Stapleton’s Wikipedia Site Has Had Work Done

It appears, as a reader pointed out below, that Corey Stapleton’s wikipedia site has had some work done.  Not sure what prompted the edits, since, as one theory goes, Stapleton presumably posted the information about his juvenile delinquency and “childhood addictions” himself.  Here is a screenshot of the history page:

Corey Stapleton's Wikipedia Page Has Had Some Work Done


6 Comments on "Stapleton’s Wikipedia Site Has Had Work Done"

  1. Wow, this guy brings a new meaning to the word “illiterate.”

  2. Maybe he was addicted to Ritalin or Dimetap or Robtussin, or perhaps that pink antibiotic drink they used to give us as children.

  3. Maybe he was addicted to eating paste or crayons. It’s a strange thing for a person running for office to post. Of course, his rambling letter to the university system leads me to suspect he may suffer from the effects of some serious drug addiction in his youth that’s addled his brainpan.

  4. Wasn’t there some rumor in the kid world about how sniffing markers could get you high?

  5. If this guy gets elected governor of my homestate the state I love with all my heart Im not going to put myself through the torture of watching it so if Stapleton or Taylor Brown is going to be governor of Montana I will leave Montana I will wake up one January morning in 2013 and become a North Dakotana or an Alaskan

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