Ravndal Forced to Resign, Makes Nationwide News

Thanks to  some stellar reporting by John Adams in the Great Falls Tribune this weekend, the Montana Tea Party has felt the heat and started implementing some damage control.  Tim Ravndal been forced to step down from the position of Big Sky Tea Party President, though no word on who the new president will be or what role Ravndal will now play.

Now, thanks to the intrepid discovery work of MrMike the story has legs, and it’s starting to make an impact, as you can see from Ravndal’s ousting, and headlines in the Washington Post, Huffington Post, and even our own Helena IR.  Thank you to all the readers who send in tips to this blog, and keep up the great work.  D Gregory Smith was the first blogger to have the story.

From the Washington Post: Montana Human Rights Network organizers said they became aware of the Facebook posting on Friday after a couple of Montana political blogs reprinted the exchange. Organizer Kim Abbott said her organization immediately called for Ravndal’s removal and for the Big Sky Tea Party Association to clarify its position.


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  1. The IR is reporting now that Kristi Allen Galushis (or whatever her name is) is going to leave the tea party in a huff tonite as well. She will stand against tyranny and stick up for her right to make offensive online comments about homosexuals.

  2. No! Not Lafy Knight of the Gun. what a shame.

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