Political Aspirations Among the White Supremacist Crowd

Chuck Baldwin has announced that he’s moving to the Flathead and may even run for state office.  Baldwin was the 2008 Presidential candidate for the Constitution Party and been heavily involved in the modern-day incarnation of the White Citizens’ Council that supported segregation and opposed the Civil Rights Movement.

Baldwin said he was drawn to the Flathead and the Rocky Mountain West by what he described as a “freedom-minded spirit in that area that is superior to most places in the country.” He spoke in May at the “Liberty Convention” in Missoula, and at a conservative gathering in Hamilton last year.

The Liberty Convention was the event that included headliners several white-supremacist speakers including Red Beckman, Baldwin and a small handful of  others.  Red Beckman is guy whose name you have probably heard before.  In addition to refusing to pay his taxes, Beckman believes that Jewish people are the literal children of Satan, and people of color are sub-human “mud people.”

In a recent Flathead Beacon article, it was reported that Baldwin has written a column in which he expressed this view:

“The South was right in the War Between the States, and I am not a racist,” he wrote. “Neither do I believe that the leaders of the Old Confederacy were racists.”

This is a view similar to the writings of House District 04 Republican Candidate  Derek Skees:

[T]he “Civil War” is a tragic failure of our history in its current remembrance … It was actually an unconstitutional war declared by congress and President Lincoln, as it is the Constitutional right of the individual states to depart the union whenever they feel any grievance that may arise is too great to mend. This right was heavily fought for by anti-federalists like Patrick Henry and Sam Adams in the Constitutional Convention.

The war was not fought over slavery but rather states rights.

Granted the secessionist states wanted to retain slavery and that was a major point of contention. [But] the struggle was actually driven by the southern states cotton, and the northern states shipping … Add a healthy dose of Yankee Trader greed and Southern Honor, and you get what happened. You can discover this by delving into the writings contemporary to the time, by authors who were there. Revisionist historians, bent on an agenda that serves today’s politics have contorted it to the current fallacy.


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  1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers! | September 22, 2010 7:22 AM at 7:22 AM |

    Hoo boy! Well, this is exactly what I’ve been saying for a long time. The kooks are coming. People need to educate themselves and understand the the Constitution Party has NOTHING to do with the Constitution, and EVERYTHING to do with Christofascism and racism! These are the real kooks that make the Pubbie’s stance on gays seem moderate. You see, the Pubbies just want to lock them up. The Constitutionists want to execute them! True story. They want to replace civil law with Old Testament biblical law. (Whatever in the hell THAT means.) Death for homos, adulterers, and infidels. And here’s the kicker. THEY’RE SERIOUS! Seriously demented.

    But as this moron Baldwin points out, he wants to start a great migration of racist nuts and end timers to Montana. It’s now probably an official free state project. So, I would suggest not hiring anyone with a southern accent. That would be a good place to start to combat this nonsense.

    I think we’re in for some serious trouble here. Unlike other nutty groups over the years that have migrated to Montana, these religeeous wacks have a HUGE network of motivated followers, many with the means to actually mover here. As I mentioned before, in a state where most statewide elections are determined by less than four thousand votes, four thousand nuts moving here can be a sea change! Scary, scary stuff.

  2. Well welcome to Montana remember to obey our laws pay your taxes and be a good citizen I disagree with you but thats the Montana way to have diagreements but still be able to neighbor eachother. Im sure Roger Koopman and Rick Jore will have a bbq with you have fun dont get drunk and boat in Flathead lake

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers! | September 22, 2010 5:16 PM at 5:16 PM |

      I disagree, Farmboy. Ever had an asshole for a neighbor? Not much fun. These folks are serious assholes. I will not “welcome” them to Montana at all. Why should we welcome racists, end timers, haters and bigots to Montana? Might as well lay out the welcome mat for Prussian Blue too! I won’t, but you can if you choose.

  3. At first, I was angry and mortified that my friends, my political beliefs, and my religious beliefs were being downright lied about. But I realize that no one is reading your vile spewing blog, and I take great comfort in that.

    Please add Stewart Rhodes, founder of Oath Keepers to your hit list. He has moved his family back to Montana as well. I cannot wait to hear what you have to say about that one!

    • But I realize that no one is reading your vile spewing blog, and I take great comfort in that.

      Funny that, Tiffany. You read it …

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers! | September 25, 2010 1:36 PM at 1:36 PM |

      Tiffany, what ARE your religious beliefs? For you see, I pretty much respect ALL religious beliefs as long as they aren’t hateful, racist, and bigotted. So, which of your beliefs fit that category? Also, I have a real problem with end timers too. I have found that most people that hold goofy religious beliefs are very, very uneducated folks who have NO understanding of religion in general, and particularly the historical aspects of religion.

  4. Though you apparently hate this blog, it was nice of you to leave us great tips about another right wing nut job to expose as well…

  5. @ Wulf …To clarify, a minuscule amount of people.

    @Larry…Believe in the baby Jesus. I have a problem with end time doctrine too. But my friends, and you for that matter, I may not agree with what you have to say, but will defend unto my death your right to say it.

    @ Cowgirl, I will give you all the information you want, care for an interview with Mr Rhodes?

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers! | September 25, 2010 9:05 PM at 9:05 PM |

      Tiffany, what are your political beliefs? Besides baby Jesus. And just for the record if you would, what’s your highest grade level achieved, not that it matters.

  6. The latest wave of Whites headed for Montana – and it could be a big one judging by the size of the Stormfront web site hosting it – is largely inspired by the Pioneer Little Europe prospectus by H. Michael Barrett. That is a FREE book of some 88 pages, and it’s offered by Google and other sites to anyone who would like to study the plan. Visualize the 1960s rise of hippie power, which began with the ‘Summer of Love,’ and that would give you the potential scale. Then visualize a new model of the White community, possessing the same right to integrity that’s presently accorded only to residents of non-White communities. And finally, visualize a political clash on an epic scale, as most White Nationalists are already aware that they will have to fight tooth and nail against opponents who have long dismissed their moral right to actually raise up this type of community. But only communities hold real power, and that is why the modern word for politics is traced to the ancient Greek word for community, the polis.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | March 30, 2011 5:45 PM at 5:45 PM |

      Whoa! The same right to “integrity” that non-whites enjoy????? Sorry, dude, but I heard that Idaho’s lookin’ for a few good racists! Land’s cheaper over there anyway. So, grab the mobile home, your banjo, and your arsenal and head on over! You’ll like it there. They’re USED to inbreds! And winters aren’t near as cold.

  7. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | March 30, 2011 5:46 PM at 5:46 PM |

    Here’s another good Jaysus-luvin’ teawanker with some good, krisyeean beliefs. Too bad that Fat Bastard didn’t introduce THIS bill!


  8. @Tiffany Osborn WTH are you speaking about, and why? Get a treatment for the syndrome, a quiet psychotic? Why have we bred you people? Take better care of your children. Are they idiots with you or just freaked out by your skankish ramblings? Why are you so loud? What is your experience in these matters?

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