Tea Party in MT Not Bigoted Enough for Some, Not Militant Enough for Others

Kristi Allen Gailushas is headed back to the MT GOP, since the Tea Party outed her bigoted co-conspirator.  She should fit right in.The TeaParty/GOP candidates and supporters in Montana portray themselves as violent lunatics, and they have even declared war. Now, in another nice piece of reporting by the Helena IR, it appears that Republican House Candidate Kristi Allen-Gailushus is leaving the Tea Party over their decision to oust its president over his bigoted remarks.  It’s back to the GOP for her.

But that kind of Tea Party “how extreme can we go” struggle is nothing new in Montana . Arguing that what is needed is not a movement but a “revolution,”  Montana State Director of the right-winger forum ResistNet had this to say:

I have seen the Tea Party’s go south for a year now! 2 years ago I was all for them and I put a lot of time into the cause , But I find myself moving away from them now , and I can’t even see the Republicans stepping up with any New blood , just the same old term incumbents ! The Republican party is not the answer to this countries problems , hell we all know they helped put us here.

But when they talk about war, I think they are talking about more than just with each other, as one commenter points out:

The real effective way to remove DC as an issue is to band with other states into a block that can not be ignored.
Should MT, ID, WY, UT, CO, AZ, NM band together…into a super state, from border to border…then we might get their attention!
BTW:… Under 4 of these states is more OIL than all of OPEC totalled together!!.. And, more Coal than the rest of the USA has…
There is also plenty of atomics, along with nuke warheads, to make such a state about the 5th most powerful ‘nation-state” in the world… The issue of a “sea port outlet” could be solved by annexing WA or TX…Perhaps just take the next row of states from ND downward… AND, THEN SEAL OUR BORDERS!!… Fly over if you wish, but pay our tarrif if you land or move cargo across them!

This kind of rhetoric is an erie echo of mouth-breather Republican Dan McGee’s ravings during the legislature last session about a civil war.  Of course, that whole process would require the tea-partiers to move beyond the social media “Craze” Rehberg has put them on, to put on pants and, at least briefly stop eating snack cakes.  Still, this is worrying.


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  1. Republican House Candidate Kristi Allen-Gailushus, how scary. Imagine Lady Knight of the Gun trying to make informed judgments in the legislature. I’m sure she would carry her war on gays right up to the capitol to try and pass grotesque legislation, all the while hiding behind her perverted view of liberty.

    • I have seen Republican House Candidate Kristi Allen-Gailushus speak at public gatherings. Her demeanor was subdued but her passion for Limited Government clear. I’m sure that the followers here that are currently demonizing her have similar hate filled diatribes about ‘us’ on their facebook or blog sites, so I see the pot ‘calling the kettle black’ here. I spoke earlier on another thread about TANGENTS. This is one. How many of the followers here care that our Republic is in the sewer? How many of the followers here care that national sovereignty and solvency is near gone? What is it that the followers here care about? Their gonads?

      • I believe Kristi Allen Gailushas would be offended by the term gonads, as it is anatomically correct, part of the communist plot she is campaigning against. Please use a meaningless substitute.

      • I’m sure that the followers here that are currently demonizing her have similar hate filled diatribes about ‘us’ on their facebook or blog sites, so I see the pot ‘calling the kettle black’ here.

        So, in other words, you’re making up whatever you want to justify your support of a person who is an obvious horror. Show what you can prove, cupcake, not what you’re “sure of”.

  2. LChad…while we are struggling as a country I fail to see how we are any worse off than we were two years ago? POTUS Obama campaigned on ending the war in Iraq (which he has done, well for the most part) and reforming our failing healthcare system (well failing unless you are wealthy). While I don’t agree so much with the stimulus plans, Bush is the one who started that ball rolling. You rant, but provide nothing but criticism, do you have any solutions??

    • Mary, no one would classify my wife and I as ‘wealthy” and the HCR bill has resulted in our Heath Care costs increasing 20% since it was passed. I would be careful calling the HCR anything but an epic fail.

      • Mary, no one would classify my wife and I as ‘wealthy” and the HCR bill has resulted in our Heath Care costs increasing 20% since it was passed.

