What is truly disgusting

A mob of tea-bagger lunatics shows up to fight health being taught to school kids.Since the mob known as “tea baggers” arrived on the political scene in Montana and across the nation a year ago, racism and hate speech have been at the center of their agenda. This was clearly on display in Montana recently when the  bigotry, hatred, and intellectual and moral shortcomings of Republicans/Tea Partiers like GOP candidate  Jason Priest, Tea Party leader Tim Ravndal, and GOP candidate Kristi-Allen Gailushus were exposed.

While the Tea Party merger with the Montana GOP has made it easier for this kind of scum to air its views in public, (thanks Denny Rehberg) it is certainly something we’ve seen from local Republicans for years.   We’ve watched as Republican state Senator and gubernatorial candidate Corey Stapleton made racist jokes in the Montana Senate.  We’ve seen our former U.S. Senator (and current beloved GOP figure) Conrad Burns refer to human beings as ‘n*ggers’ and ‘ragheads,’ and we’ve seen the Montana GOP reinforce their platform that it should be illegal to be gay.   We see them carry racist signs, and make homophobic statements and whenever it happens, the membership tries to shirk responsibility and launches an attack on anyone who disagrees or exposes their lunacy.

From the Great Falls Tribune:

Ravndal apologized for the post, saying he “never made the connection” to Shepard’s murder until after national bloggers picked up on it and his phone started ringing earlier this week. “I wasn’t even thinking about the tragedy that happened in Wyoming,” Ravndal said. “I made a mistake and I apologize to anyone I offended. I do not condone violence to any human being.” Ravndal also said his Facebook page is personal, and has nothing to do with the Big Sky Tea Party Association. He added he has since “disassociated” from Scranton. When reached by telephone at his Miles City home, Scranton vehemently declined to comment, swearing at the reporter.

Attention tea party morons:  What you say on the internet can and will be seen by anybody.  You can’t claim “oh I only make racist remarks in private so I’m not a racist.”  You can’t say “oh I wasn’t wearing my candidate button” when I launched my crazy lawsuit against health so that had nothing to do with my candidacy for office.

But what is truly disgusting is the endless airtime, prime print real estate, and platform that this scum is given to spread their stupidity, hatred and lies–though when they do something such as call for the murder and torture of fellow Montanans, it doesn’t even make the news in Montana’s capitol city. (Thanks GF Tribune for picking up the IR’s slack.)

UPDATE: You can now read what one poster of bigotry said to a Great Falls Tribune reporter when called about his behavior.


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  1. I watched a movie called “Good” (DVD) starring Viggo Mortensen yesterday evening…it was how the hate and hysteria of Adolph Hitler escalated into a National madness, the pure “Aryan Protestant” Nazi’s, also scapegoated various minority groups, homosexuals, the Jewish, the “gypsies”, “those others, the outsiders” and we all know how that turned out

  2. sounds like the tea party making the french mistake again….

  3. On the last saturday of August I went to the Eastern Montana Fair and Rodeo in Miles City and as I walked by the tea party booth they had a hangmans nose on their table.Now what does that tell you about the tea party. Now granted I believe that some of the people that are following the tea party dont know what is going on but the leaders of this movement they scare me. And if these people even get elected as local dog catchers in the fall I dont see a way for rational thinking people to negotiate with them. That scares me even more.

  4. I can back you up Cowgirl! Here is another photo i have taken about the Tea Party President Tim Ravndal, Him trying to say that he is not a bigot? Really? He didn’t know what he was saying? then i want someone to explain this …


    The sign on the truck says “Teach the 3 R’s not the Gay Arrogant Pride Agenda”

    After speaking to Kristi Allen-Gailushus at the Mariam Grossman event at Carroll and asked her about this, her words to me were “It is the gay arrogant agenda” I asked her who worked on the curriculum that was gay, and she couldn’t answer the question. I also told her about Mr. Ravndal’s facebook page, and she said “Where is it, if you have it why didn’t you bring it with you?” Well A nice Shout out to Kristi, here more proof that you and your friend Tim are close minded hateful bigots!

    The real American Patriots would never stand for hate and bigotry!

  5. it is the nature of bigots and homophobes to hate and then to repent. phony christians preach racism and homophobia to appeal to mankind’s basest fears in order to attract converts and then when their behavior attracts unwanted criticism and embarrasses them they quickly repent.

    real christians practice the word of love toward others without exception.

    do i love phony hypocrites who attack others who are different from them?


    am i a real christian?
    probably not.

    this means that i am imperfect and need to admit that real christians are hard to come by. it is difficult to love those who hate others. it is much easier for me to hate the haters.

    and there it is. no one is as pure as the driven snow. but i can recognize mud when i see it.

  6. I walked by the Tea Party booth at the Miles City fair numerous times. I never once saw this supposed hangman’s noose. This seems like the spitting on the CBC that was dropped from the news because they couldn’t prove it. I would say if there was a noose it was an individual member. I do not belong to the Tea Party but when I hear or read statements like this vile blog I think maybe I should become active.

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