GOP Candidate Tom Burnett Also Has Internet Problems

It seems the problems GOP candidates are having with bigotry and crazy online remarks don’t end here with Allen-Gailushas or even here with Jason Priest, who as Pogie notes also was forced to apologize in the Billings Gazette today. Enter the hottest legislative race in the Gallatin Valley, HD 63 JP Pomnichowski vs. Tom Burnett.  Folks this is one of the ten most-watched legislative races in the state.   You may have already met Tom Burnett, whose odd blog needs to be read far and wide.

But there’s more.

One of Tim Ravndal’s “friends” on Facebook is Tom Burnett, candidate for the Montana Legislature in Bozeman. Burnett keeps a really unique blog, and below is one of his posts, almost as awful as Ravndal’s comments.

From Tom Burnett’s official blog:

We always watch Hawk TV, the student produced TV program that airs Friday mornings for about 8 minutes. We are frequently subjected to promotions for gay and lesbian group meetings. This day there was an advertisement for a new support (dating facilitation?) group. Previously the only one was the Gay-Straight Alliance that meets Fridays at 3:45 at the Bridger Alternative School. Now there is a second such group. It is called the Queer Youth Support Group and it meets, (recruits?) at Bridger Clinic, weekly. This group is sponsored by a group called the Bozeman Gay Lesbian Bi-sexual Transgender Intersexed and Questioning Resource Center. (Is it only amatter of time before the umbrella covers pedophiles, necrophiles, and zoophiles? When will the high school advertise a group called Beastiality Acceptance Alliance, BAA?) The TV spot claimed that 10% of Bozeman’s population is homosexual. This could be liberty with numbers.

Then there’s the fact that Ravndal and Burnett are more than just Facebook friends, it appears they’ve organized events together while Ravndal was Tea Party president. Burnett is identified as one of the organizers of the event in this story.


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  1. I’m going after Burnett tooth and nail from here on out. My beloved used to work for him. An unreal number of letters have made the local rag lauding him for his business acumen. And yet “his” business has more than doubled since he sold it just (less than) 3 short years ago. As some might say, he’s a ‘nice guy’. Tom Burnett thinks that polluting the valley makes it strong. He will lose, again, and I will to see it done.

  2. I look forward to reading anything on Burnett. JP Pomnichowski is one of the best leaders the Montana legislature has, and it would be devastating to lose her seat to this nutball.

  3. Is this part of the Soros Launches ‘Frontal Assault’ Against Tea Party…

  4. you know that a torpedo has penetrated the boiler room and an oil slick is forming around the montana tea party when the paid mercenaries from the koch bros fund shows up to do damage control. congratulations cowgirl…..

    should we at least offer them coffee? it’s gonna be a long siege. these guys know that if they can soften our message, the sump pumps will be able to buy enough time to weld her shut again.

    i have had a lot of experience dealing with payday lender mercenaries. they always come in twos.

  5. I would love to see a candidate make anti-Beastiality a cornerstone of their campaign… it would make for some interesting quotes

  6. @LChad;
    Wow, you’re actually condoning Burnett’s homophobic mentality. So does that mean you also supported Ravndal’s mocking of Matthew Shepard’s murder?

  7. There was a study done years ago, and in this study the took a bunch of people – half homophobic, half not. They ran a bunch of gay porn in front of them and recorded whether they were aroused or not. Turned out that almost all of the homophobic people got aroused during the porn session, and none of the non-homophobes did. In conclusion, ultra homophobes are only trying to sort out their own sexuality and their fear that being gay themselves is wrong makes them hate others. Its simple, and makes sense. I’m betting that Ravndal and Burnett are both gay, or at least bi. Funny they joined the teabagger party.

    • And I’d bet that that was needlessly mean and pointless. Tom Burnett wrote nothing that isn’t widely held as ‘fact’ among the greater Mormon community. Are you, thereby, saying that all Mormons are closeted? He isn’t an “ultra-homophobe”. He’s just your standard variety bigot from a church that leaves little to no choice in the matter.

      I have no opinion of Ravndal’s psychology. But I’m pretty familiar with Burnett’s, and somewhat with him. He is completely clueless, and probably none too bright. But you go way too far to paint him as a closeted gay, and make me wonder exactly what you get out of the effort. Is there something wrong with being gay?

      • He might not be a closeted gay. He might just be a little bicurious.

        Wrong with it? This is 2010, anyone who thinks there is something wrong with it is a moron that needs to open their eyes.

  8. Ok one thing I cant figure out about the teabaggers and please somebody help me on this, they say they want less government and lower taxes, yet they get all up in arms about what may or may not be going on in the private bedrooms around this state, how does that make sense???? Now I know some gay people in fact I even have some gay friends and they havent hurt me or anybody else so whats the harm???? In fact in some ways Im thankful for my gay friends cause Im a straight male and that leaves more women for me to chase!!!! So in closing how can a person say they are for less government yet they want to regulate private activities between consenting adults???? Isnt that like an alcholic saying Im going to quit drinking wiskey and wine but not beer????

  9. yet they get all up in arms about what may or may not be going on in the private bedrooms around this state, how does that make sense????

    It doesn’t. This has been another episode of simple answers to simple questions.

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