The Montana GOP Hypocrite of the Week Award Goes To….

Montana GOP Hypocrite of the Week, Will Deschamps…Will Deschamps, Chair of the Montana GOP.

Will Deschamps tried to fashion himself as some kind of “moderate” Republican in his race for GOP party chair against extremist Ron Paultard Rick Breckenridge. But don’t be fooled; he’s not.

Deschamps’ many panderings to the extreme right are infamous in Montana, and his mouthpiece Bowen Greenwood’s latest spewed mess in the national media to attempt to whitewash the Montana GOP’s bigotry without actually opposing it is just the latest iteration of his hypocrisy.

Nobody has ever taken the initiative to change it and so it has remained in the party platform, Greenwood said. The matter has never even come up for discussion, he said

No “initiative” and no “discussion” least of all from its party’s leader, Will Deschamps, who has still not stated whether or not he supports or opposes the platform of the party he “leads,” (or used to before the TEA Party arrived) which calls for the imprisonment of gay Montana citizens.

In fact Republicans have voted over and over again on the wrong side of these issues, (and so has the Montana GOP’s token moderate John Brueggeman.)

For cravenly supporting a bigoted platform, which dishonors the citizens of the state of Montana, and justifying that support with cliched blather about blaming the problem on everyone else’s lack of initiative and discussion (and leadership), Will Deschamps truly deserves recognition as a giant hypocrite and a terrible leader.


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  1. If Will Dechamps is a moderate Im an astronaut the Republican party is anything but moderate it has turned into the John Birch society. They are disfunctional hell look at their star candidates a man that puts spy cameras in political signs, a woman who smokes a cig packs a pistol and threatens the president a group of people that wana make gays go to jail a group that wants to ban sex education in our schools a group that makes the kkk look like mr. rogers and then to top it off they want to make a half term nitwit former governor aka cheerleader from alaska president lets get real, either its a group of the rich for rich people or a group of nut jobs under Will Dechamps leadership the Republican Party of Montana has become something I detest something that makes me want to puke my guts out hell their congressional candidate now sues his constituincey for the first time in American histroy over a bunch of God d-m sage brush they hate firefighters they hate working Americans they hate gays they hate blacks jews native peoples mexicans ect ect ect and they sue us and stab us in the back anytime they can I detest what Montana Republicans have become. Dont get me wrong there are still some good people in the Republican party in fact Im related to a few and am friends with a few and have a few Republican neighbors but good God they need some brains or some back bone its not the party of Linclon anymore or Teddy Roosevelt or Dwight Eissinhower or even Richard Nixon its now the kkk

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