Montana GOP Hypocrite of the Week Award Goes to…

State Senator Dave Lewis R Helena GOP Hypocrite of the Week…State Senator Dave Lewis (R-Helena).  There is something about fear that brings out the worst in the Montana GOP.

For pretending to be a moderate Republican, then turning around and introducing a resolution urging withdrawal from the United Nations, something that everyone knows is a wackadoodle idea, an obvious kowtow to the conspiracy minded Tea Party who pulls his strings,we bestow upon State Senator Dave Lewis the Montana Cowgirl Blog’s GOP Hypocrite of the Week Award.  Many happy returns.

You really must go read Pogie’s post on this, which inspired this weeks award. You’ll see it is a delicate dance Lewis is trying to attempt, and in order to pull it off gracefully, he’s had to quietly hone his sense of hypocrisy.  This is politics at its worst.


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  1. Not a bad picture and you spelled the name right. All and all, thanks.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers! | September 13, 2010 7:31 PM at 7:31 PM |

      Pretty hard to screw up Lewass, ain’t it, Davey? But it CAN be done! Look, if this is Dave in the pic, just WHEN did you join the John Birch society, dude? Get real. The U.N.??? Wow! Now that’s a HUGE problem, in’it? But WHY, Mr. Lewass? You see, the U.N. is NOT on my list of things to worry about when I get up in the morning. Why is it on yours? Be specific now, Davey. Why should we be particularly concerned about the U.N.? Other countries are really, really scary, aren’t they?

    • When Dave was a state employee he was a respected policy wonk. Elected office has gone to his head. No, he is not part of the Fruitcake Fringe, but he no longer commands respect.

  2. Dave, if that’s you I want to know – do you believe it, or are you trying to please the TEA party? Because one of those you can’t be blamed for.

    Frankly, hypocrite is the sort of word that opens us up to some unsavory charges as well – I mean, Tester ran as a Democrat, but he still supports forcing D.C. to change its local gun policy. Sometimes you have to play politics. The people I blame are the ones that are pushing this stupid idea in the first place. He’ll be a real hypocrite now if he goes and pretends that TEA isn’t running the MT GOP show.

  3. It is interesting how these old themes keep reappearing. Where was Lewis as a young man? Attending John Birch meetings? Reading Atlas Shrugged? Soon they will retread the old billboards, with Earl Warren scratched out, and “Obama” next to the word “Impeach”.

  4. Such a nice photo.

    Can’t ya find/photoshop something a little more incriminating?

  5. Mr. Dave Lewis I’ve got a question, you spent your whole entire adult life working for the government and you spent many years serving many governors from both parties yet now you are an anti government teabagger how did that happen???? And how can you be a true teabagger when you cash a government retirement check, a social security check, you’ve had government health insurance all your adult life, and you are probley now collecting social security and medicare benifits are you or are you not a hypocrite?????????????????

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