        Uhhhh, no. Coincidence is not causation. You guys have BCBS, yes? That’s one of the reasons that the University system kicked them to the curb; because they were increasing premiums 10 to 15% per year. When the U system told them to take a hike, they had to get their profit somehow, so they jumped on other state employees. And you blame ‘Obamacare’? Wrong. This was the free market hosing you over, dude. They want you to believe that it was Obama that did this horrid deed to you. Ask yourself a simple question. Did the HCR bill mandate that your premiums increase by 20%? No? Then who did? It wasn’t Obama and it wasn’t Congress. And when the Tea Party takes Congress to the prom, who will still raise your premiums 10 to 15% per year, and slash your sorry ass right off of coverage if you get sick? That’s right. It would be Obama … apparently.

        • I never said that “Obama” did it to me. What I said was that the HCR was a Health Insurance Handout and did little to nothing to reduce the costs of health care. While you may very well be correct that BCBS is directly responcible for the increase in our Health Insurance, these increases in Premiums, loss of coverage, increases in deductables and procedures/medications being dropped from coverage has been seen in all three insurance options available to us through her employer. We opted to stay with BCBS because, in our area, it covers more than the other two options, but we certainly haven’t seen any benefit from the “reforming of our failing Health Care System”. Show me where the HCR did reduce the cost for Health Care, please, because it seems invisible at this point.

  3. “ending the war in Iraq (which he has done,” HA HA HA “Combat Over” Ha Ha Ha – the ‘war’ is no more over now than it was when GW declared “Mission Accomplished” – as long as our troops are in harm way the neo-con [which BHO is one] war is not over.
    I rant? Quote me a rant! I have been factual and focused here and avoided the ad hominem insulting from the followers of this bilge of a blog hat began this day.
    “reforming our failing healthcare system ” Ha Ha Ha – Apparently you have not done research into what Obamacare has in stall for you… 156 different agencies created for the sole purpose of controlling your life, 16,000 new IRS employees hired to enforce this draconian legislation – want Health Care Reform? Try Tort Reform – get the Lawyers and HMO Administrators and Government out of the picture and THEN your Doctor will be able to attend to your medical needs without interference. Don’t bother to blame Bush anymore… Obama did not need to keep digging in that hole. My solution. STOP! Stop digging in this hole. Develope resources in Montana to restore Montana wealth. Stop worshiping at the altar of the United Nations [a bunch of Tyrannical Thugs bent on global domination and destruction of America “Death to America”] There – there’s your ‘rant’ Mary.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers! | September 7, 2010 7:54 PM at 7:54 PM |

      Hiya, Hackon. Got a new handle I see. What’s wrong? Didn’t like the old one? But you’re still a walking talking rightwing talking point, dude. That gets real old real quick.

  4. As one who thinks that the “Tea Party” movement is merely a pr-driven manipulation of folks for the purpose of creating political cover for the Obama Administration for carry for the with the Bush Agenda, I would urge that you ignore them, as their craziness will eventually be their undoing. They canto possibly accomplish their goals, as once elections are over, the lobbyists and money descend on the legislative bodies, and the business of government, which is business, carries forward. this TP nonsense is all for show. They ahve about as much influence as progressives, which is to say … none at all.

    In the meantime, have you noticed that Obama is running a commission whose meetings are secret, whose recommendations are set to be released right after the election, and that are scheduled for an up-or-down vote, on the future of Social Security?

    You may think that off-topic, but if the purpose of the Tea Party movement is to divert your attention from important issues, they are having great success.

    • Mark – I agree that there are those passionate patriots who tend off onto tangents that derail the pursuit of the restoration of our Republic and defence of the Principles of Liberty. However, the TEA movement is filled with intelligent and dedicated people who are true to the moderate and honorable philosophy of our Founding Fathers. There is no dishonor in promoting the US Constitution, there is no dishonor in defending these United States in America from disintegration and decay.

      • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers! | September 7, 2010 10:24 PM at 10:24 PM |

        Hiya, Hackon! You’re too easy, dude.

        • Hakon? This dude is back on moderated comments then. He needs to calm down. Apologies for not catching this sooner and subjecting everyone to his annoying rants.

          • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers! | September 7, 2010 11:04 PM at 11:04 PM |

            I personally don’t mind annoying rants. Just boring ones. I’ve seen these guys many times before. They junk up a blog to the point where it becomes tiresome and unproductive. And then, no one wants to wade through the bullshit to read it. I would hate to see that happen to your site. These guys are very easy to spot. They are simply rightwing talking points with nothing original to say. I give’em the Eric Coobs test. Eric is always original. Although he thinks incorrectly in my opinion, he thinks for himself, and puts it out there in his own words. I respect that, but NOT Hackon and co. They have nothing to contribute.

