Let’s Get Right to the Point

The GOP has a tricky situation now. They have to decide what position they will take publicly about whether LGBT citizens of Montana should be punished or beaten or killed for being gay, which a great number clearly believe.

With the ultra-right, gay-hating, gun-wielding, Winston-smoking crowd fired up this season, and with third-party candidates running in some seats, the Republicans must decide whether they will just ride the wave of hatred and hope it gets enough voters out to win the day; or, whether they should do what they know is the civilized thing, and denounce the violence against gays, denounce Ravndal and those who believe he did the right thing when he advocated violence against gays on his Facebook page, and renounce the GOP plank that calls for gays to be imprisoned.

So far, nothing from Deschamps or Greenwood on this issue.   Or from Rehberg, or Story or whatever inconsequential and obscure idiot was the House minority leader last session.  Anyone remember?  Jason Priest is a national “joke.” Perhaps these lunatics are enjoying the national attention. Nothing from Corey Stapleton, Child Addict, nor any other Republican candidate for Governor or Senator.

Time to step up to the plate and say what you believe.   We’re waiting.


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  1. Thanks for keeping the fire to the feet of the lukewarm….

  2. It would be a bad thing for conservative candidates to lose the Gay vote in Montana – ROFL

    • How about the vote of those who believe we should repeal laws that have been ruled unconstitutional? Or those who believe government should stay out of our personal lives? I feel like those are pretty strong elements of the GOP, and they are thumbing their noses at them by keeping this platform.

      Also, ROFL? Did your daughters break into your account? :^)

    • SPEAKING of Cory Stapleton, has anybody noticed that Cory has quietly removed from his Wikipedia page all references to his childhood addiction? Interesting, since it was presumably he who put them up there originally.

  3. It would be a great thing if main street republicans realized how out of touch the current Republican party is with their values. Main street republicans care about the economy. Not this neanderthal culture warrior garbage. But I guess you aren’t one of the more enlightened ones…

  4. It’s not the gay vote they should be afraid of- it’s the votes of people genuinely concerned about human rights and social justice. It’s the votes of everyone who has a gay son, daughter, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, cousin or friend.
    Still funny?

  5. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers! | September 20, 2010 7:52 PM at 7:52 PM |

    I must reiterate one more time. Every time the hatefilled inbred crowd makes national news, the Pubbies love it! They know it inspires tons of inbreds to head to Montany where you can drive fast, proudly wear your gun while walkin’ down the street, and beat up fags! THIS is the message that is sent. And it works. Inbreds by the dozen relocate here, and they all vote Pubbie. Nope, there won’t be any retraction. It’s a win win for the Pubs. It’s a great big sky welcome mat for haters, birthers, Birchers, racists, anti-gubmint goofballs, and born again fundiwackmentalist Constistupidists, Dominionists, and Christian Reconstrucionists! And when you think about it, THAT is indeed a big tent! A great big WACKO tent! And a winning formula. Deschimp KNOWS that. Why change? Encourage a measely four thousand rednecks, and you win every statewide election! It could very well work. It’s kinda like that group that was going to take over a state, I can’t remember the name. Well, this is similar but simply not stated publicly.

  6. Great question Larry. Why change? Main Street, educated business types in the GOP could care less about this part of the platform, except to spit on it as backward and anti-American. The internal struggle between the rational pro-economy types and the wing-nuts is coming to a head with the tea-party lunacy, and there will be defections. Nobody wants to start a business in the middle of a cultural backwater.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers! | September 20, 2010 8:21 PM at 8:21 PM |

      Cowgirl, I wish I could agree with the internal struggle part, but I don’t think that it’s much of a struggle at all here in Montana. I actually know some of the Republicans you describe, educated, business types. And they’re perfectly fine with bashing gays and all the OTHER nutty stuff that Montana Pubs believe. They seem to be pretty much of one mind on wackiness. But you’re right. If it ever appears to affect the business climate, they might change. But I don’t see that happening. Just my opinion.

  7. Mocking gays is one thing (stupid, ignorant, mouth-breathing, insecure, abhorrent), advocating imprisonment is entirely another.

  8. Who was the house minority leader last session. I have no idea. I guess it doesn’t matter.

  9. More letters need to be sent to newspapers about this.

  10. Turner, you are so right. No one reads this blog, but us : ) No undecided voters read it.

  11. link this article to your facebook everyone…more will read. I have sent my fair share of LTE’s too!!

  12. Say just read the Billings Gazette and Sen John Bruegguman R Polson is now trying to get a law off the books that make homosexual acts illegal even though the law is not enforced but just on the books plus on Sunday he took his party to the woodshed for their plank in the Republican party platform that says Republicans want to put gays and lesbians in jail. Now I truely believe this is a man of courage cause let me tell you he is now politically dead in the Republican party he will never rise above a state senator because the Christian righties of his party and the teabaggers will never forgive him for this. I take my hat off to Senator John Brueggman for being a man of courage and for doing the right thing even though he fell on his political sword it was right

  13. (Or if you want to be really nice, you could go to Intelligent Discontent and follow the link I posted there!)

