James Knox Plants Hidden Cameras in Yard Signs

If you thought that Sarah Palin was paranoid for hunting for “media moles” at her recent Montana speech,  then you haven’t met James Knox.

Making it official that he is one of the most paranoid individuals in all Montana, Republican TEA Party Candidate for House District 47, James Knox, has actually planted hidden “spy cameras” (plural) and GPS trackers on his campaign yard signs for his race for the Montana Legislature.

Don’t think that James Knox is just going to be another cog in the wheels of the international socialist agenda: when the UN one-world-government comes to steal his yard signs in the middle of the night, he’ll be waiting.  Those that plot against James Knox WILL.  BE.  EXPOSED.

Sadly, this appears to be “for real.”

Then, in a move that sort of defeated the whole point of his undercover plot, he posted his scheme on the internet, forgetting that the internet is not actually, top secret. Being a “computer expert” you’d think he’d be aware of this by now.  It’s a fact any third grader can tell you.

Here is a screenshot of James Knox’s Facebook post, where he writes (grammatical errors Knox’s own):

Okay so the D’s heard about my spy cameras and GPS on my signs.  They seem to think it is a joke. Looking forward for them to take one that is “loaded” for it is only a matter of time that I will be laughing with their picture in hand or a map to follow their path.

This is paranoia.


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  1. is this for real? cannot be possible. why isn’t this in the press?

  2. And I thought Ryan Zinke dressing up in full Cammo and having a stake-out of his signs at night was crazy last cycle.

  3. Oh, if only the technology was available when I ran for office! Other than people voting more my opponent (I got out the vote), yard sign theft was my biggest problem. Well, maybe after family neglect. Maybe after upsetting local Dems. But yeah, yard sign theft was a real problem. Oh yeah, repeat visits to Republican doors. That was a problem too. Oh yeah, and abortion … big problem, cost me Democratic votes. But yeah, them yard signs … big problem. I can see why Knox invested in the technology.

  4. Has this guy lost his mind???? Wait never mind

  5. Here’s the thing: people mow their lawns and move the signs. Kids take them down. People’s spouses decide they don’t like the candidate or that the signs clutter up the property but don’t want to offend said spouse. People don’t want a sign, but think it is impolite to decline. Wind and rain have an impact. Impermanence is in the nature of yard signs, which don’t vote, are not very targeted, and should be the last place a candidate focuses. Yes, Knox appears to have lost his mind.

    • Thank you Ive hated yard signs for years cause all it tells me is a persons name it doesnt tell me anything about the person just the name

      • That’s all most people are armed with when they head to the polls. Plus signs also show that you have likely been door to door in that neighborhood. I agree that yard signs don’t vote and it has been proven several times over that more yard signs do not equal more votes. But if you start with 0 name recognition, signs are a tool to continually remind people your name. And truthfully name recognition is pretty much the biggest hurdle to getting elected. With enough name recognition a complete moron like Knox can get elected. Former Representatives Scott Sales and Ed Butcher are perfect examples.

  6. One thing that did annoy me – landlords would take down tenants’ yard signs. I would tell the renters that they were within their rights to put any political sign on their lawn they wanted, but they were intimidated.

  7. He may not be aware that the city of Billings will take down candidate signs that are illegally placed. Imagine Knox’s surprise when he tries to “bust” the city for doing its job.

  8. I think this great idea by James the LIBS always think they slick by taking his yard signs they will learn that you grab bull you got horns.

  9. Um excuse me, folks. A few words from a technologist, here.

    Micro-technology is not magic, and it isn’t cheap. A GPS transponder small enough to conceal in a yard sign and still have active signal throughput is likely in the tens of thousands of dollars. That kind of technology normally relies on passive signal and constant remote monitoring of satellite telemetry, kinda like On-Star. Without explaining more technically, Knox is claiming to have access to technology that costs GM millions of dollars a year.

    Second, “spy cams” are very small and relatively inexpensive. BUT, they need a power source and a signal feed. Which means they need to be hooked up to a computer. Now, either k-Nox has magically laid cable all over his district leading to his sooper seecrit underground server farm, or he has enlisted the support of those who have his signs in their yard to use their computing resources to monitor his signs. That’s walking some *very* dicey legal ground. For instance, should any of his co-conspirators actually record the theft of a yard sign, then not only does the recording feed become a matter of evidence, so does the entire computer, and everything on it. Further, any email accounts used to communicate concerning the video surveillance is also now open to legal scrutiny. Catch my drift? Knox has just exposed these people to an entire barrel of legal whoop-ass. Funny, if k-Nox did enlist his fellow Teabaggers, I’ll bet he didn’t clarify that to a single one of them. Not to mention the fact that should these devices be used to record the activities of any surrounding neighbors, there is a huge civil liability as well.