          • Why are you moderating my comments? Is it just me, or everyone? I’m a bit paranoid, you see.

            Please deal directly with me at my email address. So far as I know I have behaved myself here.

      • LChad – I cannot disagree with your point, as I don’t know the general makeup of the movement, and am bound to judge them by the signs they carry, the public utterances and behaviors. I’ll take your word on the general character of those in the movement.

        But my point is different – the origins of the movement are not spontaneous. Maybe that is not important. But another point is – the amount of media attention they have received. No other “populist” movement has ever drawn so many cameras. Any rally is heavily covered. Much larger anti-war and anti-Wall Street demonstrations were virtually ignored or given only brief mention.

        Since I believe that the leadership of the Democratic Party has been compromised by money and wealth, and since I believe that most of what we call “public opinion” is actually monitored and managed by PR specialists, I conclude that the Tea Party movement was no accident, and has a real purpose aside from what its participants intend. And that is distraction. Nothing they advocate will come to pass. They suck up oxygen, dominating public debate.

        In the meantime, real and pressing matters, such as Obama’s carrying forward with the Bush agenda, are overlooked. In fact, the perception that Obama is some kind of leftist dominates due to the shrill and extreme opposition.

        And that is how PR works.

        • Today – http://tiny.cc/01g9e -same rhetoric as used by the followers here. Apparently all drink the same kool-aid.

        • Is that Marcos? It’s kind of besides the point, but yes, you’re right, he said some dumb stuff. But my point is that the whole Tea Party thing is a distraction that will have no bearing on future public policy. Just the opposite – it’s an attention sink.

          Public policy progresses in a straight line, unaffected by elections. That’s all for show.

          • Oh, Mark. You are such a wuss. You just agreed with a twit who hasn’t read the book, about a book you haven’t read, based on a video presented by a man known to be a complete liar and propagandist, who obviously hasn’t read the book. Do you really need DudeBros that badly? For the record, don’t expect me to take anything you say about “propaganda” seriously, ever again. Not that I did before …

            • You are right that I haven’t read the book and won’t read it … this may surprise you, as well as you know me, but I lost interest in polemical books a few years back. Boooooring.

              Anyway, Lchad merely made the point that the Marcos’ words sounded suspiciously inflammatory, which is what CG is writing about, but she about the Tea Party people. Logs in the eye, and all of that.

              Propaganda … I wish there were a better word. It is embedded in public relations, and it is not about persuasion. Leaders don’t particularly care what we think, only that we act properly. All of this rhetoric that flies back and forth may itself be the object, as if the words have no context or content. It may be just a distraction while other stuff goes on, and that would be good propaganda.

  5. it sounds like hayden lake idaho all over again. these people won’t be happy until they can resurrect derr father land in the west. a fair-skinned, blue eyed oasis free of all people who do not believe in the master race.


  6. Lchad- who are you speaking to? if it is my comment then where is your documentation that neo-nazis are not involved with the tea party.

    there is plenty of documentation that they are.

  7. blackbear knows nothing about what he or she speaks. As for the great ubummer having ended the war:

    Today, 2 US service personnel were murdered in Iraq. “Mission Accomplished”?

  8. problem bear (pardon my last misspelling of your illustrious name): As with all political movements, there are assholes who infiltrate for whatever their own petty, selfish purposes may be (regarding your query of LChad). That does not, and never can, negate the validity or the honor of the majority of citizens who people such movements. Otherwise, what point has any leftist group proven, since most have been infiltrated by the FBI?

    • now that the tea party is reconsidering reinstatement of leaders who are bigots jim, perhaps you might want to rephrase the above comment?

      obviously the montana tea party is peopled with sufficient numbers of bigots or the tea party would not be looking into reversing their decision to oust the bigots?

  9. More to the point problembear, LChad never intended to prove or disprove that neo-nazis might be part of any group. YOU are being disingenuous to say the least in trying to denigrate and negate what LChad had to say. There will ALWAYS be “fifth columnists” in any movement, or any nation – just look at all those who are trying to destroy our Constitutional Republic for your proof of that. I dare you to find ONE SINGLE person who is involved in TEA movements who is honestly and likely to want to see this Republic destroyed. Yet, you will find many who certainly appear to want us to collapse among those who are name-calling our members.

