Missoula Christian Rock Fan Fronts Money for Palin Visit to Missoula, But Who is Really Paying the Bill?

Since Sarah Palin was in Missoula today, it is a fitting time for a quick analysis of the latest Vanity Fair article on Palin that everyone is talking about, and how it relates to us.

The 10,000 word article has some salacious details and attempts to make some further revelations into Palin’s character and motivation, but what was most interesting was the revelation of how the financing for Sarah Palin’s speaking tours are structured. It’s worth reading the article, but essentially here’s how they say it works.

Sarah Palin decides to have an event in a given town.  Next, some people in the town are presumably contacted by the he Palin organization. These are the people that are going to to front the money to pay for it it. The organization is set up, and is somehow funded.  They set up a website like “Americans Speaking Out About America” or some such title.  That organization exists for that brief period of time.

Palin comes to speak.  Then as soon as she leaves town the organization is disbanded and those that were involved are reimbursed don’t talk about it anymore. The website goes down, and no one knows anything about what the source of funding ultimately was and how she was paid.  Presumably this is all done legally, but it makes it difficult to “follow the money.”

Why does this matter?  We’ll never know to whom she is beholden if she ever ran for president, nor who is paying her to push her message now and why, or at least it would be very difficult to find out.

The  KPAX earlier reported and the Missoula Independent wrote a longer piece about how Palin’s visit would be at least partially fronted by a Missoula fan of Christian rock and business man, who would not disclose how much money he is fronting to bring Sarah Palin here.   The article did not include information about what percentage of her fee was fronted by him, and what other funding sources were involved, if any, and how he will be reimbursed.  Presumably because the event organizers and the Palin organization also refused to say.


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  1. A Missoula Christian Rock fan and a businessman but doesnt want his identity disclossed and he paid the whole bill out of the kindness of his heart. Ok maybe he has a crush on Sarah after all as a single hetrosexual man I must say even though I disagree with Sarah on her politics and I think she is a bit dinngy in the head I do think she is hot. But now I want to donate one hundred thousand dollars to the Dennis McDonald campaing but I cant cause Im limited to 160 bucks and I dont want my name on his list of donors but cant cause Montana law on campaings so how the hell does this Rock fan get away with that

    • If you don’t want your name on his list of donors just break up your hundred thousand dollars in increments of 34 dollars. Then come up with every name in your family and anybody willing to let you use their name and make a donation. Anything under 35 dollars does not need to be reported with the donors name.

  2. The businessman featured in the article ran the social networking websites for notmybathroom, the homophobic and transphobic group started by extremists from the Bitterroot. The group, currently in the process of suing the city of Missoula to over turn the historic Anti-Discrimination Ordinance that protects gay, lesbian and transgender people from discrimination inside the city, used a strategy based on misunderstanding and lies around bathrooms. I guess the next question is, if he was so willing to publicly lead the hateful discussions found on the group’s Facebook, did he donate to the group as well?

    Burks not only owns several Missoula businesses, but he also owns Fuel Fitness in Helena.

  3. Who is paying the bill?

    Before you complain about your neighbors dog, you should clean up your own backyard.

    Who’s paying the bill for this Dem blog?

    Think carefully before you answer, if you answer,because GoDaddy’s proxy might not be as private as you think.

  4. Please tell us who is paying the bill Eric we are dying to know.

  5. Its James Knox and Eric running a reverse psyochology counter-propaganda scheme to engender sympathy for James based on how pathetically he is portrayed on this blog.

    Very deep undercover web-stuff but childs play for an expert computer consultant/ political pundit team like James and Eric. The ultimate conspiracy.

    It is working ever so slightly….I do feel kind of sorry for James but mostly still embarassed for him at his own behavior and lack of intelligence.

  6. What in the world does this post have to do with James Knox?

  7. In the eyes of James Knox, EVERYTHING has to do with him. No matter the topic.

  8. Eric, I never tire of your far out conspiracy theories. You crack me up man.

  9. Conspiracy theory? No.

    An unanswered question? Yes.

  10. Too funny – now I have to ask – What in the world does The Messiah, President Obama have to do with this post?

    • Eric, there’s a lot of folk out there who want to give you credit for being all smart like and all. I’m not one of them.

      You asked a compound question, also called a loaded question. That’s a logical fallacy, bud. It assumes facts not in any evidence. Jack Ruby just hit you with another example, and you willfully missed his point. You may think that’s clever, and others might as well. I think willful ignorance is completely stupid. Hence my opinion of you.

  11. I don’t know how many times we have to say it. No one is getting paid for blogging here.

  12. I understand that Cowgirl – judging by the blogging, I wouldn’t pay for it either, I’d want a better product – LOL

    My question was who’s paying for the domain?

    I was mainly curious to see if you would answer it.

  13. sure is hard to scrape up 20 bucks for a domain. I don’t know how anybody does it. Eric, that’s like what, the cost of 2 large pizzas? What’s a large pizza go for these days. Must be George Soros.

  14. The United Nations fund this through a grant. Don’t tell Dave Lewis though.

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