  14. Eric,
    You have got to stop. You ran for election, and lost. Could it be your LACK of open mind, your consideration for human kind? You have children and what if one of them were gay? Grandchildren….GAY…are you going to spew your hatred to them? Walk in shoes you’ve never been in…but wait…you are in them. Do you think for ONE moment the reason you are unemployed had ANYTHING to do with YOUR unemployment? Wake up and smell what is on the bottom of your shoe or have you been smelling it so long you think it’s roses? ENOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH!

  15. Hatred for Gays? Since When?

    You can google up everything I’ve ever said online, for the last decade, and all I’ve ever said is that I have no problem with queers – I just do not support special rights or victim status for them.

    The day I get special rights, I’ll start campaigning for theirs.

    • Eric calling them “queers” that shows alot of sensitivity dude could you at least show the homosexuals some respect or at least give them some dignity please

    • Eric, as you actually know, (or should, but won’t publicly admit it) is that gays want EQUAL rights; not SPECIAL rights.

      • They have every right I have.

        • No, they don’t.

          • OK Tom, what rights would I lose if I decided to become gay?

            Please enlighten me.

            • The right – or rather, privilege, I suppose – of serving in the military. In many instances, employment and housing could be more difficult to secure, since MT has no anti-discrimination law. You could avoid this all by pretending to be straight, of course, but then, Jews can pretend to be Christians too.

              The weirder thing for me, Eric, is when people talk about ‘deciding’ to become gay. I could never sleep with a man – thus, I’m pretty sure there’s no choice here involved. But conservatives that insist homosexuality is a choice all seem like it is only their moral beliefs that keep them from some promiscuous gay lovemaking. Could you choose to be attracted to a man? If you answer yes, I for one won’t mock you, but I will be surprised. I’d stay the hell away from Mr. Ravndal, though.

  16. Regardless of the metaphor Farmboy, you won’t find me attacking them on the blogs – never have.

  17. I’m not sure there’s really a metaphor there…but indeed ‘queer’ is now accepted vocab in urban areas to refer to anyone of a minority sexuality – transanything, gay, lesbian, anything else they have yet to define…kind of a catch all. Universities even have ‘queer studies’. I’m putting that word in the ‘reclaimed’ column, at least in urban areas.

    On a more substantive issue, Eric, will you at least break with the Republican platform long enough to admit that we all have the right to have sex with whoever we want, however we want, as long as it is unpaid, consensual, and in an appropriate location? There’s no special rights involved.

    Or failing that, can you break with the Republican platform long enough to agree with John Brueggeman that we should get rid of laws that are clearly unconstitutional. And don’t give me the excuse that it’s a waste of time – the fastest thing to do is to repeal it and move on, but instead Republicans fight it every session.

  18. And let’s be clear. Brueggeman is advocating for the repeal of a law that has already been struck down by the courts, thereby granting no equalization of rights for anyone. It was nice that he called out his party platform for being wrong. However, the fact is that his law repeal proposal is an empty cosmetic gesture.

    What’s more, John Brueggeman is not the leader of the Montana GOP. The leaders of the GOP, not some random largely isolated Senator, need to speak on the plank in the party platform and whether they, as leaders, support this plank.

    • One Republican at a time if we can get one Republican at a time to stand up to their party and call them out on their bullsh-t we can stop their bullsh-t games. If we get one person at a time to accept gays and lesbians for who they are not what they are we can build a better world, and maybe one day we can all be one America

  19. I was heartened when he said “It’s an embarrassing reminder of an old time where people’s thoughts were different,” – seems like he has actually changed his thoughts. I’m with Farmboy – one Republican standing up against injustice is a victory: I remember a legislative session where it would have made a big difference to have one R in our column every time. Furthermore, it points out the GOP position, because they can’t pretend they just didn’t notice that plank if one of their members keeps pointing it out. *Sigh* I just fear he’s doomed to go the way of Bolinger – too reasonable for his own party.

  20. I agree that to stand up against his party’s platform is good. I am just saying that his bill, for which he is courting national press to help whitewash the bigoted image of his entire party is (1) hollow and designed for this purpose and, (2) if the GOP is going to change its image, its leaders must speak out against the platform. I still support his statement and applaud his courage. That doesn’t mean that the act should be placed on a pedestal outside of its actual context – not that I’m saying that is what you are doing, but that will be the inclination of some.

  21. The whitewashing isn’t working very well – the GOP refuses to comment, thus continuing their own party-wide ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy regarding exactly how they stand in relation to equal rights.

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