Worst Political Ad of the Week

The son of this Florida Republican state house candidate is a Christian rocker who volunteered to make him an ad.  This is the result. My favorite part is the dancing.


8 Comments on "Worst Political Ad of the Week"

  1. You hear that noise on the wind? Patrick Swayze’s ashes are rolling.

  2. Ah, the things fathers do for their sons — and the things sons do to their fathers.

  3. Also this, 1991 called an they want their oversized cargo shorts back. And ladies? This was never a good look. What were you ladies thinking with these 90’s men’s outfits?

  4. I’ll never forget the name Mike, Mike Mike Weinstein though…

  5. WTF thats a political ad in Florida are people getting more stupid or is that just me

  6. Ok I finally was able to get myself to watch the whole ad and it was worse then I thaught Im speachless this is the kind of crap that is a political ad these days, wow no wonder we celebrate when we get 30% of people to the polls

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