like that were only said at the Heidelberg in Billings, and never printed.

  3. …and the homophobia is turning into downright hate.

    These people are making me sick.

  4. Excellent coverage, Montana Cowgirl.

    Mr. Priest’s comments do not represent the majority of the incredible people who call Senate District 30 their home, and neither should he.

    Aaron Kampfe is bright and forward-thinking, and as a city councilman from Red Lodge, he’s the proven leader for that seat. Thankfully, Aaron also does not believe that Democrats give Americans fleas, nor does he use backwoods slurs like “big homos”. I mean, seriously.

    This is Aaron’s Act Blue page:

    Send him a few bucks, won’t ya?

    Representative-elect Ellie Hill
    House District 94

  5. Clearly evidence that though the internet has empowered more people; it has reduced the overall intellectualities…our species has definitely been dumbed down a good deal.

  6. file jason and the tea party under authentic frontier gibberish…..

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