    You are either for the Republic of the United States of America continuing, or you are for its collapse. If the latter, your best days lie behind you.

  10. Wulfgar sounds like it missed what was said. LChad made the point: problembear was wrong, inaccurate and bigoted. Find me where LChad is wrong. Don’t ask us to come up with proof of YOUR idiocies.

  11. The war in Iraq may be over, for now, but US citizens are still being murdered there. As for Afghanistan, since Ubummer took over decoration of the Oval Office, more US troops have died in less than 2 years than in the 7 during which Bush was the Commander in Chief. What have all you Obombots got to say about that? Happy with it?

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers! | September 7, 2010 11:09 PM at 11:09 PM |

      Geez, murdered there? Well, bozo, maybe if they came home, they WOULDN’T be “murdered” there! Ever think about that, dufus? Do YOU go into Mexican town in East L.A. at night? Or are you smarter than that? I seriously doubt it!

      • Where did you get the idea I think it’s a good idea for our troops to be any where but in their state militias? If Dem and Rep presidents alike would stop trying to promote the false salvation of “democracy” around the world, the world would sort itself out.
        BTW democracy is NOT what our US Constitution protects or encourages.

  12. so to sum up your viewpoint mr greaves:

    believe as we believe or you are a traitor.

    i consider people who attempt to force their politics/religions/ etc

    as traitors to the democratic principles of the united states of america.

    looks like we differ rather sharply about who is right and who is wrong about patriotism.

    • Where did I call anyone “traitor”? If one’s actions meet the definition in the US Constitution (‘GIVING AID AND COMFORT’ TO OUR ENEMIES) YOU do the figuring. If you think it’s okay to help those who are bent on destroying YOUR way of life, go for it. But don’t come calling for help on those of us who warned you.

      • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers! | September 8, 2010 7:02 PM at 7:02 PM |

        Muslims are our enemies, aren’t they, jimbo? And anyone who doesn’t hate them like you do is a traitor. If I’m wrong, correct me, jimmy. Who IS the enemy? Be specific. And who ARE the traitors? Don’t use the Constitutional definition. That is the coward’s way. Name names, Joseph! You should at LEAST have the balls of Tailgunner Joe if you’re gonna start callin’ people traitors. Or are you a wimp?

  13. i stand by my right to free speech and am certain i am right mr greaves. neo-nazis are indeed involved with the tea party here in montana.

  14. Mr. Greaves is the classic teabagger. A self-named constitutional scholar. Make oddly worded threats like, you are either for whatever I think or against America. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. What are you implying?

    You teabaggers make me laugh. Your revisionist history, and choice to tote the constitution when its convenient but not when it goes against what your saying. I think it’s great that Denny decided to become a teabagger. Hopefully he loses like the rest of the baggers. Maybe we’ll get lucky and have Palin endorse him, then he’s will for sure lose.

  15. Now Ive heard teabaggers over here on the Eastern side of the state saying they want to split up the state of Montana because the Western side of Montana is more concerned for the environment then the Eastern side, now they are talking about spliting the country, ok so if you dont get your way you just take your ball and go home then humm. This is the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and Im an AMERICAN also a MONTANANA and Im dam proud of both titles when they play my national anthem at a baseball game I get tingles up and down my spine, my favorite holiday is the 4th of July and Im proud of my flag and my country. Yes there are days when I disagree with my leaders but that doesnt make me want to go out and disolve the Union. Also back when Bush was in office that man made me sick and I hated him with every bone in my body, but I wasnt out advicating violence or disolving the Union, I lived with the dumb son of a bi-ch for eight years then we sent the idiot back to his village in Texas.

  16. I love these tea party lunatics. They are made up of uneducated racists and bigots. Without all the votes from racists and bigots, Republicans can’t win the upcoming midterms and there isn’t one teabagger that is even remotely electable. As long as these two organizations continue to siphon votes from one another the Democrats will sail to victory again.
    Thanks teabaggers!

  17. I guess we will see just how well the Dems “sail to victory” in November. You spend all your time flinging hate and discontent at the “Tea Baggers” and Republicans but you offer nothing in return. Spend more time telling me why I should vote for your favorite Dem – you might actually accomplish something.

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