Isn’t “Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness” One of Those Ten Commandment Things Joanne Blyton?

Joanne Blyton, isn't "thou shalt not bear false witness" one of those ten commandment thingies?GOP Candidate Joanne Blyton, of Carbon County, has been caught telling untruths about the voting record of her opponent, State Representative Paul Beck (D-HD 59), during a presentation to a Boyd seniors’ group on August 19, 2010.  According to an August 26, 2010 report in the Carbon County News (online version soon to be posted here when the Carbon County News has a spare moment), Blyton announced that Beck,

“…has consistently voted against Montana’s values.  He voted against Montana Authority (HR3), against Montana Firearms Freedom (HB246), against Protection of Unborn Life (SB46), against Protection of Mothers-to-be (SB327), against Parental Nofification [sic] of abortion (SB374) and voted for Benefits for Domestic Partners (HB590).”

Only one of her claims was actually true. Here’s the deal:

HR3 is the only vote Blyton got right.  It was a House resolution that Paul did indeed vote against.  Which is smart because, as The Flathead Memo reports, it was essentially a piece of crap bill:

that panders to crackpots and zealots who want to lay a legal and political foundation for Montana’s secession from the United States.

Paul did not vote against HB246, the Montana Firearms Freedom Act like Joanne Blyton tried to say, he voted for this bill.  So, yeah, that’s a lie.

As for SB46, SB327, SB374, and HB590, none of these bills made it out of committee–committees that Beck wasn’t even on.

Not only is Joanne Blyton’s credibility shot, reporters and bloggers will now take a close look at her her biography, website, and and other online and public remarks to uncover other  falsehoods.  Her lies insult every Montana citizen who has ever tried to make an informed vote.


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  1. You may want to get another search engine for your state owned computer.
    Beck’s votes on the following. HB 590….NO on 3/25/09: SB 46….NO on 3/20/09:SB 327…. NO on 3/20/09 and finally HB 246… NO on 2nd reading, 2/14/09. These, were, in fact real votes.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers! | September 9, 2010 1:02 PM at 1:02 PM |

      Hey there, Willy! Got a question for you. Isn’t it just a wee bit arrogant to ascribe to yourself the role of determing just what is and what isn’t a “Montana value”? I mean, who died and made this BLYTON woman an expert on ANYTHING to do with Montana values? I’m thinkin’ that Montana GOP values are on full display in the Tea party. How bout you? And really, when will you Pubbies knock off all this values crap and talk strictly issues other than the divisive ones that you guys specialize in? You’ve bout milked the values cow for all it’s worth. You’ve got the religeeous wackjob vote locked up anyway, so how bout some talk about real issues?

    • Will here neglects to mention that these are procedural motions to “blast” the bill to the floor, and not even votes to pass the legislation on to the next house. Someone also needs to clue him in on the meaning of 2nd vs 3rd reading…and what is procedural vs substantive. Nice random attack on state employees too…obsessed much?

    • Hey Will, Since you are here-do you support the MT GOP platform that calls for making it illegal to be gay? After all, you are the chair of the party.Just wondering.

      • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers! | September 9, 2010 4:38 PM at 4:38 PM |

        Methinks that Will thinks it’s rude to ask such a obvious question. I mean, really, do you SERIOUSLY think that Chairman of the Pubbie Party would come out in favor of gay rights? Not hardly. His silence speaks volumes!

    • One more thing Mr. GOP Chair: If you think that the 2nd reading vote is the vote of record you are wrong. The Office of Political Practices may want to clarify this for you. Give them a call. It is the last vote that is the vote of record. “Blast motions” are procedural only, they are not votes on the bill, rather they are motions to move a bill from committee to the floor for debate. By rules of the House, the motion requires 3/5 majority affirmation. Hope this helps clear up your confusion.

  2. You are kinda splitting hairs here, Cowgirl, and not telling the whole story. Beck did vote for HB246 on 3rd reading after voting no on 2nd reading. Guess he, like many D’s were afraid to tarnish his NRA rating by voting against a “gun bill”. So which vote was Blyton referring to when she “lied”?

    The other bills mentioned that “never made it out of committee” were blast motions to take them from committee and Beck did vote against all of those. While technically not the same as voting for or against a bill, voting on a blast motion is pretty darn close. I believe it is pretty rare for a legislator to vote for or against a blast motion and then switch votes on 2nd or 3rd reading.

    • Montana has a law that when using candidates voting records, you have to note how they voted on “similar bills and issues around the same time frame” or something like that so that the public can know. Sounds like Blyton didn’t do this.

      • George – my understanding is that only applies when using it in campaign material. The candidate can pretty much verbally say whatever the candidate wants. Just don’t put it in print or broadcast it in the media.

        Here’s the pertinent law: Note the term Printed See section 3(a):
        (3) (a) Printed election material described in subsection (1) that includes information about another candidate’s voting record must include: …

  3. Not to speak for the accuracy of the original posting, but Blyton is clearly incorrect in claiming Beck voted FOR benefits for domestic partners. HB 590$BLAC.VoteTabulation?P_VOTE_SEQ=H1165

    Although its too bad more Montana Democratic legislators dont actually vote the way Blyton claims they do on these knuckle dragger bills. “MT Firearms Freedom Act”, what a joke that was.

    • It looks like this was a procedural motion to move this from committee to the full house for an actual vote, which beck, indeed, voted against.

  4. Mike – George, Third reading is the final vote, its the one that counts.

  5. Yes, Cowgirl, 3rd reading is the one that counts to determine if a bill passes or fails in that Chamber – unless a bill fails on 2nd reading and never gets to 3rd reading. Using a legislators votes on blast motions or on 2nd reading is perfectly acceptable – as long as it is stated in printed or broadcast media. Same goes for Committee votes, in my opinion.

    My initial point was that you could have been more above board by initially stating that the majority of the votes referenced were indeed blast motions and as a general rule, a legislator does not change votes from a blast motion to 3rd reading.

    • You must not pay much attention when the legislature is in session. Many legislators make a point of voting against blast motions because they respect the work of the committee and do not feel that blasting a bill is appropriate. But if a bill gets enough votes (more than just a majority) then they vote on the merit of bill as it applies to their political views. Often times both parties make blast motions on bills they know will divide on party lines just so that can erroneously claim the legislator voted against “Montana values.”

  6. Interesting how Deschamps ducked the question about the anti-gay platform. My guess is you won’t be hearing from him on that one any time soon. Potentially a reporter could ask him what his position on that piece of the platform is, but my guess is that the reporter, or more likely the reporter’s editor, would first have to sit down and have coffee with Cowgirl, so she could explain how to ask it.

  7. Maybe Mr. Deschamps of the state Republicans is a little sensitive about this because Mrs. Blyton was simply regurgitating faulty talking points he supplied to her. I wonder how many other Republican candidates have been led astray? Of course, one could think the worst of Mrs. Blyton and believe she willfully misrepresents Mr. Beck’s legislative work. But then again, this is the party whose staff tried to take away the votes of hundreds of Montanans, including veterans, because they had changed addresses by moving across town. That’s not exactly a recommendation to trust their intentions towards voters.

    • Interesting point Viola, why else would the GOP chair himself come on to defend someone who misrepresented an opponents record. this crew is indeed not known for quality work.

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