    Finally, let’s not forget that k-Nox is a known liar. The “camera threat” may be real, but it’s a truly limited threat at best. Think about it for a second. Unless you hang with a total geek crowd, who own multiple computers, how many of your friends would devote a computer to record a yard sign 24-7? The GPS stuff is complete bullshit. I mean, he could duct-tape a Garmin to each of his signs, but then there’s a helluva lot more reason to steal the sign then just his politics. In fact, one has to wonder why k-Nox just advertised that his signs are instant profit for a clever thief who knows thing one about technology. Simple. He’s so completely full of shit that his breath stinks.

    • I don’t know. Deer cameras are not that expensive and they don’t require an outside power source. Just watch the sign not put the camera on the sign.

  10. This guy is a cartoon character. I cant believe Eric would stoop so low to support him.

  11. But hey, on the plus side. We can look forward to the near future when a JKMontana posts his exclusive video of alien invaders at TinFoilHat.com.

    • Mr. Knox came to my door many, many times during the rain and he told me that it is actually illegal immigrants sneaking over the border to steal his yard signs in an attempt to help get Mexican friendly legislators elected in Montana.

  12. Very entertaining – watching you guys attack a safe GOP-held district is funny – please keep it up.

    • Eric, I’ve pointed out your stupidity time and time again, but I really do have hope that you might awaken to it someday. If so, let this be the day. Is it really that important to you that Republican win a district even when that person is an obviously paranoid, delusional asshat who lies to you without any sense of shame? It that truly what you think will serve your interests in government? Are you really saying that the Republican party is worth electing a freakish liar?

      Larry doesn’t think you’re that stupid. Mark T has sucked up to you by claiming that you’re not ‘really’ that stupid. Even Jay has attempted to think you’re not stupid. I don’t agree with them. I think you are stupid enough to support an obviously paranoid liar to represent this state, that you obviously hate because you want an obviously paranoid liar in office. You want such just because he’s a Republican, which in your stupid parlance apparently means that the Republican party is the party of the paranoid liars. Are you really that stupid? I think you are, Eric. Admit that Knox is lying his ass off. Admit that you don’t want an obvious liar representing Billings in the State House. That should be simple for one who isn’t stupid. But you are stupid, Eric. Show me different. Prove me wrong, Eric.

      • I have no idea what kind of signs Knox has out there. He’s out in the Heights, while I’m in the ‘old’ part of town.

        I’m simply more reality-driven than you are Rob-

        HD47 2008 65%-34% GOP win

        2006 66%-33% GOP win

        2004 59%-41% GOP win

        Unless you believe that in 2 years there’s been a major shift, of which there is no evidence, this is a safe GOP seat.

        Go ahead and continue going after Knox – please – it’ll take whatever energy you libs might have away from close races.

        Say whatever you want about James Knox, but he’s a conservative. He won’t go along with any Schweitzer-driven agenda.

        So if he wants to tie his signs to the bumpers of police cars to keep them from being stolen, I think it’s great.

        So please, continue on with your liberal circle-jerk – maybe you can all have a picnic before the election, sit in a circle, smoke dope, read a little Karl Marx, and sing ‘Barack The Magic Negro’ instead of ‘Puff the Magic Dragon’ – it’ll make you feel better when the returns come in – LOL

        • What Eric is trying to say is that yes he would vote for a pile of dogshit in a plastic bag if it had a little flag in it that said “R”.

        • Well then what are we pointing out – The Republican party doesn’t give a damn about what kind of crazies it sends to the legislature as long as they are conservative. Are you ready to admit that? Because once you do, I’ll have more faith that you aren’t misled, just misguided.

          • He won’t. He’s as stupid as I’ve claimed him to be for 6 years now.

            • Too funny – if I was keeping score, it’d be Me 50 and Rob 0 – and he calls me stupid – LOL

              How’s it feel to have had sand kicked in your face all these years by somebody that’s stupid Rob?

              • OK Eric, don’t let Wulfgar distract you. I asked a simple question.

                And predicting elections doesn’t make you particularly clever – besides, no one is disagreeing that Knox is likely to win, we’re saying he oughtn’t, and that if it is possible to defeat him, that is important. But your nose is so far in your political strategy book that you wouldn’t lift a finger to support Mother Theresa if she was running for a race she’d probably lose.

  13. Y’know, it is possible that I initially underestimated Knox’s political acumen.

  14. Ok with all this crap about GPS and cameras on yard signs and the lies and the deception doesnt this tell the voters of the Billings Heights something about this candidate???? I truely believe this dude needs a mental health evaluation, he’s cracking up at best at worst he’s a control freak and the state of Montana does not need him in the legislature

    • Careful what you say, Big Brother James is watching you! I agree there is something that is just not right with this guy mentally and the idea of him serving in the legislature is disturbing (although the Butchers and others the GOP sends up are in the same boat). He probably is one of those types that hides cameras in the women’s restroom too.

  15. Knox keeps me laughing! If he weren’t such an ass, I’d almost feel sorry for him. And why hasn’t Eric come to his rescue?

  16. Past and present conduct is a good indicator of future conduct. What we might expect from either of these two candidates – Knox or Ellis.

  17. what a loon. These people are making decisions that affect our lives. Now that’s scary. Like Chuck D says, we gotta take the power back.

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